Happy Thanksgiving Day From PickupTrucks.com

Happy-thanksgiving II

We have plenty to be thankful for here at PUTC, and most of those reasons hinge on the fact that you make this website valuable with your comment contributions and your interest in the information and topics we present. We have a strong team here that is continually trying to get better at bringing you information about the vehicles you want to know about. We'll continue to make contacts with industry heavyweights, dig for yet-to-be-discovered design and engineering issues, keep our focus on pickup trucks and anything that works like a pickup truck, and push ourselves to deliver more of the most exhaustive and thorough comparison tests in the industry.

In fact, on that last point, we can let you know that the next big comparison test we'll be posting will publish in early January and will include all of the latest 2015 half-ton pickups. Additionally, not long after the January North American International Auto Show in Detroit, we'll post our second Annual Physical. It will include just about every half-ton V-6 engine we could find — some naturally aspirated engines and some turbocharged engines. Watch for more details about these two stories on Twitter and Facebook.

From all of us here at PUTC, we hope you have a wonderful and relaxing long weekend.

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Happy thanksgiving to you Mark, your family, and the rest of the team! Looking forward to more great articles. Hope everyone else has a good thanksgiving too.

Thanks Mark, hope you, staff and all posters have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. May we be aware of all the blessings we share and thank who is responsible.

To all the contributors, readers and staff who put PUTC together have a relaxing Thanksgiving with your families.

Remember don't talk "cars, sports, etc" as this is bound to cause fights, especially when drunk!

Have a great day guys.

I hope everyone at Pickup Trucks has/had a great Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving To Everybody.

I would also like to thank PUTC and the posters for the informative information that made me an expert on pickup trucks. I have learned a lot here and I love sharing that information with my friends. Its fun going to a dealer and knowing more about a new pickup than any salesman knows.

my wife is afraid to touch a raw turkey, so I picked it up and chased her around the house with it

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to those south of the 49'th parallel.

Great post!!
Thank you for sharing

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