Pop Mechanics Picks Top 51 Trucks and Forgets a Few

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Ever want to make a list of your favorite all-time trucks? Well, we found this in the most recent issue of Popular Mechanics and wanted to share it with you. Feel free to voice your opinion about PM's "The 51 Coolest Trucks of All-Time" in the comment section below. Respectfully, of course. And let us know which classic pickup trucks would be on your list.

We think there are some cool entries here, but many are missing. And since when do cool SUVs get to rank higher than a classic pickup? Maybe we'll have to put together our own list of the best all-time pickup trucks ever made. Stay tuned.

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Well, there isn't to many trucks they missed. It seems most any pickup was the greatest.

I did see one error though. The Nissan Hardbody was sold in the US and designed at Nissan's San Diego design centre.

The article stated it was sold worldwide. It wasn't. We had a different Nissan pickup and not the Hardbody, even though it ran the Z24 engines and V6's.

The Hardbody didn't arrive in Australia until 1992 with a 3.3 V6.

I had the only Hardbody Nissan Navara available here. It was the King Cab version only. It ran a lighter gearbox/drivetrain in comparison to the global Navara. I know I blew up the gearbag and had to try and find another one. It was difficult.

*sniff* That was some beautiful stuff right there.

It's like middle school sports, if you turn out your on the team.

Missed a few? More like it included every single truck and SUV including packages you've never heard of. I think the only truck they left out was the Daihatsu HiJet!

Why would they talk about the 88 to 98 chev's with their ifs and show a truck with a solid axle swap?

I don't find Popular Mechanics magazine a creditable source as experts on pickup trucks.


As in creed.

My picks from that list.

1) 46
2) 7
3) 18
4) 16

Why would they talk about the 88 to 98 chev's with their ifs and show a truck with a solid axle swap?

@josh, I thought the same thing. Most of those 'trucks' were suv's too.

The 78-79 Bronco (only 2 years, not 3 going into 1980 as stated)..but they missed the same F-series pickups from those 2 years, one of the best body styles ever

I would have included Studebaker and IH pickups. Studebaker had some ground breaking designs in the 50s for their pickups. I would have also included the first F series Ford pickups and the 48 thru 54 Chevy pickups (Fleet Masters).

There's only two trucks from the 1900's that stand the test of time for me. The Task Force Chevrolet's and the 67-72 Chevrolet's. There's a reason Chevy had such an impact all those decades.

A nod to the Power Wagon and Dodge's 1994 swing arm SFA with coils as well which they invented. Notice Ford had to wait 10 years to do it on their Super Duty. I'm not a big Dodge guy but they do off road like it's nobody's business. From the year 2k up, Ford owns the show. Off road, on road, design, quality and luxury.

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