Ram Reveals Pricing for 2015 Ram ProMaster City

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Pricing for the 2015 Ram Commercial ProMaster City Class 1 van has been released and it will not be the least expensive player in the field (that honor goes to the Nissan NV200, which starts at $21,605 including destination), nor will it offer the most optional trim packages or configurations (that honor goes to the segment leader, the Ford Transit Connnect).

Ram will offer two different ProMaster City vans: the Tradesman Cargo, which will offer two trim levels — standard and SLT, and the passenger wagon van in both standard dress and a better equipped SLT.

The ProMaster City five-passenger wagon (with a 60/40-split, flip-and-fold second-row seat) is assembled in Bursa, Turkey, where its sibling, the Fiat Doblo is built. Cargo vans are upfitted at the Chrysler Group Transformation Center in Baltimore, Md.

The Ram ProMaster City will offer just one engine, the 2.4-liter Tigershark four-cylinder that produces 174 horsepower and 178 pounds-feet of torque; it's paired to a nine-speed automatic transmission. EPA fuel economy is 21/29/24 mpg city/highway/combined. Towing capacity is class leading at 2,000 pounds, and maximum payload capacity is listed at 1,883 pounds. We'll have more on the newest little van in the segment when we get to drive the vehicle near the end of the year.

  • ProMaster City Tradesman Cargo: $24,125
  • ProMaster City Wagon, windows: $25,125
  • ProMaster City Tradesman Cargo SLT: $25,650
  • ProMaster City Wagon SLT, windows: $26,650

(all prices include destination)

To read the full press release, click here.

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2015 Ram ProMaster City II

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So not one picture for Ram at SEMA. Wow!

Wonder if Chevrolet will re-badge this too like they did the Nissan? Oops, I mean if GM and or GMC will re-badge their chevy 'brand'. lol... Nice job with that City "Express" Nissan there Chevy. Darn, oops, I mean GM-GMC. Nice job there. Whatever you are.

No wonder Ford, Nissan and Dodge smoke Chevrolet these days.

Quite a few of these Mini Vans from Citroen, Peugeot, GM etc. they do serve a niche but not a fan

971,721 - 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 1500-2500-3500 left tie rod ball stud breaks off causing loss of steering. (Death Wobble)

The 2015 F-150 just started production yesterday, they are rolling out the assembly line right now!
I will be the first one that owns one and you bet I am going to show it off!
I will take it to a public place where all the people are like the local mall and drive it around the parking lot with the sound system blasting and windows down so the people not looking will look! I will look cool in my sunglasses banging my head back and forth to the music!
Everybody will be sooo jealous!
Can't Wait!

Looks like a stretched out Kia.

@Tom #3: you have no clue what death wobble is. It has to do with a a track bar, that people are too lazy/cheap to change at high mileage.


Nissan is smoking Chevy? In what world?

@Tom#3 Here is Fords death wobble.


WOW WHAT A BEAUTY! that is the ugliest thing on the road and only fiat would introduce something like that. At least the nissan/GM is a small bland little fleet van that no one will look at. That spece shuttle pictured above, looks like its ready for lift off!


What did you order? what color? I built a few models and can say id would rather get the xlt sport chrome with a few options. I think they have the best grill and i like 18" wheels. Also the price isnt bad. i like the leather seat covers i have now and i would do the same with a new one just put 500 dollar seat covers on it and switch them if they rip. I am waiting to get the 10 speed and updated large eco in 2 years since my current truck even though leftover is only 1 year old off the assembly line. Good luck with that aluminum truck i for one like them a lot!

@ ky, I wouldn't count Nissan out. Many think Dodge is the new Chevrolet, I'm of the opinion that Nissan is the new Toyota. It's pretty telling when one company takes another companies product and calls it their own. Word is that the small Nissan isn't the only van badge job coming for the chevrolet brand of GM/GMC.

"chevrolet brand of GM/GMC."

- Nice. Chevrolet, a once great, mighty and proud Real company, reduced to a pathetic GM or GMC brand. Now with Nissan's under the hood? Wow.....

I was wondering why their new commercials push the Chevrolet "car company" thing now. Apparently, people are catching on to GMC just using Chevy as a marketing channel. My how things have changed since I've looked at new vehicles. Chevrolet used to be the crown jewel of trucks and cars from what I remember. Not sure I'd look to one now.

Welcome to the makes lots of sense/in the city/good for all the jobs too small for a full size truck/smart small light van/truck market Ram.

I hope this market grows in volume/sales, (NOT in size) options, MPGs, value and quality.

Good luck

Any news on how Ford is making out in relation to the Transit Connect and the chicken tax?

It's interesting how Ford, Nissan and GM are being are being sized up to a van that has not even been evaluated by Consumer Reports, Motor Trend Contender Evaluation, Truck Trend Contender Evaluation or even going through the gauntlet the Consumer overall complaints and lets not even get started with those potential recalls. Until all of those issues comes to surface for each manufacturer; and a Real-World comparison takes place, neither of those vans are considered to be one better than the other at this point.

nice & quality interiors works on van. Looks attractive all the picture.

I bought(ordered) a 2016 in May '16 We have about 9K on it.
What I like:
1. Gas Mileage is 27 and thats living in the flat land.
2. You can Fill it up with cargo and it doesnt act like its notices just the ride gets better (had 10 5 gal bottles of water, suitcases,fans,Tents)
3. Good Pickup punch it and it does go (faster than my 08 CRV)
Not lighting but safe for interstates in most areas
4. Big Clear windshield and front side windows, Big windows on the rear doors and side
5. Towed a Prolite Evasion RV for a test (Empty weight 1990lbs and it went down the interstate at 70 with no problem (stayed in 6 gear instead of 8 (all in flat land) towed straight. only towed for 10 miles just a test.
6. Rear Doors open all the way up, sliding doors both sides

7. Mirrors were wide enough to see around trailer(Prolite) you dont need bigger mirrors

What I dont like
1. Seat and ride not quite as good as my 08 civic though seat seems to be getting better (as my CRV seat did hard at first softend by 15K) (still road better than the Ford Transit I drove( short wheel base)

2. Interior layout seem an after thought. Drink cup holders in
the wrong place, hard to get to when your driving. Cant fill much in glove with out it getting stuck on pices inside, pockets on doors
have strange hidden drink bottles holes maybe CC? but a redesign
(see 08 CRV) would give you much more usable space. the AC vents dont adjust too well,(up down left right) but the AC will keep you cool. The Arm rest is useless for me I bought a Arm rest on Ebay that fit between the seats and works much better

3. Radio sound is about standard car 1980s. its not really 4 speakers its two tweeters and two Mid-woofers (a split single speaker) the Mids and tweeters are wired in parallel (there is balance but no fade, because you cant. I like the knobs tune and volume/on off. it also has a touch screen

4. What the owners manual says you can adjust on the car you cant do. Menu's not there In fact there are very few things you can adjust

5. Hands free always sound like they are talking through a paper bag, you have to speak in the right direction, and talk loud. Dont try to use the Voice commands with the Fan above 2 but it does work if you know the ropes(sort of)

6. You dont get a manual you get a CD

7. They need to look to Honda on the Oil change system
it works but Honda's just makes more sense

8. Adding power starting out gets you like a hesitation and then it goes.
its seems like the shift between 2nd and 3rd isnt right.
When I shifted manually this didnt happen, and if you punch it
to get out, you wont have that problem

9. No spare cheep inflator and a can of fix a flat
(I bought the whole kit: Tire, wench, jack, etc for $500)

10. 3rd window like the Fiat Doblo (what the Van is based on)
would help with the blind spot

11. A little noisy from the cargo area, but I quited it down by placing some grey foam stuff on a roll back there from the carpet runner section of lowe's

Do I like the van? its OK there is just room for improvment
want a better ride go with a Cherokee or a Escape even the Grand Caravan but the first two wont give you the cargo room and the Carvan doesnt steer as well. Better Gas Mileage: My Parents told me they are geting 30 with their Odyssey, on long interstate trips but I didnt have the money for the 35K and up payments. I paid 25K out the door, for a SLT wagon with Tow package and rear wipers (hands free included) went to talk to the dealer to see if I could get a trade (only tows 2000lbs and wanted more tow power) offered me 15K with 6.5k so I guesse
the dealer knows what there are really worth. but serves me right for buying something made in Turkey ( Engine and transmission US) anyway I have it for the next few years and if it last it wont be a bad van just wont be a great one but drive one and see what you think.

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