SEMA 2014: Everything You Need to Know


For the automotive industry, attendance at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas is a must. It's the greatest exhibition of aftermarket automotive products in the nation, and it's all under one roof (actually seven roofs at the Las Vegas Convention Center).

We spent three hectic days on the convention center floor and didn't manage to see everything before we had to leave. For your convenience, we've collected all of our stories and videos from the show and deliver here in one easy-to-find listing.

We've also put together an album with some of our favorites from the show, which include quite a few photos that you may have never seen before. We've posted that on our Facebook page. Enjoy. photos by Evan Sears


We're Headed To SEMA 2014

Mercedes-Benz Metris Debuts in Las Vegas

Colorado Will Be Blank Canvas for GM Accessories

Fords Flood the Show With F-150s

Celebrities Are Everywhere at SEMA

Video: Drift Champion Builds Impressive F-150

Chevy Surprises With a Familiar Concept

Video: We Walk Around the Concept High Desert

Toyota Triples Booth Size To Accommodate Pickups

Video: Toyota's Baja 1000 Tundra TRD Pro

Video: Toyota's Largest, Most Customized Tundras

Video: Ram's Ultimate Adventure Outdoorsman

What Does SEMA Think About the 2015 F-150

Our Favorites From SEMA on Facebook

SEMA Ignite: Trucks On Parade


Now that SEMA is over and done with, the LA auto show starts this week. I wonder if Ford will use this opportunity to announce the mpg numbers for the F150? They have to do it soon.

It just leaked this evening on f150online. 28 mpg.

So if that's true then it is almost exactly on par with the Ecodiesel. The f150online forum states 28 highway, 21 city, 23 combined. Ram is 28 highway, 20 city and also 23 combined.

Ford will release the MPG numbers this month for the 2015 F-150 with the 2.7 Eco-Boost
If you would have paid attention Motor Trend Magazine already measured the real MPG.
(The Motor Trend MPG is the most true, accurate one out there)
It will be very interesting to watch if the Ford and Motor Trend numbers are similar.
Will Ford cheat by removing the gas tank, tailgate, and bumpers and driving downhill with a tail wind?
We will see.

I am sure PUTC will be in top of that news the first hour that news is released.

its going to be around 17 city, 22 highway (my guess)

and the big news that Motor Trend also found is the crew cab they tested was 5500 lbs where the exact model of the 2014 crew cab was ONLY 200 lbs heavier NOT 700 lbs lighter like Ford claimed.

Hemi? you're slipping! that's a great opportunity with information you didn't know so you can trash the new F-150.
Motor Trend trashed the F-150, even making the hint it won't be the 2015 truck of the year.

I don't care I am still buying one!
The more everybody trashes it the more I want it.

Where is the AEV flatbed Ram? I've seen only one picture on the net of it and it didn't have spec info.


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