SEMA: Ford Floods the Show Floor With F-150s

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During the just-concluded Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, Ford had more new built and customized pickup trucks on the floor than any other truckmaker. We've been told that Ford passed out 15 early production 2015 Ford F-150s to some big aftermarket players, as well as some up-and-coming builders and racers. The result was a blanket of hugely diverse half-ton pickups with some wild-and-crazy modifications and even a few cool ideas.

Among some of the more impressive F-150s on display was an extreme sports lifted and customized (both inside and out) Platinum SuperCrew by A.R.E. Accessories (they build truck camper shell manufacturer), Brian Deegan's Baja XTR, and Bushwacker's lifted booth truck. ARE's F-150 was set up with snowboards, a motocross bike, GoPro cameras and camcorders, helmets and even had a set of rollout bed drawers.

Ford had eight different 2015 F-150s in its booth (our favorite was built by Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr.) with the remaining custom F-150s spread throughout the monstrous convention center. Also among our favorites in the Ford booth was a downsized electric rear-wheel-drive cart with all sorts of Raptor-looking front-grille and tailgate design cues. What will they think of next?

We'll have more images from the SEMA Show in the naer future on our Facebook page images by Evan Sears and Mark Williams


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ARE F-150 1 II

Deegan F-150 II

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nice, but I really don't care about the Fords, I just want to see the Rams

They need to redesign the rear tail lights. Some good ideas though.

These aftermarket guys come up with some neat stuff. I really like the truck in the 3rd photo. The paint scheme isn't what I like it's the camper top and rack above it and the rest of the modifications.

All I see is people walking by the truck and nobody even cares its there. Looks like the new f150 is not a show stopper.

Ford decided to use the '07-'13 tundra tail lights. I think this newest F150 by far the ugliest. It just gets worst in every generation.

Agree that this generation F150 is starting to look pretty ugly the more I look at it. I'm trying to like it because there's a lot to like about it but I don't think I can deal with the looks of it if I was to own one. I think the Ram and Tundra looks the best follow by GM.

Ford got a deal on leftover tundra tail lights cause nobody was buying the tundras

I don't care for the Fords but interested in seeing camping and REAL off-road gear, not graphics and rims. I know if it wasn't popular the show would not exist, but does anybody else feel like SEMA is just a bunch of eye-catchers with no real attempt at useful engineering, and the same garbage is recycled year after year and the vehicles are just swapped for new ones?

I really like the blue truck there, that is sweet!

More Cosmetic touches than any real engineering.

I like the orange truck and blue truck.

I am not a Ford man, but the last photo of the mini Raptor in lime color is nice! That Mini Jeep looking vehicle, looks to be about the size of the old Suzuki Samurai .

I like the paint job on the blue truck in the third photo.

We have many pickups here decked out identically to that one one.

The second truck with the green rims looks rather sad, it might look better in real life.

Hopefully PUTC will provide more articles on SEMA. Even some aftermarket gear.

Not sure if Ford or PUTC noticed, but an aftermarket accessories company from Brazil had a Global Ford Ranger on their stand at the SEMA Show. Apparently they drove it up from Mexico to display their wares. (Hall 3, Upper Level).

In my humble opinion, I think Ford don't want to release the Global Ranger in the US as it would most likely embarass the US F150 past and present models.

I like the little Ford Jeep. Would you call it a Feep?

Cool Truks

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