SEMA: GM Makes Big Accessory Push for Colorado

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What better way to celebrate the reintroduction of a new midsize pickup truck than showering it with dozens of gifts, specifically gifts in the form of lightweight aluminum clamps, racks, tents, covers, boxes, flares and just about anything else you can think of for a pickup. That's exactly what GM Parts and Accessories has done by developing a long list of parts and pieces designed to allow new Chevrolet Colorado buyers to personalize and customize their trucks for the activities they enjoy.

Jennifer Goforth, director of GM Global Accessories, told us at a Colorado and Camaro drive event right before the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (the auto industry's annual party for creativity), GM couldn't imagine a better place than SEMA to introduce the new truck activity products, called GearOn. SEMA opened this week in Las Vegas and runs through tomorrow.

From the very beginning of the Colorado design several years ago, a team of bed, body and interior parts engineers (the group now has 30 team members) worked with the Colorado engineers and designers to anticipate many of the activity needs of future Colorado buyers. Goforth described an important "bed party" during which all the team members for GM's new midsize trucks were invited to bring anything they might need to haul or carry with a midsized pickup. GM employees brought ladders, kayaks, tool chests, camping gear and just about any other type of cargo you can imagine. This brought real-world needs into focus.

Many of the clamps, dividers, racks and other problem-solving devices the team devised to create better carrying capacity was done with the help of top-tier suppliers. Once the parts were created, they were tested for compatibility, simplicity, strength and weight savings. Perhaps the biggest benefit from this type of planning is that buyers can select these products when they order the truck at a dealership. Those who finance their trucks can bundle these warranteed add-ons into their monthly payment.

We had a chance to look at several of the products GM Accessories is offering for the new Colorado during the drive event. The ladder, bike and roof racks, side steps and every other accessory look well constructed and fairly stylish. And, we're told, this is just the beginning for the parts team; they'll be coming up with even more optional parts and pieces for the Colorado and GMC Canyon as they gauge how well the products embraced by dealerships, as well as focusing on new offerings for GM's half-ton and heavy-duty pickups down the road.

For more information, visit the Colorado accessory website. photos by Mark Williams


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Something about putting a roof rack on a pickup with a big box just doesn't make sense to me...just saying!

If GM actually did hire as many engineers as they claim then it is clearly the most poorly run company on the planet. The Colorado is a half-assed joke of a mid sized truck, meaning GM must have hired the most incompetent group of engineers ever assembled.

The last pic looks like he could use a roof rack

At Axle:

If the engineers at GM are that bad then the engineers at Toyota are worse. The new Colorado/Canyon are heads and shoulders above the Tacoma - they have so far surpassed the Tacoma that it's a mere blip in the rear view mirror.

Superior drive trains, superior interior quality, and vastly superior capability (towing, payload and mileage). In case you haven't noticed these are flying off the lots. Sorry, the foreign trucks have been bypassed.

2015er, I assume you mean by foreign, GM? Since they too have many foreign parts, and frames?

I think the rack is pretty neat, like the look of the truck with the accessories on it,

Looks like oxi's roof rack on his truck which by the way you can now buy framed prints of for $46.99+

More here:
The camo leaves around the roof rack was a nice touch.

There are more products. You can buy an oxi woven blanket for $89.

Get a framed print of the Taco with oxi license plate and garage for $46.99

Get 'em while they last!

Accessories won't help this truck sell, it'll be the 4 cylinder diesel.

how about a homelink and a rear window that opens.

can't believe they left this out on the SLT GMC version. guy here at work ordered one and you can't get this stuff

Unless I see data to the contrary, I don't believe factory "bed accessories" are a selling point, generate revenue, or are particularly useful. The exception are tool boxes, but you can get those aftermarket from countless manufacturers in as many shapes and materials and quality/price ranges as you can imagine.

All these silly bed dividers, "cargo management" nets, sliding tie-down tracks, bed extenders... Useless overpriced options. Who buys them anyway?

I remember being young and stupid and thinking that pretend trucks made sense. Owning 2 of them and wasting tons of $$$ bolting silly things to them.

Happy times I look back on shaking my head wishing I had been smarter sooner.

Where is the snorkel? I don't see proper bumpers!

I think GM's may be better than oxi's roof rack...

@BD "All these silly bed dividers, "cargo management" nets, sliding tie-down tracks, bed extenders... Useless overpriced options. Who buys them anyway?"

Plenty of people buy them, its a clever way dealerships work up the price of the vehicle by adding options that basically cost nothing for 3-4x what they actually cost. Then they knock 50% off their inflated price so you think you are getting a deal.

How many people "use" them is the question you should be asking. I saw a guy at bestbuy in a Raptor trying to take home his gigantic television he had just bought. He was jacking with his "cargo management system" when I showed up, I went inside, bough the car charger I was looking for, stood in line at checkout, and left and he was still in the parking lot fumbling with his bed extender and man step. I'm going to guess he never uses those things again. About the only factory option people use regularly is the running boards, and maybe a dealer installed toolbox just because it is nice not spending hours drilling and redrilling holes to try and get the darn thing to line up squarely between the bed rails.

Brand new truck and no tie down system like Nissan's Utili-Trak or the rail system in the Tacoma?? Didn't GM put a track system in the bed of the new 1500's as well?

If you're going to offer accessories at least make them on par with what the others are offering. All these do is use the bed stake pockets and some stamped in spots in the bed to support stuff.

Where are the skid plates for off-roading? Tire carrier? Proper bumpers....

If GM is going to do accessories, do them right!

As ox has said, never really rely on what the factory thinks is best for you! I mean stick to the basics like engine, drivetrain and running ground clearance but other components like skid plates, your better off getting better ones aftermarket!

oxi removed his factory thin metal skid plate up front on his 2010 AC and installed 3/8 inch thick steel plates from Budbuilt from the front all the way to the rear yolk on the tranny! Everything is protected up front and between the frame rails!

oxi has since added a custom front bumper from CBT Offroad with additional skid plates up front when compared to the wimpy factory front bumper!

oxi also replaced the rear bumper with a swing door tire carrier from CBI again much stronger than the chrome one!

Toyota builds a great base to work with, much better than the competition can offer!

I agree with george...

Where are the real off-road accesories from GM for their mid-size trucks?

Speaking off-roading, full size trucks should NOT off-road, they are built to haul stuff and pull trailers customed tuned for city dwelling today!

Size, weight and lack of proper ground clearance with their weight is why it is too expensive to run a full size as a trail rig!

It is nice to see them out there but too many broken parts can happen with such heavy trucks!

And when they get stuck, that extra weight does not help matters!

I agree with off-road king...

Those armored Toyota's with proper bumpes and skid plates rock!

Maybe it's not intended for off-roading, just look at the front air dam. That thing would be ripped off the second you take it off-road.


Toyota did not just hire a pile of engineers to redesign the Tacoma, it is ten years old. Best part? The bed on the tacoma is STILL more functional than the horrendous bed on the *brand new* colorado.

The best part about the new Colorado is that it compromised on so many aspects of the design that once the new Tacoma and Frontier come out GM is going to have to discount the beejesus out of the price to move any, which will make make nice cheap small trucks available.

I can testify that mid-size pickups do better off- roading than full size. For example, last weekend a group off us went hunting. My brother and his friend in a 2006 Tacoma, my friend and I are in his 2012 F-150. Going up a wash board mountain road, my friends F-150 was all over the place trying to keep up with the Tacoma. Several times I felt like we were going to slide off the road. My friend gave up trying to keep up and took his time driving slower. Both trucks were stock.

GM is way a head of the other four lagging manufacturers. It will be catch up time once again for them. They waited too long on full size suvs and now GM owns over 80% of that segment. GM wins again!!!

A big and heavy F150 is not good for off-road use. Get it through your head!!!

Full-size trucks are too heavy for REAL off-roading...All they do is sink into the ground...

Those of us that actually off-road know and understand this because we have been out there and would know unlike some of the children on this forum!

Too expensive? oxi's Tacoma is still far below what a 2015 F-150 would cost in price even with oxi's mods!

GM can only market accessories that comply with NTSHA impact regulations. So Baja bumpers are out, they won't meet impact standards.

Maybe they're stealing a page from the Subaru up-sell book.


Your truck is not street legal. You have no payload left wth the mods. There has been way too much weight added. Your Taco can only be driven off-road. Your truck would not pass NHTSA crah tests. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I think its funny ha ha ha ha ! when guys add suspension and off road tires as upgrades making their truck look like a rough tough off road truck and watch them come to a complete stop before they go over a little speed bump is a parking lot!
ha ha ha ha ha you guys crack me up ha ha ha ha ha

@Bill -agreed. A industrial grade cargo rack makes sense but not a roof rack.

@Tom#3 - agreed.

The guy in the last picture looks a little too chunky to have an expert #4 plate on his dirt bike.

"Plenty of people buy them, its a clever way dealerships work up the price of the vehicle by adding options that basically cost nothing for 3-4x what they actually cost. Then they knock 50% off their inflated price so you think you are getting a deal."

Do people in the US use small trailers when picking up large objects from Box Stores etc?

All i know is that i ove my tailgate step i use it almost everyday. i use my stow away bed extender almost everyday. Not to extend the bed though. I put push mowers in it while its siting open inside the truck. i just put a small snowblower in there today after i repaired it for a lady whjo works down the street from my shop. a small bungee strap holds everything nice and tight. 2 garbage cans side by side stood up do that a few times a week too. I am in good shape have lifted trucks i jump into and out of the bed everyday. I wont buy another truck without a tailgate step! I LOVE IT! i walk into the back of my f150 with my arms full. its like stairs. Best option i have with the stow away bed extender very close second.

GM has the right idea. How they go about it is what will determine if it is a success. With ricky carmichael pushing some ads too they have a chance.I dont know how RC is even involved with GM though? His race team bikes (RCH) are sponsored by Dodge or Ram. I Dont understand how he can do this but....

I agre with oxi..

What about the weight?

These people that have the money to buy such accessoriess must realize the shear weight of them and over time, the suspension will fade and result will be damage!

oxi has raced down in Baja and he knows what weight can do to a suspension over time...

How about making a small truck with two doors and a seven foot bed , not a soccer dad wannabe sissy truck .

@off road king, You don't know much about off roading thats a fact. How does this heavy truck make it through all this thick deep mud? GET A CLUE.

Recently here in Australia the manufacturers of our utes and pickups have been adding more and more accessories to add to your vehicle.

The pickup and 4x4 aftermarket is huge here, I would think larger proportionally than in the US. It will make the Colorado a little more versatile when needed (if you need it).

I have noticed people accessorising with equipment they often don't use.

Most common accessories are bullbars and driving lights. Suspension kits are quite a larger seller. We don't change the suspension normally for the lift, even though it does help a fraction.

For a business most of these 'add ons' are not really durable looking. We have other aftermarket suppliers that make your bed to suit your application, the same as our suspension kits.

That chunky guy with the number 4 plate is the GOAT of MX racing- Ricky Carmichael

I agree Full size trucks are not for real off roading. Their too big and heavy to get down real trails. Take an F-150 on the Rubicon Trail and see how far you get. Sure they Army as humongus 6x6 trucks, but their for rough rutted terrain, not necessarily for off road trails.

Is it me or is Ford using the same wheels as this Colorado on the 2015 F-150?

@hoopie - wow. Obviously I did not recognize the guy. Must race vet class.

I agree with Lou. F-150 and Full size trucks are not for real off roading.

GM's biggest problem isn't it's competition.
GM's biggest problem is GM.

General Motors is using $25 gift cards to entice more than a million owners of cars that were recalled for ignition switch problems to get their cars repaired.

I wonder if this is per Recall. G.M. owners could make quit a few bucks.

It's not a bad looking pickup, but it's too big and fancy to get decent mileage or be much cheaper than a full size pickup. It's still a small market and I believe that Ford is playing they're cards right.

@Big Al--I have seen a number of newer trucks with added accessories. After I bought my Isuzu I added a cargo extension bar, running boards, bed liner, bed cover, and side window deflectors. It is easy to drop a couple of grand on accessories but then if you are going to keep your truck for a number of years you might as well get what you want on it.

This is a nice truck and it lends its self well to added accessories.

Who says you cant take a full size truck on Rubicon.

After all these years, they still have to stick with those FUGLY squared wheel wells.

And her name is Jennifer Goforth. Goforth... really???

Why is GMC making a big accessory push? Shouldn't Chevrolet be doing that? And again, 'GM parts and Accessories'? Isn't that what Chevrolet Performance is for? Why does GM/GMC always have to rain on Chevrolet's parade unless it's a nascar or corvette?

'After all these years, they still have to stick with those FUGLY squared wheel wells.'

@darien- I don't get that either. The S-10's always had round wheel wells. That was the one thing that made them so eye appealing over the Silverado.

Here is to the ones that doubt a full size rig can't do any real off

The Colorado is just a GM badge job of the GM Canyon. Funny how things change huh Chevrolet idiots?? GM trucks may have been Chevy badge jobs with Chevy engines for some decades there but the 2k era is ours. GM's alone.... No Chevy rental car and rental truck crap. No Chevy engines! GM engines only and GM vehicles! You're the badge job now losers. I'll support chevy just so GM or GMC can prosper. You're lucky. Even these guys see that the GMC is nicer then the pile of crap Chevrolet. Chevy trucks are second rate and low rent ugly garbage.

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