SEMA Party Ignites Public Interest

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By Chris Shelton

A few years back the Specialty Equipment Market Association did something most of us thought was long overdue: It capitalized on the huge car show inside the trade show by rolling a parade of custom cars and trucks around the Las Vegas Convention Center as part of the end-of-show move-out process. The parade was a logical evolution of the decision to organize events in the infield of the central hall's main entrance, opening all viewing to the public. As a trade show, SEMA is closed to the public; however, it always attracts hordes of onlookers gawking at the outside concept vehicles. The parade provides a way for auto enthusiasts to get a look at what was on display at the show.

This year SEMA organizers took things a step further by following the parade with an after party. SEMA coordinated with Caesars Entertainment — parent company to Caesars Palace — to host "SEMA Ignited" in the massive parking lot behind Caesars' latest franchise, the newly opened (Oct. 30) LINQ casino and hotel.

As the first event of its kind, it did suffer some teething issues (primary among them a punishing traffic jam, even by Las Vegas standards). Besides opening the lot to show vehicles, SEMA cordoned off a smaller area for a dramatic burnout competition, hired local food-truck vendors to cater the event and had a lineup of celebrities to sign posters. A bird's-eye view was even possible from Caesars' massive High Roller Ferris Wheel adjacent to the lot, provided you had 45 minutes to spare just to make the single revolution, to say nothing of the long line to get on the ride.

Despite the hiccups, partygoers seemed to have a good time. We're guessing SEMA will do the same thing next year — but with some adjustments — so our advice is to start planning your Las Vegas trip now. The 2015 SEMA Show will take place Nov. 3-6. photos by Chris Shelton


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Hmmm, the only things here that ignited my interest here are the two tastefully done old Chevy trucks and the nice lady in the last picture. I’m not into the white sunglasses, ears tucked in to the flat bill cap type California type trucks although I appreciate the hard work each one of the builders did to these vehicle regardless if they appeal to me or not.

That blue Silverado has my vote.

Only two "normal" trucks in those pictures are the "wounded warrior" Silverado and the grey F150, the rest are all stupid carnival attractions, totally useless!

Pretty well summed it up

with the possible exception of the Wounder Warrier Chevy, the rest of the trucks pictured are completely useless abominations.

Why modify a truck if it makes it useless as a truck?

The lady is Courtney Hansen. She was one of the original co- host of Overhaulin,and now hosts Powernation on the Spike network.

I thought that was her! She is smoking hot!

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