SEMA Video: Chevy High Desert Concept Channels Old Favorite

IMG_9923 II

Although this Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Desert concept doesn't look much different than a stock truck, we noticed some familiar design cues in the bed. Specifically created to gauge interest as a possible accessory, the Avalanche-looking bed storage and cover of the High Desert model had visitors to the recent Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas asking questions and giving it a close look. We take a closer look with this video. image by Evan Sears





Too bad you can't fold down the mid gate like you can with the avalanche. funny how Ram stole bed box from avalanche and called it "ram box"??

Old favorite? The first Avalanche was just disgustingly Aztec awful looking. Why should a Chevrolet truck of all things look like a nasty Pontiac disaster? The last Avalanche was nice though. It looked like the Tahoe. What a Chevy should look like. Clean and gorgeous. Much better than that last nasty and ridiculous cartoon looking Silverado.

As a drop in unit this is very functional and would work great for me. Chevy if you offer this, i would take a close look at buying one !

No thanks. If I wanted something like this, I'd get a local fab shop to make me an aluminum tool carrier.

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