SEMA Video: Custom 2015 F-150 Is Ready to Drift

IMG_9921a II

We knew this 2015 Ford F-150 was something special the moment we saw it, which is not a small feat given there were a half-dozen customized F-150s sitting all around it. Built by champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr., this truck had an impressive adjustable air-ride suspension and pearlescent lime-green rims. Take a look at this quick video we put together during the recent 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas. image by Mark Williams





That's wild ride right there!! That thing is awesome!!

A lowered truck? that is as useful as removing 4 inches from one's parts.

I believe the main intent was to drift this truck as a Championship drifter designed it.

interesting, tundra look-alike tail lights and tail gate.

Looks like a Ram Tailgate to me handle in the spoiler just like the ram and a character line in the middle. Tundra has the hande in the center of the tailate.

Photo: Just another day commuting to work, if you ask me.

Talking about the crease on the lower part of the tailgate.

No, I know people who do drifting, this will really tank. Not enough horsepower, suspension too basic. More a SEMA concept, than an actual race vehicle

This is just one of the multitude of modified aluminium F-150's to whet everyone's appetite coming out.

This one in particular I don't like. I'll give the guy credit for the effort, but it's still rates an "F".

How to ruin a pickup.

It is a SEMA concept, fruitcakes, built be a professional drifter. Toyota copied Ford, they have round wheels.

I cant wait until the SEMA articles are over.

I know im old...

Ive outgrown the add on isle at the local PepBoys and get my fill of fiscally retarded cool silliness from shows like Fast and Loud and every time a Raptor drives by.

Would love to hear more non manufacturer info about the New F150... Car and Driver and Motor Trend have been test driving it and the GM CC Twin pretender trucks. Some actual meaningful info on the Titan (other than its coming and will have a cummins).

I guess to me SEMA, Recall Bullitins, another thing about the Cummins in the Titan, Sales figures, represents a very slow week for my interests in trucks and auto news.

I like lowriders,if GM built this I'd be very interested

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