SEMA Video: Explore the 2015 Ram 2500 Outdoorsman

Ram Outdoorsman 3 II

Specialty-built full-size pickup trucks could be found all over the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show floor last week at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center. If you love camping, hunting or exploring the backcountry for days or weeks at a time, Ram showcased the concept truck of your dreams. Built on a Ram 2500 4x4 platform and sporting a 6.4-liter Hemi V-8, the Outdoorsman is ready to take you to remote campsites or fishing spots that no one else (and we mean no one) will be able to get to.

This concept used the RamBox storage bins for stowing fishing and hunting gear, while a unique set of bed props were attached to create an in-bed tent setup for those who don’t want to sleep on the ground. See what else we liked about this rig by watching the video. images by Evan Sears




Ram Outdoorsman 1 II

Ram Outdoorsman 2 II

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Ram Outdoorsman 5 II



The tent thingie in the box is lame. Fishing rods are light and waste a ton of space stored in the Ram box. A few week long trip into the back country requires a lot of gear and space unless you want to eat freeze dried food for that whole time. A rigid canopy and boat/cargo rack makes more sense.

Mounting some machine guns and stout brush guards would make that truck the ultimate Zombine Assault Vehicle.

Needs a clear coat.

Tent and roof rack are dumb. Especially with a sunroof.

The paint smoked lamps the stickers... who cares?

The tires, winch, wheels bumpers... take em or leave them depending on what you are doing. Nothing new about them.

The Ram box... Its cool. Always has been. But it does take away bed space and it cant be cheap, As cool as it is I don't see a lot of rams driving around with it.

I'd have more repsect for it if the factory Outdoorsman was more than just a sticker package.

I am still waiting for more info on the AEV flat bed regular cab Ram. I've only seen one internet pic of it so far. Hope to see it soon.

In my opinion (for what it's worth,) the matte paint is actually not a bad idea. Anyone whom has driven through the woods knows how quickly and easily tree branches, pine needles, etcetera scratch up the clear coat on your vehicle. Even running through a mechanized car wash creates small scratches and swirl marks that are difficult to get rid of.

While the Outdoorsman package on the 2500 is indeed a sticker package, the 1500 on the other hand is not. The 1500 Outdoorsman is actually 1" taller than a standard 4x4, has the GY Wrangler Silent Armor on/off road tire; which, is actually a pretty decent tire, skid plates, and the limited slip rear end. In addition, the rear shocks have a higher damping force; hence, resulting in a better ride at speed over washboard roads.

I'll make my post more clear. The Outdoorsman is nothing more than a sticker package and a collection of parts that are available on other trim levesls, such as skidplates, rear end, tires etc.

ie, Wrangler Silent Armour tires.....

Goodyear Tires are Selected for 2014 Ram 1500 Models

"Outfitting the Ram 1500 Outdoorsman model is the Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor in a LT265/70R17 tire size. The tire features all-terrain capability with exceptional snow performance. ***It is optional on several other trim levels, as well."***

"A rigid canopy and boat/cargo rack makes more sense."
Sure do, placing fishing rods in a small compartment like the Rambox, does not make sense. Small tools yes

If the Ram Box has the holster, it makes perfect sense to use it for fishing rods. But I wouldn't get it because it takes away from the bed and is $250. extra in addition to the cost of the Rambox.

@Beast - I carry my fishing rods in PVC plastic pipe. I've never damaged one and is much cheaper than a store bought rod case. Guns go in a case in the cab.

Jason, the Silent Armor tire is standard on the Outdoorsman, and an option on the Tradesman. That's it.

For curiosity's sake, what's your thoughts on Ford's FX4 and GM's Z71 packages?

I carry my rods in the boat, everything else in the camper. This truck, though is very nice, and has its place, its not for the soccer dads who drive around and don't haul or go fishing. Looks good to me, love the smoked out mirrors and tailgate

I really laugh at some of these tricked up pickup beds. That's what they are tricked up and of little real value. To me if you want something like this Ram, buy a full size SUV. You'll get better use from it and still have your 'stuff' secure.

Here we use PVC tubing for small rods (poles). These offer the best protection. We also use what we call "rocket launchers" fitted to your bull bar. These offer the best protection/accessability for beach and rock work.

Do you call a fishing pole in Canada a fishing rod???

The roof rack looks cheap and generic like something you'll find in a dollar store.
Ram has tons of complaints about metal deformation on the Ram Box Lid.
The red headlights make it look evil.
The tires are too big and may cause the left tie rod to break.
The engines are made in Mexico

Tom#3, thanks for the very useful, constructive, well thought out, and informative commentary you add to the blog.

BAFO, fishing pole and rod are used pretty interchangeably depending on where you're from. I find myself using both descriptors. I am from Michigan.

@Big Al from Oz - I've always used the term "rod". Don't know anyone who uses the word "pole". As MKL has pointed out, there are regional variations even in Canada and the USA.

@Lou/Jason Silent Armor tires are the best. Forget the rest. Once you go Silent Armor, you never go back.


The 2014 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman Mossy Oak Edition from Ram Trucks helps you stand out even when you blend in. Hunt one down today.

Didn't the avalanche have these spam boxes long before spam did?? Spam has been known to copy here and there and take credit for it. They even admitted some years ago that they copied FORD and that's what got them where they are at now by copying from them. Just a cheap imitation of a real truck.

@Mr. Ram - Goodyear recalls 41,000 Wrangler Silent Armor tires............

and your point was???????????????????????

The difference between a rod and a pole is about a hundred bucks. lol

I love the Ram box. Any one who goes off road knows your cargo gets shacking up. The Ram box locks your fishing gear up and holds it. I currently hold my rod in a pvc pole holder. Works good but wind is a factor would not be good off roading. Not just a dirt road or gravel road i mean real off roading.

This is a nice rig. Not only does the Ram box hold your gear from flying around in the bed when off road. It also has a cargo divider to hold cargo from moving in the bed. Ram has the best cargo system of all the manufacturers. Better than the man step. lol Course Ram guys are different than Ford guys. Ram being more off road orientated since the beginning. After all it was Dodge that brought us the 4x4 truck.

Thank you Mark Williams for a look at Mopar at SEMA. Guess you saved the best for last.

AEV and Ram are a good match. Can you show us the new AEV flat bed Ram please thank you.

Ram box explained.

Ram has the best cargo system period.

Another Ram exclusive.

Another Ram exclusive. The awesome Hemi engine.

The most awesome V8 engine ever produced.

Chrysler and Dodges first V8

I'd have more repsect for it if the factory Outdoorsman was more than just a sticker package.

Posted by: Jason | Nov 13, 2014 11:49:38 AM


What other factory stock truck comes with a winch and 35"?

A lot of folks have their head up in the clouds.

Tom#3, thanks for the very useful, constructive, well thought out, and informative commentary you add to the blog.

Posted by: MKL | Nov 13, 2014 3:35:31 PM

He drives a Ford what do you expect?

The most awesome v8 ever produced. Lmao!!! NOT

Why have a 3/4 ton if you are just gonna use the bed... for a tent. You may as well buy a Jeep if that is all you're gonna haul.

If I had this pickup or was showing this concept, I'd have a FWC or a Hallmark in the bed. But then, that would make the Rambox useless... .

For those asking about the AEV:

I don't like the flat bed at all--especially with such a lift and large tires. It makes the load height ridiculously high. It reminds me of my buddy's F250 with a "bro" style lift--loading motorycles is a total PITA.

They could have put the same tire as a spare so if you have flat you don't have mismatched size tire.... Maybe not though as the oversized tire prolly wouldn't fit and have to be hauled in tent box.

Nothing against you, I like you !
I am just sharing my opinion the same way you share your opinion, no hard feelings.
I used to like the Hemi Engine until I found out it was made in Mexico but to be fair the only reason why I hate anything made in Mexico is because the Toyota Tacoma is also made in Mexico! Because of Toyota I am bias about anything made in Mexico.
I admit the Ram is a great truck, I have lots of friends (co-workers) that own them, I have seen them in action both on and off road and they hold up, seem reliable, have excellent interior room.
But I am not crazy in love with my Ford, I own one cause I want to be different or stand out cause everybody else owns a Ram and I am in love and loyal to my Ford Dealer cause he treats me good.
Like I said before I like and respect you HEMI V8 , but I really am worried about you driving your Ram with the danger of that left tie rod breaking off. I don't want you to wreck or get hurt. You should rap that left tie rod with a coat hanger or tape or hose clamps that if it should break off you'll have backup, and I am surprised you don't write about any anger or outrage about how Ram is dragging their feet repairing that problem. If my F-150 had that problem I would be the first one to trash Ford about it and red tag my truck making it unsafe to drive and demand a loaner truck until my truck was repaired.


Ford Expands 2014 F-150 Recall; Advises Owners to Stop Driving Trucks!

Just the Facts:
Ford is expanding a recall of the 2014 Ford F-150 pickup truck because of an electronic power-assist steering gear problem.
It also warned owners not to drive their vehicles.
Ford dealers have been instructed to stop delivering any affected vehicles.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Nov 4, 2014 8:04:50 PM

@tom#3, One should not worry about the splinter in their neighbors eye when they have a board in their own.

@HemiV8 - On the subject of lumber in one's eye................FCA fired Chrysler's head of quality control after they once again received some of the poorest quality/durability ratings in the business.

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