SEMA Video: Toyota Floods Show With Tundras

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We've never seen so many Toyota Tundra pickup trucks at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show ever, or at any other auto show for that matter. Not only was the Toyota booth in Las Vegas bigger than ever, some of the customized Tundras were the largest pickups we have ever seen — not exactly something Toyota has been comfortable doing in the past.

In this video we look at three of the most wild-and-crazy Tundras you could imagine — none of which will go into production — but all three attracted nonstop crowds that hovered and gawked. image by Evan Sears






Out of all the half ton trucks on the market, I am a firm believer that the Tundra is the best platform if you want to heavily modify the truck. Tons of suspension travel in stock form and one of the highest ground clearances in the class. These trucks have tons of aftermarket suspension support, from lowered, to long travel with 16” of wheel travel (A stock Raptor has 11.2” of front wheel travel and 13.4” rear wheel travel), to street queen lift kits.

The truck is honestly the simplest of the half ton trucks. No electric steering, oversized parts (10.5” ring gear and 4.30 gears), and a NA gas engine with a TRD supercharger that carries the factory warranty.

You can run oversized tires with these trucks without having to regear, something that can’t be said for other half ton trucks.

but its even uglier then it was before


They are pretty good in stock form too.

I am the type of buyer that will accept a little, ehem, "character" in my hotrods and motorcycles--cause I don't truly rely on them.

But when it comes to my pickup, I want strong fundamentals, no gadgets and BS gimmicks, and good reliability/durability.

And the Tundra delivers... .

@John: so why would you not need to regear a Tundra like other trucks? Just because it has 4.30 gears is half the equation, now go and see that Rams 8 speed, Ford and Chev's 6 speeds have for trans gears. You would see that Tundra's trans gears aren't any higher then the rest, and overall gear is far less then others, in 1st gear and most of the rest. A 4.3 Tundra in top gear has barely more gear then a 3.73 Ford/GM, Ford has optional 4.10s, and Ram has 3.92s.....

^it's not 2007 anymore, lol!

Ford, Ram and Chevy doesn't need any modifications , they come stock with heavy duty suspension with much higher payload and towing capacity.
PLUS they get much better gas mileage and better performance than any rice burner Toyota !
I don't want to spend $48K for a Tundra and spend another $5K just to be even with a stock $40K American Truck.

let me more honest, I wouldn't take a pos Tundra or Tacoma if they were giving them away for free!

I switched from Silverado and F150 with a brand new 2011 Tundra 5.7 DoubleCab LongBed, and it is the best truck I have ever owned. Serious business!

I only bought two other new trucks in my life, a 1988 Silverado 350 ExtCab LongBed and a 2006 F150 SuperCab, and neither was as good a truck as the Tundra is.

When I trade the 2011 Tundra off for a 2016 model I hope to be able to buy a Tundra 5.7 Limited 4-door 4X4.

But in the mean time, we bought my wife a 2015 Sequoia Platinum 5.7 last month. It's just like a Tundra but with an enclosed bed.

Absolute love the engineering, ride, handling and braking of the Tundra and Sequoia.

I have a GOOD reason to hate Toyota cause I once owned a 2011 Tacoma and after only 6 months and 4000 miles they REFUSED to honor THREE ( 3 ) warranty issues.
Even the dealer had his own in house warranty that was refused too. Called Toyota Corporate and they said they always stand by the dealer if the dealer refused it or not, I have learned the warranty is always up to the dealer, not corporate!
So I hate them both the dealer and Toyota!
Alloy wheels rusted and pitted
Heater blower motor bad
Left front wheel bearing failure

NEVER would that stuff be refused unless you abused it. PERIOD. If your under warranty Toyota would NEVER refuse a wheel bearing issue, nor a blower motor, the wheels who knows. ifyou cleaned them will something that would ruin them then you could......... Alloy wheels DONT RUST, they corrode and no way at 4000 miles would they not do it.

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