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Each year we conduct a voting contest that allows you to choose your favorite vehicle from the top 10 most searched vehicles on our parent site, We tally the most searched vehicles from 2014 and present them to you, and then you get to choose the vehicle you think deserves to be our Shoppers' Choice award.

We'll announce the winner on Jan. 13, 2015, during our annual party on the night of the second media day of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, along with our other favorite top picks in 10 different automotive categories. Naturally, our favorite is the Best Pickup Truck category (won last year by the Chevy Silverado 1500), but we also take great interest in the off-road category.

You can vote for your favorite choice (no more than once a day) at our Facebook page. Last year the Ford Mustang took the prize and is once again nominated as a finalist. Voting starts now and will continue through Dec. 4.

The top 10 most-searched vehicles are:

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • Dodge Durango
  • Ford F-150
  • Ford Mustang
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Mazda3
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Prius image by Joe Bruzek




Before anyone gets upset let me explain to you my voting process. I voted for Silverado because:

- Chevys are the longest lasting most reliable pickups on the road
- Silverado is the North American Truck of the Year

- with GM's new half ton trucks that are the standard of the industry you have to vote for Chevy Silverado and show your support

Personally, I like to think of Silverado as America's best value but as the votes come in you will see PUTC see Chevy as America's best truck.

Let the voting commence!

I don't understand?
Please someone explain to me!
Why is it so important and what do you gain if the truck you already own comes out on top in voting?
So maybe you feel better or you did second guess yourself that maybe the truck you own isn't the best and you want to be reassured it is the best cause it won a voting contest.
Is that it?
So maybe you have no confidence in yourself not knowing if the truck you bought is the best, you feel better when everybody else with the same truck loves it and you don't ?
So when you're out driving your truck you look at the other brand of trucks on the road and say to yourself: "I should have bought that other brand of truck"
Other owners of the same truck have to keep telling you:
You Have The Best Truck!
You Have The best Truck!
You Have The Best Truck!
You Have The Best Truck!
You Have The Best Truck!
You Have The Best Truck!
You Have The Best Truck!

@Tom3, Voting is for fun. Although I won't be voting because I don't use Facebook. Where is the proof that you own a truck?

@ Vote for Mopar

If you are going to try and bash other people or the other truck brands at least spell Chevy right.... com'on!

But I guess given your alliance to Ram it's no surprise that quality is lacking...

But seriously all trucks from the big three are good, why do people waist their hooting and hollering on this site? Nothing better to do? (That's my excuse for today)


And you'd think with the increase in sales by Ram that would be one of the top ten searched cars on Especially since the other two of the big three are listed there. Just interesting

Durango?! WTF I thought they sold like 30k of those a year and it is in the top 10 for being researched? I kind of figured we'd see more cars like Camry and Accord on the list and perhaps a performance car stand out like the Corvette or something.

Overall there appears to be a mix of vehicles here but the Durango sure isn't one I'd have guessed. Maybe FCA needs a Hellcat version of the Durango too :) That I might be interested in. Maybe they could go the Jalopnik route and have a Hellbarth version of the Fiat 500. Low weight plus crazy power equals fun.

Camry and Accord???


Camry and Accord are not enthusiast cars. Folks that don't care about cars don't go to that much.

A hemi Durango is an awesome 3-row station wagon. It's old school in a cool way. I'm a Chevy Suburban guy myself, but the V8 Durango would be a very good alternative.

Vote for Toyota Corolla. The Corolla is excellent in the snow.

Since I am not into big pickups I vote for the Honda CRV which is a good all around vehicle and is still a top seller in its class.

Isn't the Durango going to be discontinued? Maybe it is researched to see if it is still available? With cheaper fuel prices it might be an alternative choice to the Suburban and Tahoe. When gas goes up again this list will change.

One of the main reasons I started blogging here has been to help to free Americans from their addiction to full size trucks.
Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Nov 6, 2014 6:32:49 PM



All my posts on have been from a nuetral point of view.

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Nov 23, 2013 12:24:05 AM

@Big Al from Oz

I don't like being squeezed into a sardine can. I would rather be in a truck compared to prius because if I get into an accident. i would rather be in my truck then a prius squished up.

A Prius has a bigger carbon footprint then any full size pickup. Think of those batteries and what it takes to make them. Then figure in life of the car or truck and what can be recycled. Someone did a study years ago and found the Hummer H2 to have less of a carbon footprint from start to end off life then that Prius.

Love my full size pickup and yes I do look down on others.

Ram EcoDiesel named “Green Truck of the Year”

on November 6, 2014

"The winner was selected from five finalists, including the new aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 and GM’s new mid-sized pickups, by a jury composed of automotive experts and Green Car Journal staff."

“The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is an incredible success for Ram Truck and part of the brand’s long term strategy to design and engineer the best trucks you can buy with fuel economy and capability top of mind,” said Bob Hegbloom, President and CEO—Ram Truck Brand. “We are thrilled to receive The Green Truck of the Year award, affirming our efficiency leadership in the truck market.”
"design and engineer the best trucks you can buy."

I have to agree with that statement.

strategy to design and engineer the best trucks you can buy with fuel economy and capability

I have to agree with that statement.
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Nov 6, 2014 8:47:59 PM

with more expensive fuel + DEF + $4000 upcharge + 600 lb payload?

I don't plan on owning one but the Chevy Colorado- GMC Canyon is going to take over in sales and excitement in 2015.

Take Tacos off the menu.
Triple sealed doors, fully boxed frame, 41.4 inches of headroom and 45 inches of legroom even six and-a-half footers will find a comfortable driving position.
The 3.6 V6 is only 51 ft/lbs torque less than a full size Silverado with the 5.3 V8, BUT the Colorado is more than 1000 lbs lighter.
The Colorado-Canyon offers a legitimate alternative for those who have come to the realization they don't need a diesel HD to haul around a bass boat two or three times a year.

Definitely keeping my eye on the Colorado.
If it turns out to be a well made reliable truck it is likely my next truck. I am not holding my breath on the "well made and reliable" though.....

This is absolutely friggin hilarious: Ok, we get to search for the "most searched cars/trucks" on the web site.

For trucks the choices are: Silverado and F150. And the reason they are the most search: Because they have the lowest quality of any vehicle made on the planet. Hello Sheeple wake up. is a very good web site; particularly when wanting to learn about problems with trucks. But why the heck to we want to vote for the "worst made trucks"?

I vote for the Toyota Prius.

Sorry Peter but that myth of the Hummer being so much more "green" than a Prius has been completely debunked over and over again.



The added emissions from the battery (which is hovering at 1kWhr in capacity BTW) is minuscule. I don't have the exact numbers in front of my face but if memory serves me it takes about 4000 miles to make up not only the manufacturing emissions difference but also in the cargo freighter taking it from Japan to the US compared to the H2. Although it was about 9000 miles compared to a comparable car like a Corolla or Matrix. For most people this is a year of driving or less and then the Prius is far more "green."

I know this fairy tale gets propagated on this site every now and again and I view it as an opportunity to inform not to lambaste anyone so please try to take it with a grain of salt. No doubts that any scientific study on the subject is going to have a lot of qualitative variables and not as many quantitative which makes coming up with precise math virtually impossible but there are some obvious holes in the study.

Rant off :)

I don't need to prove to a nobody POS like you I have a truck cause I really don't care what you think! All I care about is myself and I know you're never have my good looks and all the women dreaming of you.

@howam00 - a simple fact in relation to human nature:

People do not seek the truth , they seek validation of their beliefs.

@BAFO, I drive a HD truck, tow mileage is about 30% of total mileage, the rest is back and forth to work, you can keep that prius, those things are too tiny, and I love my truck don't care if I tow with it or not because its mine


Vote for the Chevy Silverado to take down Ford F150.

GM trucks aleady ousell the F-150. The Sierra and Silverado are the same truck with a different front clip.

@ Lou

Very true. I realize that half of what I say or try to show here on PUTC is all in vain but at least I can say I made an honest attempt at providing accurate and sincere feedback. My hopes are not that the other commenters are listening but that the few OEM engineers and marketers are reading my commentaries and realizing that I am open and honest. If I can do that then maybe my voice will ultimately be heard as a consumer.

In that vein, why can't I have a new 2015 F150 in the Lariat trim with the Blue Flame paint code (I can but is has to be the sport package which takes away the sharp chrome grill) or why can't I have virtually every exterior paint color offered by Ram with the brown interior? I want a bright blue truck, not a dark navy color, with either the tan or brown interior. Why as a consumer can't i get that?

There used to be a way to pay maybe $75 to break the paint code selections and have a customer get what they want. Is that still an option? Boise quite literally gets to 105-110 degrees in the summer and I refuse to have a black interior. Too friggin hot for me. The tan stays cooler and IMHO looks better.

@howam00 - I've never been a fan of black and I live in a cooler climate.

@ Lou

Remember when you could get red or even blue cloth interiors? Why do we have fewer choices now? Kind of sad. I like my Red on Red '93 F150.

Virtually the only vehicles made that have more than 2 or 3 interior color choices tend to be from Europe and have at a minimum 6-figure price tags.

To go to the extreme one can get a new Range Rover with a nearly white interior and even the carpet can be that light (not that anyone would actually want that since it would be stained just by looking at it). Heck Rolls Royce allows white carpet made of wool with carpet that is touted as being over an inch thick. O_O



Sorry, I had to.

Posted by: A-L-L | Nov 6, 2014 2:13:19 PM

That's funny. Didn't you supposedly buy a new heavy duty

I wonder if you were this critical when Ford was building F 150's in Mexico or their diesel engine in Mexico. I can almost bet you not.

@howam00 - a simple fact in relation to human nature:

People do not seek the truth , they seek validation of their beliefs.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Nov 7, 2014 2:27:17 PM

This statement describes you to a Tee.

@Lou-bc, Is a Fire Recall a soft or hard Recall?lol

wow look at all the garbage comments! reminds me of walking around my local chrysler dealer parking lot....


I guess those who were researching the Dodge Durango were probably hoping for some updated model to surface, though the current model is much better off than what it replaced a few years back.


Miranda Lambert will pitch Ram Trucks

USA TODAY-Nov 5, 2014

Country mega-star Miranda Lambert is Ram Trucks' new spokeswoman

@brandon d. You looking to replace your Recall Fire king Is that why your checking out the best in class Chrysler dealer?

P.S. Any one that needs a man step shouldn't be driving a truck.
If you can't lift your self up in the bed how are you going to load it? lol

@Ram1, She is fine.

Oops. Ford recalls cars to fix 'improper' recall
By Chris Isidore @CNNMoney November 4, 2014: 10:09 AM ET

Ford said Tuesday it is recalling nearly 40,000 cars to repair a problem that it created when fixing a previous recall.

Quality job none.

No thanks, Big Al. I have (and will continue to have) a full sized truck.

If I am gonna own one, it'll be big enough to do the job. If I want mileage I drive my 2013 Dart Aero 1.4, @ 28/40 mpg it may not get as good a mileage as a Prius, but I won't spend as much, and it's not built in Japan (Built in Belleville IL.)

You can probably do without your lifestyle "truck" with it's over rated payload which has sagging leaf springs, and you don't even like the ride yourself, had to put a different suspension designed by an "ol man"

The Colorado gets a whole mpg more then a Ram 1500 v-6 gasser that will out pull, out handle it, out ride it, and hold more stuff.

Let the campers like you get an SUV.

@TRX Tom,
Thanks for your input. But there was only one problem.

Who were you responding to? Big Al?

It's been a while since you commented here. Have a nice day.

@the hembi v8
LOL i wish ram came equipped with a step! I dont think they are smart enough to do that though. On the other hand you dont need a step to get in the back of a stock suspension ram. just push down on the tailgate and the bumper hits the ground. Or better yet just buy it with the 17" wheels with the 29" tall tires. Then you can just lift your leg right over the tailgate. Another RAM would do me good. I go to the scrap yard all the time. It would fit right in there. Probably could find its twin sitting right at the front of the line....

I want a new truck that nobody else has, the more people that cut down the 2015 F-150 the more I want it.
I don't care if my new 2015 F-150 will be a flop breaking down with tons of recalls cause I trust Ford and my local dealer that those problems will be resolved.
I am prepared that the gas mileage on the new 2.7 Eco-Boost will be a disappointment at around 17- 21 MPG when everybody was expecting 21- 28 MPG, AND the 700 lbs weight savings will be around 200 lbs instead.
Ford should know instead of lying to us just be honest cause F-150 owners love you and are loyal.
An F-150 is like a skinny beautiful woman then after you get married she gets fat and ugly, but you still love her. Just like my wife she asks me everyday if she's fat and ugly and I always told her "No" she knew she was fat and ugly and I wasn't being honest so she kept asking me over and over again so one day I said "Yes You Look Like A Hog! But I still love you for who you are" after that our relationship changed for the better and the more my friends tell me to leave her cause I am too good looking for her and I could do better the more I want to keep her and the stronger I love her.

@brandon d--I have seen a number of Rams at the scrap yard each time I go with a load of scrap metal in my truck. I have also seen a number of charred remains of Rams along the interstate. Ram has a very hot truck.

@Detroit Bob - There's no way to substantiate what's the most reliable or longest lasting truck. There's no database for repairs, no starts, tows or parts bought.

Trucks exported, especially to and through Mexico, is up to a million trucks a year. They simply fall off the books. It's well known GMs are the least favorite south of the border. So they're marooned here for all time. Ram outsells GM in Mexico (and Canada too) by a wide margin.

pictures of a rusted out frame on a 2003 Ram 1500

I've been called one of the sexiest men in the state of Michigan probably the US. Women can't get enough of me.

Most searched? I highly doubt the Durango, CR-V, Odyssey or Wrangler names are highly searched. Sounds rigged and paid for to me. The F-150 will win.

I did not vote as I do not have an association with or gravitation to any of the vehicles on the list.

I wonder how many voted out of pure fanboism?


Vote for the Chevy Silverado to take down Ford F150.
Posted by: RAM1 | Nov 7, 2014 3:18:58 PM


I Think GM is selling a ton of trucks right now regardless of what is researched. In my area there is about 40 new ones that drive around since they were introduced. A small area! One new colorado up the street from my house that is brown and one of the best looking GM trucks i have seen in a while. GM is really surprising me! a few months back i could swear i see them failing and ford and ram taking the truck market but it just seems like with how many are selling around me they must be selling like this everywhere! Where i live people are low middleclass and they all seem to find enough money to buy a 47k+ plus silverado and live in a tiny home. If GM can get people like that to buy there product then they must be doing something right!

Ford really thinks this aluminum truck will be a hit with prices in excess of 60k! They must feell confident the prices of these wont scare anyone away but I know the GM trucks prices are also high. I looked the other day and found a nice one that wasnt too over the top for 49k sticker and to me it was about 6k too high to get my attention. I wouldnt look at a truck with a higher sticker than 43k Ill sacrifice many options like leather and moon roofs but those options are packaged with others that just raise the price so high even if you get 10k off sticker with rebates and negotiations it still is over 40k. That is still too much money for the common technology that they push being as so new and much of it isnt needed. Packages when buying puts the together though and it seems like if you want one thing it comes with a bunch of others you dont. But thats the way it is for now...

GMC's Silverado is an ugly (for years now) failing, second rate, low rent interior pile of crap. (No, it's not a real Chevrolet to the Chevy idiots who fail to understand this). It's a GM and or GMC Silverado. Chevrolet died in the 70's with the rest. It's GMCorporate now losers. Long live GMC trucks and cars. Buck is our luxury line. Even Mark is with GMC and Buick! Why this second rate heap of crap is on the list is mind numbing. Is GM just trying to dump their excess scrap metal of the chevy bin from the stamping out of real GMC's?

Chevy? Please. I've been to GMC headquarters. I've seen the lines. It's GM only. There IS NO Chevrolet. It doesn't exist. It's a figment of your imagination there Cars. com

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