We're Headed to the SEMA Show

Bushwacker F150[5] II

We always look forward to the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, where it seems like the entire automotive universe comes to celebrate for nearly a week. We'll be headed to Las Vegas with our photography and video crew to look for examples of creativity and pickup-loving fun; the show begins tomorrow and runs through Friday.

Here's a peek at we've heard about already: the Ford Bushwacker F-150, the Ford Transit Vegas Off-Road Experience (VORE-4), racer Ricky Carmichael's stealth Chevrolet Colorado and American Expedition Vehicle's newest Ram Heavy Duty project. You can bet we'll want to know more and that we'll be sharing what we find out.

Stay tuned for more stories from the show floor about some of the wild and crazy things we'll see at the vehicle displays. We'll try to post what we can to our Facebook page and Twitter account as well.

Manufacturer images




Ricky Carmichael Colorado 1 II


Transit-VORE-4 IIPolaris Silverado II

F-150 Vaughn Gittin Jr. SEMA Truck[8] II

Nautique Colorado[5] II



You guys should post the truck sales results, since they are out now.

Good deal on the SEMA show, always look forwarded to that

lol that dually transit

The flat deck Ram is a good idea for hardcore offroad work. You no longer have fragile box sides to worry about and if on uses aluminum can shed a lot of weight.

The white F150 looks good but the style of lift kit on doesn't do anything for front end clearance under the diff.

The Transit looks cool.

The Colorado looks like an add on sticker and wheel kit.

Renderings? I don't want to see cartoons and comic books pictures--must be a slow day.

Man, AEV has done some cool things with the Ram. That one for some reason reminds me of the older civilian Power Wagons of the 40s and 50s. Very nice.

Not a fan of the F150 but that roof rack is very close to what I have been looking for, but couldn't find, and considered fabricating myself. I wanted a headache rack that I could lay lumber/pipe/ladders across with a mesh screen to protect the back window, a roof basket tied into it and was going to mount additional lights or a light bar (like in the first photo). I wanted this for dual use, mainly for work but also for personal use.

I looked around online and Bushwacker's blog doesn't list it specifically but says it's "custom fabricated" which is disappointing. Maybe Pickuptrucks.com can get a little more information or a few photos, please!

they won't post any truck results, because this useless one still generates some clicks.
We all know, that RAM is crushing competition together with Jeep and Ford is down again.
Right in the face of CR.

@BD - any aluminum fab shop should be able to make what you want. I see integrated cab rail headache racks all of the time on work trucks. Is this what you have in mind?

My neighbour has a similar set up but without platform over the cab and the rear rack is adjustable.

A less cartoonish looking Ford Transit, that actually goes Off Road

@Ram south Big Horn - looks like Chris hit a nerve.

Your name sounds eerily close to Little Big Horn.

Custer anyone?

How does it feel towing a truck ranked so poorly by JD Power and Consumer Reports?

The Colorado looks like an add on sticker and wheel kit.

@ LouBC, it is. Chevrolet doesn't deserve anything anymore unless it's racing related. They're not even a real company now. It's all GM/GMC!! Just wait until you see the real deal. The Colorado is to shut the Chevy marketing channel dealers up. GM's real deal GMC will have a killer All Terrain Denali coming.


Thank you for the link, and yes that is similar but I was only looking for the rack protecting the cab that can hold down materials, with the part over the cab and not really the rest. I would consider the bedrail protective caps but the raised part is in the way for me. I think I have to buy the headache rack with tie-down points that I want, and either modify an existing basket over the cab or fabricate the basket completely and bolt to the rack.

It really is true, that you have to do it yourself to do it right.

Why no wheel well molding protection on that Colorado? Look at those tires! Talk about rock chip city.. All ZR2 S-10's with those aggressive tread tires had wheel well moldings. Yet I've seen other Colorado concepts with Street tread tires that have wheel well opening protection. This is completely backwards. Just like the Silverado 'work truck' with no rock chip protection yet a Denali lux trim has it?? These guys are completely lost.

Please ask Chevy just what Exactly is it that the Colorado can do that the Canyon can't? I just watched an MSN article on both. I saw nothing of substance. If I bought a Canyon, couldn't I load up my Suzuki dirt bike in it just like the Colorado? It too has corner bumper steps and a bed with tie downs. They're both trucks for crying out loud. Even the name Canyon indicates I could drive it in such places. And for a couple dollars extra I could get there with a nicer interior ride experience. As noted, most GMC's come with rock protection too. Chevrolet's a joke.

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