2015 Chevrolet Colorado Has Hopes for More Awards

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It's official: Last week Motor Trend announced it had selected the all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado as its 2015 Truck of the Year. From a pool of 10 vehicles, the midsize Colorado rose to the top against some stiff competition that included the Ford Transit, new F-150 and several GM heavy-duty models.

We had speculated that since the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel won Motor Trend's recent quick-and-dirty half-ton comparison — going head to head with the 2015 Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado 1500 — it was likely the new Ford would not win MT’s coveted TOTY award because how could you present a truck the winner of such an award when it wasn't even the best truck in its segment?

Of course, from a marketplace point of view, this isn't settled yet. Both the new Colorado and F-150 are just ramping up their capacity, and it will interesting to see how they both fare over the next 12 months. We'll have more on both trucks in the coming weeks and months.

Additionally, a jury of Canadian and American automotive journalists has selected its top three finalists for the North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year Award. That list includes the 2015 Chevy Colorado, the Ford F-150 and the Lincoln MKC (the car finalists are the Ford Mustang, Hyundai Genesis and Volkswagen Golf). Last year the new Chevy Corvette and Chevy Silverado took the trophy. Could a Mustang/F-150 dynamic duo be in the cards this year? The winner will be announced on Jan. 12 at the first press conference of the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. 

To read the full Motor Trend/Chevy press release, click here.

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Funny that a truck that brought five year old technology to a segment 20 years behind the curve took the win over the F-150 with never before seen technology (for a truck) like auto parking, trailer light tests from the drivers seat, 360 view cameras, and unheard-of gas fuel economy/power ratios.

For the folks who were away for the weekend in Timbuktu or at the deer camp or were living under a rock for the last week PUTC brings you the breaking news!

Why quick and dirty? Ram Is best overall truck.

Nice job GM wining the crossover truck award

A whole bunch of butt hurt taking place. All you sissies quit whining!!

It'll probably beat everything else in recalls too. Just saying...based on GMs rep of late!

I could care less what Motor Trend thinks, but I do find it funny that people here are criticizing their choice of the Colorado over the F150, considering that no one on these boards has actually seriously driven and/or tested either of them.

Both of these models are completely new designs, not even available on dealer lots, yet people have strong opinions that one is better or more deserving than the other?

Motor Trend's award is almost meaningless to me, but at least their opinion is based on actual use and not spec sheets on paper.

I test drove a new Colorado Z71 CC 4x4 last week now that one is finally at my hometown dealership. I have to say that I was VERY impressed with how it was put together. I have a 2010 Silverado that does a good job, but lacks seriously in the fit and finish quality department. GM seems to have addressed this with the new truck. The 3.6L felt plenty peppy and got us up and going with no problem. I really liked the large center screen and all of the customizable options that these trucks offer.

I went in with low expectations based on my experience with the previous Colorado and also the issues with my Silverado but left completely blown away. I'm very excited to see how these trucks do in the marketplace and the changes that they will force Toyota and Nissan to make to their offerings. More choice is good and competition only benefits the consumer. Can't wait to see what the new Tacoma has to offer as I may very well own it or the Colorado come time to replace my Silverado next fall.

Ford took a huge gamble with their aluminum truck! Many hurdles remains for Ford to overcome before their aluminum trucks can be called a success.

First of all the aluminum will raise the price of the vehicle. The body repairs in particular will mean higher repair bills, higher insurance rates and the list can on and on. I for one would not buy a truck that is so controversial. I think consumers will hold back and have a look and wait attitude. To put in the mix, many buyers still believe steel is a better choice of material and do not care about a little more weight. I say a little because nano steel can save a lot of weight if used. Aluminum parts glued and riveted together is not something many buyers will find desireble, and many auto body shops are not prepared fix aluminum bodies. Something else to consider is how safe is aluminum in a fire? Recently a scary video has appeared on the Internet of what could be a Ford aluminum truck. The truck melted to the ground in less then 25 minutes.


If I buy a truck, it will be the Colorado which will fit my needs.

GM needs to get more of these trucks to the dealers quicker. With all the hype and advertising they need to have them more available. Within the Greater Cincinnati area which includes Northern Kentucky there are only 5 listed on cars.com. For the midsize truck segment these are all new but for the full size truck market they are not. When you consider 10 + year old Tacomas and Frontiers which have had few changes the Colorado/Canyon are all new.

Where are all the babies who cried about this website being biased toward Ford? Could it be that they are the ones gloating over this article? It will go back to "pro Ford website" when they don't get their way again.

Now GM needs to build the Colorado ZR2 (with a manual)

This article was the effect of PUTC being away for 5 days doing their own 2015 light duty challenge and annual physical and not writing any articles. See we told you they would mention MT when they got back, "Colorado hopes for more awards, but they would not be making Motor Trend the headline because PUTC is doing their own shootout. I hate to say see I told you so but see I told you so.

The other reason the MT is not in the headline and why it was late is it was a very flawed test, perhaps intentionally flawed. Everyone knows it but PUTC being a professional cannot go out and say it.

here in phx az or more specifically in tempe at a auto mall the chevy dealer has no colorados and the nearby gmc dealer has one canyon.

I'm thinking the new F150 didn't win because it's not that impressive over the last generation. It has an aluminium body with a few new options but overall did Ford cut corners to keep price increases at a minimum?

The Colorado deserves the TOTY trophy this year because it is a huge improvement over the previous offering.

The Colorado is a brand new truck, so I figured it would win most awards this year. F-150 is just re-skinned to make it almost has light as Chevy and Ford. If you drive a 4 door truck, it is just an SUV with a bed.

That was to say Chevy or Ram

Motor trend is a BMW groupie magazine. All sites slant to what they like. I would not read Super Chevy if I didn't like Chevys'.

i meant Autoguide

I'm a "Ford guy" so to speak, but not brand loyal to a fault like many people. I think Motor Trend has been bashing Ford a lot lately for some reason, but the Colorado and even more so, Canyon, are nice trucks. They are perfect sized and offer enough capability for a wide range of people. If they can prove to be dependable, I will probably buy a Canyon next year.

I don't think Motor Trend is trashing Ford cause they are in love with the Mustang.
BUT Consumer Reports has a beef with Ford cause the Ford Fusion is taking away sales from their precious Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

You gotta read the code words in every print article and more important always notice what they don't tell you or leave out.

They already lied about the price of the Colorado-Canyon where they said a fully equipped model is $36K the REAL price is between $39-$42K

The Fusion is selling so well that I doubt Ford is that concerned with Consumer Reports. Sure Fusion is not out selling Camry or Accord but they are among the top contenders in the midsize sedan market that has many very good and capable contenders. The Fusion has killer looks and is a very good car. Colorado/Canyon will do well and so will Toyota if they have a new midsize truck along the lines of the global Hilux.

I have an old Toyota Tacoma and love that truck. It's been to hell and back and super reliable. 275,000 miles and still going strong. I was thinking about buying a new one when I saw the new Colorados. The aesthetics are amazing and when I saw the specs I was sold. I test drove a 4 door z71 and was very impressed with the ride, interior, technology, and exterior. I can't speak about the F150 or Fords in general but Chevy made a solid vehicle. I have ordered my Colorado as they did not have the exact one I wanted. I think Chevy needs to get more of these out to the dealers and do better in terms of advertising.
Besides the dude from the World Series I have not seen one commercial. Anyways I think this truck will do great in the market.

I am an auto journalist and I have tested all the 3 of em, all I can say is Motor Trend didnt do a fair job, not that Colarado is bad but the new F-150 is better,they told its the perfect size,they told most wont tow more than so and so pounds, what if one needs to tow more,will the colorado do it,
again the colorado is dead slow compared to F-150, specially the 2.7 ecoboost is a rocket,so even if its not getting mind blowing mileage the power it has is something Motor Trend simply ignored,the ingear accelaration f the 2.7 ecoboost unloaded is same as what I got with the VW GTI 2015, I mean it feels 2x more powerful than colarado,and then why did they ignore it?
motor trend nit picked a lot of things like aluminium is expensive,the rear sliding step is difficult to use etc, I mean is it better to have such an option rather than having nothing like that in Colarado,RAM
interior of new F series too is very good sure it might not have hit the sweet spot but much better much more solid and robust in feel execution and ergonomics,
for 45900$ as I tested the f 150 is unbeatable and I got 21 mpg combined along a 56 mile route without towing,
when towing the 2.7 just beats the competition to dust,it feels like there is no weight back there , see a truck is supposed to b like that in my opinion,
sure the colorado is a very good truck but for me it felt like a half ton quality truck with full truck like pricing,
I always liked motor trend but lately they are biased,i think,the f series is sure a better full size truck in my opinion,a person who really needs to work buys f150 2.7 eb or 3.5 eb for slight heavy duty applications or atleast RAM
I think even a Nissan pathfinder v6 is a better option than colarado,even it can tow as much as colarado,some large v6 suvs can manage the job colarado does,

Oh Great! Another Dubious Award for the three major dubious trucks!

It was a surprise to me at first but then I said to myself, after nearly 10 years of GM nearly missing the boat in it's efforts to bring refinement and competiveness to the 2005/2014 Colorado, GM knew they had to hit an immediate home run with this new model and it's good to see that it paid off!

I don't give a crap about the whole TOTY award and I really like the GMC version of this truck. I am gonna shop for a Canyon in the spring. However, I feel like GM really missed the mark on fuel economy. Their own full size trucks will pass the Colorado/Canyon when they get their upgraded transmission. Ford will pass it as well. Coupled with the upcoming Tacoma and Frontier redesigns, this truck will quickly (most likely) tumble to 2nd or 3rd place. Watch motor trend cut this truck up something fierce when they compare it to the 2016 Tacoma...... Motor Trend is a non creditable source who relies on the highest bidder for it's awards.

That's where the 2016 Canyon Diesel comes on board, though the numbers aren't out yet, I'm certain that it will gain more of an EPA mileage advantage over the 2016 Tacoma and Frontier, and there is even a Denali version that has been given the Green Light by GM also, so other than the current Canyon Line-Up that GMC is offering consumers, it's also focusing on what it will need to bring to the table for the competition that lies ahead as well.

i am asking a legitamite question about GMs HP claim on this truck where max HP is above the redline and the owners manual says not to operate the engine above rted line because any damage my void my warranty?

why do you guys keep deleting this comment? i am an owner of this truck and I have a genuine need for information...please give GM a call because their dealers and 800 line keep giving me the run around.

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