2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Wins Baja 1000 Stock Full Class

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By Tim Esterdahl

The 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro team claimed victory at the recent 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 race in the full stock class. While the truck performed flawlessly mechanically, the exterior took a beating. Here's what we know.

The TRD Pro team finished first among four teams with a time of 35:40:40.581 according to SCORE, the sanctioning body of the race. The Toyota Land Cruiser (200 series) team came in second with a time of 36:30:06.529. The other two teams driving a Ford F-150 Raptor SVT and a Hummer H1 didn't finish.

Toyota put a lot of effort into the race and collected an impressive list of drivers and team members. The TRD Pro team included legendary Toyota off-road racer Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, Baja 1000 and 500 class champion Ted Moncure, motocross driver Andy Bell, professional BMX Vert rider Jamie Bestwick, and well-known Baja 1000 and 500 driver Ryan Millen.

From various sources, we were able to piece together how the team won the race.

During the first day, the TRD Pro team was able to open a small lead over the other Toyota team. Both the Hummer and Ford teams quickly fell behind. Both of those vehicles eventually developed mechanical issues that forced them to drop out of the race. The only issue the TRD Pro team had was one tire change.

Overnight the TRD Pro team faced its largest obstacle. According to Millen, who wasn't driving at the time, massive damage occurred to the driver's side when the truck got caught on a stuck vehicle, resulting in sheet metal tearing. Although the damage looked bad, it didn't stop the truck from speeding to victory.

TRD Pro driver Bestwick summed up the victory: "We fought a Raptor, Kangaroo and the Chupacare, and we did what it took to win the Baja."

In total, the 2014 SCORE Baja 1000 had 237 starters with just more than half finishing. Competitors raced more than 1,275 miles in vehicles ranging from trophy trucks, stock production trucks, motorcycles and ATVs.

Winning the top SCORE trophy truck class was the Ford team of Rob MacCachren, Andy McMillin and Jason Voss.

Toyota Tundra chief engineer Mike Sweers rode in the TRD Pro during the race and had this to say in a statement: "The Baja 1000 is another test to ensure that Toyota trucks continue to exceed the expectations of our customers. The combination of excellent teamwork and Toyota's quality, dependability and reliability not only got us to the finish line, but it got us there first."

We hear there is more to his story, though with a few references to "Tequila Sweers." We will let you know what we turn up in that investigation.

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Can't wait to see what kind of hatorade is going to be served up about this one. Great job Toyota!

The tundra TRD Pro is not a better offroad truck than the F150 Raptor. Toyota won because Ford can't built quality.

Dont worry about that scratch I am sure it will buff right out. Plus my dad could fix it. He's got this wicked tool set.

Awesome job for the Tundra and Toyota!

I think they meant "Chupacabra" above.


I do agree that the "hatoraide" will be flowing.

Not surprised to zee the usual suspects slam the Raptor.

Was the Raptor in a privateer team?

I looked up the Ford Raptor.

#8161 Ford Raptor

Driver:Phil Anderson, West Kelowna, BC

It was a small privateer team from my province of British Columbia.

I knew the Tundra would win👍
Besides this year, the Ford Ecoboost team DNF last year either. And it was factory backed!

It would have been better if they kept the stock suspension. Also the body in the second to last pic is a good reason for stronger military grade aluminum.

Congratulations to Toyota. I'm not surprised though, they build great trucks. Although you'd never know that by reading the articles and comments on this website.

Congrats to the Team!

I find it comical however that Mark just couldnt help itself to put a ford plug in there with a trophy truck..... LOL

Really man those trophy trucks really dont count when it comes to manufacturers its just competency of the team......

BTW the factory backed ecoboost team last year was a DNF too, just to clarify since people want to claim the Raptor DNF this year was because of it being part of a private team........

Good Effort by Toyota

@HemiLOL - the specific Raptor that was in the stock class with THIS Tundra was NOT a Ford FACTORY backed team.

I did some research and it is a team of guys that basically run a Baja team for ANYONE who wants to try racing Baja.


as opposed to full factory ride like the Tundra in the same class.

Ironic - you say that too many guys slag Toyota without knowing all of the facts and here you are slagging a Raptor DNF driven by amateurs out for glory.

Yeah, it finished, congratulations. But I am going to agree with most everybody else that posted on the previous thread on this topic. Trying to prove how awesome your vehicle's "off-road" package by swapping out the parts that make the "off-road package" isn't the best way to prove that point. So congrats but it would have been more impressive with the stock off-road package.


@ Lou BC

im not stabbing at the Raptor that competed this year, my hats off to them thats awesome!

I was taking a stab at the Ford backed team last year that DNF, my fault if that sounded muddy.......... I would NEVER take from a private team trying to compete in Baja, i would LOVE to be able to myself i think it would be a blast!

@hemi lol - thanks for the clarification.

Yes the TRD Pro is the Raptor killer and it can tow a boat something the Raptor can not do.

How many EcoBoost DNF's does it take before people wake up. Heck it wasn't' even raining and the still can't finish; does not matter which year either.

No other company builds Quality like Ford - they have the patent on "Limp Mode" and they all do it "perfectly".

Congrates to Toyota for showing that just because a vehicle is older it can be competitive.

Showing up with stock suspension when rules for class allow it be changed is taking a knife to a gun fight.

Any stock suspension that could be competitive in Baja would not be safe enough on the street for an OEM to risk the liability.

Toyota/TRD has been very transparent of what they have done modification wise to the Tundra with numerous stories and videos online. Except for the required safety stuff, they did not do that much... many locals where I am run more modified trucks as daily drivers.

Congrats Toyota/TRD!

How about 20" version of those TRD wheels?

The Tundra won because of the team (Ivan Stewart) and factory funding behind it. That team could have made ANY truck win. The Raptor that was entered was a private effort (who knows what effort they put into the build, definitely not the dollars Toyota did). To make any comparison between the two is to compare apples and oranges.

Some on here are so biased they are cheating the achievement and the fact that the Tundra uses quality equipment. If you look at Ford's factory effort a few years ago, they broke a spindle, had numerous wheel bearing issues, and other problems--how can that be since it was a factory effort... . The Tundra was using stock components of those same parts.

great job guys on team toyota, it goes to show toyota is here to stay, and will crush the competition. :))

So what exactly is Stock about that truck,name maybe!?

Look it up and maybe the race rules before posting genius.

It's more stock than modified, maybe you can't see that through you windshield in the dealerships lot.

Just goes to show you that the latest technology and new powertrains don't mean squat when you are in a harsh environment. Old reliable is what gets you out of a tough situation even if it is outdated.

Toyota usually doesn't rely on their customers to beta-test the bugs out of new technologies. Except for hybrid technology, Toyota is traditionally never the first out with new tech, but near first to perfect it in mass production release.

So it doesn't have cylinder deactivation to help bit burn boil or turbos to make up for a lack of displacement, and only has 6 electronically shifted well spaced gears (2 over-drives with converter lockup) turning a massive rear diff... it works awesome and is bullet proof if you can eat 2mpgs after buying the truck.

The 227# ford was DNF because of time allowed ,but they did finish

"The Ford Ecoboost team DNF last year either" Driver was bitching about losing both fuel pumps, downside of DI's 2,000 plus psig fuel pressure.

That "7 year old" and "outdated" 5.7 iForce just keeps laughing at the other power trains.

"The 227# ford was DNF because of time allowed ,but they did finish -- Posted by: rmorey55 | Dec 8, 2014 11:17:01 AM"

If it didn't finish in the time allotted, then it didn't finish the race--even if it did eventually complete the course.

We switched from the big three in '75 with a Hi lux Truck. Web have never looked back. In all those years from trucks to Camrys, Avalons, Celicas, Carollas and a Tercel not one has ever let us down. Never on the side of the road or more than standard maintence for our Toyotas. We also included 3 lexuses. They have been named 1 and 2 for reliability for 2015. I have a son who is issued a company truck to drive. He said the engine /ecoboost is awful and doesn't get good gas mileage. They are always in the shop and are not worth the investment.

I own the 2011 Rock Warrior TRD Toyota Tundra and I can tell you that it is all around a fantastic machine, might not be as fast as a Raptor, might not pull as much as a diesel but man this thing just does what it's supposed to do very very well and that's be a dependable daily use truck with a very high quality feel.

The " old " 5.7 i-force motor is a beast , period . .

Congrats to Toyota and their constant pursuit of excellence . . .

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