Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: November 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

November auto sales finished strong with Thanksgiving and Black Friday specials going on throughout the country. But pickup truck sales typically finish strong in the last few months of the year as dealerships try to reduce inventory to make room for new models that are on the way for the new year. Add to that strong incentives and lower fuel prices (that look to stay that way for a while), and consumers have some good reasons to purchase a new pickup. Some analysts are predicting a possible year-end sales total for the auto industry close to 17 million units, the highest we've seen in a decade.

Ram sales continue to be the standout in the segment, but GM (Chevrolet and GMC) has done well in the final half of the year, making slight gains in market share due in large part to Ford's flat sales numbers. Ford's plant changeovers for the 2015 F-150 reduced product availability.

This is the first month we've seen the all-new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon on our list, and interest seems to be pretty strong as the "days supply" number — about 10 — indicates there are plenty of people interested in the smaller pickups. Still, we're guessing it will take a while before we see how well GM's decision to invest in these new vehicles pans out. We'll post the fastest and slowest sellers for November soon.

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The Ram HD 2500 is our pick for best overall three-quarter-ton pickup equipped with a gas engine.

It dominated our test events, winning 10 of 16 events and scoring a first-place finish with each of our judges. The Ram definitely offered the best interior and had the best ride of the three, comfortably traversing just about every smooth and broken tarmac surface. Even though it sat below our $50,000 price cap, it still provided a lot of technology and features that the other two players could not match: the RamBox, adaptable rear coils, hidden storage, a top-notch information center and more. Our biggest complaint about this truck was that it didn't have side steps, which is practically a requirement unless you are 6 feet 5 inches or taller. Other nitpicks had to do with the fact that Ram tried to pack too many features into the truck; having the Tow/Haul and trailer brake controller relatively low in the center stack makes both a challenge to find in a hurry. Still, if we were going to choose the best all-around three-quarter-ton player in the field today, the Ram 2500 would be at the top of our list.

I have been for a ride in the 2015 F150 with the 2.7 EB and it is a great engine. Tons of power and it sounds good. If you mash the pedal it will throw you back in your chair. Open your eyes, you don't need a 5.3 or 5.7 V8 to get you going. That is old technology. The only thing those larger numbers for are to inflate your ego.

@hemiV8 - source? citation required.........

You quoting Fanpar again?

Read the TTAC article before you spew more crap.....

"ZF CEO has emphatically stated that his company is not going after 10 speed designs for now. Therefore the long list of clients ZF has are presumably happy with the 8HP and the forward evolution of the design. But ZF engineers do have a few disclosures with 10 speed power flows similar to this one (6 shift elements, 4 planetary gear sets, 2 open shift elements in any gear) going back to 2007-9 time frame."

ZF's CEO is saying there is no benefit to a 10 speed but they patents on 10 speed design.

So who do you believe?


Patent office?


Ford F 250, we found the most problems surrounding the truck were underneath in the form of the suspension's challenged ride quality, both when loaded or empty. None of the other trucks sagged as much as the F-250, which showed a pronounced droop in the rear end when loaded. Likewise, when loaded, the ride was floaty and wobbly — especially when taking corners. Additionally, the look of the factory trailer hitch is bulky and ugly, and not nearly as integrated and well-designed as its competitors. :-(

@HemiV8 - TTAC also has an engineer's opinion of the ZF 8 speed and 9 speed.

@HemiV8 - TTAC also has an engineer's opinion of the ZF 8 speed and 9 speed.

King of the beast, Ram 3500, "The overall quality and level of detail offered in the Laramie Longhorn interior package impressed us. This was a cabin that we had to live in for seven straight days, sometimes for 16 hours at a time. The material choices, seams and switch layout seem to be the standard for the industry right now, something that others should be shooting for."

Finally, an important detail that could easily go overlooked is how well this package is integrated. From the engine and transmission working through the midlevel gearing, to the grade braking in the transmission software working in concert with the exhaust brake, to the level of seating comfort and support to make long hauls feel like an easy day's drive, it all works and fits seamlessly together.

This new Ram 3500 HD controls huge amounts of weight as if it were carrying a much smaller load, and you get out of the truck at the end of a long day of towing feeling like you haven't been. What more could you want from your beast of burden?

The Ram also had higher top speeds up the steepest grades, handled the heavy loads with more control, and kept the drivers more comfortable and less stressed. With all that said, we finally say congratulations to the 2013 Ram 3500 HD, our winner.

@HemiV8 - FCA Quality Chief Replaced Day After Poor Survey Outing

A day after Fiat Chrysler Automobiles found itself near or at the bottom of Consumer Reports 2014 Annual Reliability Survey, FCA quality boss Doug Betts left the building.

So again. If you want the best selling truck buy a Ford. If you want the best truck buy a Ram. ;-)

@HemiV8 - do you want me to post the results of JD Power's 2014 APEAL study, and/or Initial Quality Study, and/or Dependability study?

Ram didn't make 1st in ANY of those categories.

Ram 1500 did get 3rd place for "Initial quality"

They were beaten by F150 (#1) and Tundra (#2).


Ram HD did get a 3rd in the APEAL category.

They were beaten by Ford SD (#1) and Chevy HD (#2)

Care to continue?

Soooo, Let me see if I got this Ford boys. I am going to pay more for an aluminum truck with less horsepower and less options, less warranty, less of an all around great truck and leave the superior Ram which I can have more options for the same or less price. Let me think. NOT!

You boys can have your Ford. I will take my class leading Ram any day of the week and twice on sunday.

What flavor is the Ford kool aid? Stay thirsty my friends. lol

@HemiV8 - you see the pattern?

3rd in sales

3rd in APEAL

3rd in Initial Quality

Bottom of list in Durability

Suck it up Lou. The only thing Ford is first at is cheep fleet sales, Most stolen, most recalled, most FIRES.

GM trucks win again!!!

It's amazing how people attempt to "paint" a picture with little data.

Vehicle sales like any business needs data spread out over a longer period of time.

It seems everyone from the Ford and Ram fanatics come out with excuses and distorted interpretation of data and events.

There are 4 pickups that have had a loss in sales.

The Ridgeline, Titan and Tacoma are old and tired and really need a change. They are the worst performers.

Ford on the other hand isn't so old. It still should be punching above it's weight, but rather than obesity making it less desirable it's become anorexic and is confused.

I do see Ford dipping in numbers in total with the F-Series in the short to mid term. Maybe it might not catch up to the dominance it once had for a considerable time.

Regarding the new F-150 and Colorado we need several more months of data just to make any shorter term projections.

Also, do you think Ford will have separate numbers for the aluminium and steel pickups? No. They will not even break down 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton sales numbers. The consumer doesn't need to know what is and isn't selling.

GM with the Colorado/Canyon has sold the most pickups.

Ram for a large volume seller has improved quite markedly, but do expect the number to improve at a reduce rate.

The Colorado will improve drastically and not all at the expense of the Frontier/Tacoma. Nissan and Toyota will knock down the prices of their midsizers to make them more attractive.

So, if you are in the market for a midsizer, I would wait out for a couple of months or so to allow for the discounting to start.


Look up profit margins of each so you will learn something

Congratulations GM on having the best selling pick up with the best quality in the world. Eat your hearts out ram and ford, you'll just have to settle for 7th & 8th place.

Quality and recall problems continued to weigh on Chrysler’s bottom line. Chrysler had to shell out an extra $314 million last quarter on top of continuing costs related to warranty and recall repairs—an expense that lowered its pretax margins in North America by about two percentage points.

If it weren’t for recall and warranty costs, profit margins for the region would have been closer to 6% of sales, the company said. For the third quarter, Chrysler’s operating margin stood at 4.6%, far below Ford and GM. Ford reported a North American operating margin of 7.1% of sales for the latest quarter; GM said its margin was 9.5%.

Thank you for telling us that Ford and GM is ripping off their customers most.
I will stay away.

Posted by: Beast | Dec 2, 2014 10:49:26 PM

Chrysler would be just as profitable if they weren't always going back to dealer broke down. They need to bring there quality as they are always at the bottom of quality and reliability surveys. Motortrend ecodiesel broke down during there comparison and that same truck had been back to the dealer multiple time for warranty work prior to the comparison they did. If you are a mechanic at ram dealership you have a bright future and job security.

Your point???

Gmc canyon up 65% ytd

This will be my last post ever on PUTC. I'm tired of all of the spamming. I'm out!

When the January 2015 sales numbers come out will that include the leftover 2014 models along with the 2015's ?

I was waiting for the bargain basement give-a-way prices on the 2014's and it just isn't there, I thought they want to move them out to make room for the 2015's, but if I can get a 2015 for the same price as a 2014 I'm going to choose the 2015 cause of the bigger resale value and more exciting truck.
Ford is playing with fire by having a large stock of 2014's in dealers lots at the same time pushing the new model 2015.

Chevy and Ram doesn't have that problem cause their 2015 models offer no changes.

Ford F-150 is down cause they didn't offer the discounts and rebates in 2014 like they did in 2013.
In 2013 everybody was getting between $9000-$12,000 off sticker price, in 2014 its $4500-$6000 off.
Also the 2014 F-150 sales are down cause everybody (like me) is waiting for the 2015 F-150.
Lets wait till March and April 2015 and watch the F-150 sales numbers explode.
Speaking for myself I will spend more on a truck that I believe is better quality, more exciting, has a higher resale value.

Price the used market on late model pickups and you'll see the F-150 is worth much more used than the Chevy and Ram

The one to watch on sales numbers is the 2015 Colorado-Canyon, but those numbers will be higher and misleading cause it will attract former SUV owners. What full size pickup will the Colorado-Canyon take sales away from? That will be exciting to watch!

Your comment to Beast is pretty good. Except I do think Ford will not have an easy time as you suggested.

The Colorado/Canyon will take some sales from all potential V6 full size pickup customers. How many? I don't know, but a few as well as those SUV people you described.


There are several reason that will make the Colorado/Canyon attractive.

1. Performance from both the V6 and the diesel when it comes out. So, how much slower is a 300hp and much lighter truck against a 325 hp heavier truck?

2. It will do what the average pickup person uses a pickup for. That is to drive around with one person empty most of the time and every now and then maybe load the bed with 1 000lbs and tow a few to 6 000lbs behind the truck. The Colorado/Canyon can achieve this.

Also, how far does the AVERAGE person tow a boat? That is average. They would most probably drive a shorter distance to launch a boat than go to work. Some will want to drive longer distances, but will the Colorado not do this, especially a diesel?

3. FE is important as well. Why would you buy a 2.7 EcoBoost or Pentastar Ram if the V6 Colorado will return better real life FE (not the EPA figures everyone uses on this site)? The 2.8 diesel Colorado/Canyon will be significantly better than the V6 EcoDiesel Ram.

4. It is as refined and the handling and comfort of the vehicle is far, far better than any other midsizer in the US. I would say it would suit many families as well because of this.

There will be some pitfalls. They will be smaller. They can't tow 12 000lbs. But then would you buy a F-150 to tow 12 000lb or a HD? Or better still wait for the new Titan or Tundra with a 5 litre V8 ISV Cummins that will return FE as good as or better than the 2.7 EcoBoost, let alone the 3.5 EcoBoost?

As you can see Ford really do have their work cut out to sell the "unknown" aluminium truck as there is equal trucks available right now. Read the Motor Trend article.

The new 2015 F-150 will sell, but not at the numbers Ford is hoping for. I really do think you will see the Ranger in a year or two. The US will have the 3.2 Duratorq in the Transit and Ford will need a pickup with better FE than the 2015 F-150, that can tow as good as the 2.7 Eco Boost and get at least 30mpg on the highway...............with a six speed let alone a 10 speed.

@Tom#3 - Sales figures will include '14s until they run out. Doesn't matter the OEM. Ford and dealers will remain really proud of the '14s for the ('15 calender) year, b/c they are severely capacity limited on '15s. Running both plants full blast, Ford will be down about 90,000 F-150s, for the time it took to shut down and retool.


Where the heck are you getting these F150 sales numbers. I don't see it posted anywhere. All I see are F-series sales numbers.

motor trend tuck of the year is the chevy Colorado, it beat out the new f-150 and its twin gmc canyon, it should be called the car/truck crossover of the year

@BAFO - The base Colorado is not much lighter at 3960 lbs, vs the F-150 at 4050 lbs. That's a whole 90 lbs. Golly Gee Willikers!!!

But that's the 4 cyl Colorado, which you know is a joke at 4 to 5,000 lbs with driver, passenger and fluids, fuel.

Then you're speculating the EPA figures are far from "real life" mpg. That may be true, but that some how doesn't apply to the Colorado? It's special???

A small diesel should get the best mpg. That's even if you spend a dime for every nickel you save in fuel economy. Diesels make zero sense in this regard.

But small diesels can go right in fullsize pickups, just the same as midsize, if that's what consumers think is a better idea. Except most consumers will see the small diesel option as an over all LOSER, once all the numbers come in. LOSER!!!

Just like I called it, Motor Trend Truck of the Year, Chevrolet Colorado.

The Colorado deserved it, truly a leaps and bounds ahead of its competition. The F-150 is lighter and has a smaller motor but the MPG ratings don't really show a big improvement. so your left with an F-150 that looks the same other then the front end and the interior still has a lot of hard platics and not up to the level of Ram.

Seems that all the Ram and GM guys just love bashing Ford. Truth is, Ford is the benchmark that they try to beat down and then try to convince themselves that they on par with Ford. Funny that these Ram guys compare the bloated overweight outdated Hemi V8 with the Hi Tech Ecoboost engines and then brag when heir V8 beats a V6 in some testing. Many Ford buyers are holding off to purchase the new state of the art F150. Ford has predicted a loss in sales of the outgoining F150 due to the time it takes for retooling their assembly plants and building the new F150. As a result GM and Ram have wisley taken advantage and discounted their newest model trucks sharply. GM had up to 35% on some models. Here's food for thought, the outgoing F150 is the truck Ram and GM have tried to equal or exceed and have come close, but the 2011-2014 F150 is more capable, fuel efficient and innovative than the current Ram and GM trucks. So here we are in this transaction period waiting for the new F150 to start appearing at dealerships and creating a wake up call to the bashers that they are years behind again, but will have a whole new era of scrutinizing and pounceing on any new glitch Ford may have with a truly new,innovative, high tech state of the art truck that is the envy of the full size truck world.

Crate, not all of us Ram guys are like that. I love my 2014 Ram especially the eight speed tranny, but I do realize the Hemi is in need of a makeover. Add DI, make it about 5.0, dual overhead cams and it will be good to go. That said the Hemi still preforms very well and the truck is truly amazing.

Improvements may be margin, let's not lose sight of the fact the old F-150 was already equaling or bettering the new Colorado's mpg. Crazy to think 26 hwy mpg is a failure in a gas fullsize pickup. Or any size!

The 10% loss argument is silly since Ford predicted that sort of loss with change over.

I find that rebates/discounts vary based on time of year and how car companies chose to manage inventory. Ford's change over has been slower than expected so discounts will be adjusted to ensure that retailers have inventory into February. Some predictions are February or March for Ford to be fully up to speed with the aluminum bodied trucks.

The Colorado discussion is interesting. if one wants a 4 banger then yes there will be a large weight difference between full sized and small. We've seen that the low end part of the small truck market to be tiny. If one looks at Toyota Tacoma it is less than 15%. The V6 crewcab 4x4 will be the bulk of sales and those sales will be mostly mid to full bling trim. Again, that is an extrapolation of Tacoma sales.

Ford to be fully up to speed with the aluminum bodied trucks.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Dec 3, 2014 11:24:34 AM

According to the new CEO of Ford thats what they don't want to do. Quality suffers.

"...We've seen that the low end part of the small truck market to be tiny. If one looks at Toyota Tacoma it is less than 15%. The V6 crewcab 4x4 will be the bulk of sales and those sales will be mostly mid to full bling trim..."

@Lou - You've got sources right?

Dude, if those were what Toyota mostly sold, every OEM would be P!$$!NG themselves to sell midsize trucks. Even the F-150 struggles to sell 40% mid to high end.

And don't think Fleet sales tell you anything. If you're not buying 10 Tacomas, or currently own and register 10 similar commercial trucks, you'll get the boot from the fleet office. He's all you have to meet:

"A Fleet account is defined by Toyota as any company that maintains ten (10) or more vehicles in service. The vehicle registration must be in the name of the company, not to, or in care of, an individual."

"Lease companies are not considered by Toyota as accounts which qualify for Fleet production. However, commercial accounts who choose to finance or have their fleet purchases through a commercial lease company, may order Fleet production. For orders of this nature, the commercial lease company must apply for a Fleet ID."

"If you qualify under the requirements listed above then you or your lessor are welcome to apply for a Fleet Identification number (FIN) from Toyota Fleet (see step 2 below). Once you submit a Toyota Fleet ID form and a W-9 form, the Fleet department will assign a Fleet Field Manager to review your application. If needed a meeting can be arranged to discuss your vehicle needs. A Fleet Identification number will then be assigned in order for your company, or your lessor, to order vehicles through our on-line ordering system."

Frackin' red tape. If you're a small business, self proprietor or one man op, good luck there! Remember it's small businesses that are the back bone of the American economy.


That 10% loss is only for November 2013 versus November 2014 sales numbers. November 2013 was a strong month for the F150 last year because of the end of year deals on the 2013 models plus the fact that there was no change in the less incentives 2014 model to warrant anyone waiting for it. The YTD loss is only 1.4% so far which Ford predicted it would lose 90,000 trucks sales while the changeover is happening. That 90,000 trucks equates to about 11.9% of the 763,000 trucks sold in 2013 so Ford is well below it's loss predictions. Although the changeover is not complete yet since there are still two more factories that have to be done.


John is right. Not all Ram owners on this site are like those few on here that are an embarrassment, and are actually doing more harm for their favorite brand than good. Although I will say that there are people like that for every brand, but for some odd reason some of the Ram owners on here really take the cake in the fanatical extremist department. Don't judge the rest of the Ram owners because of these select few because those like Hemi Monster actually have a brain, and a higher maturity level than 13.

@DenverMike - did I mention fleets????????????????


I said "LOW END"

Low end is a "loss leader" market.

Ford killed the old Ranger because the Ranger would need too much investment to keep current. It was predominantly low end. The extended cab was useless for anything other than packing a change of underwear. The reg cab sold at econobox prices.

Toyota chose to kill the reg cab for the same reasons.... why cater to the low end market.

GM isn't playing to the reg cab market either.

@1L-L-A - agreed. Inferiority complex on Z-viera's part.

3rd in sales
3rd in initial quality
3rd in APEAL
last in durability

APEAL scores mean absolutely nothing. Bear with me here, as I realize this is a truck site - - I've seen APEAL scores for Mercedes-Benz convertibles that have practically ZERO trunk space where the scores for trunk space were rated HIGH above other vehicles that actually have usable trunk space. The ratings were simply skewed because of the fact that it is a Benz, so naturally its owners are going to justify the buku amount of money they spent on the vehicle by rating it high in all categories.

A few people have commented that the incentives on the 2014 Ford are not as good as they thought it should be.

Maybe Ford is being cautious about the 2015 F150, anticipating low numbers.
They may be trying to make more profit from the 2014's in case they have to use incentives on the 2015 if sales are slower than expected.

Didn't they ramp the 2014 inventory before they converted the plants over?

I disagree!
The Ram Owners in this site are perfectly normal.
I have personal dealings with co-workers that are Ram Owners are they are the exact same way.
There's something about that Ram that makes these guys extremely loyal and devoted to their brand, its almost like a cult, a religion!

We all knew Motor Trend was going to pick the Colorado the truck of the year but I don't think GM built the Colorado just to impress Motor Trend Magazine the same way Honda builds cars just to please Consumer Reports

The Motor Trend article more or less reflects my exact arguments, even with the 2015 F-150.

Many on this site have harassed myself and even Robert Ryan on our discussions regarding these newer refined midsizers.

As I stated. These trucks will do what most people use a full size for. I do realise we will get the V8 comments etc. But these statements are not made by the general buying public.

I was one of those who bought a new and refined midsizer, in diesel instead of a more expensive SUV. Along the lines of many full size customers.

Don't get me wrong full size trucks will dominate the US pickup landscape. But I do think you'll more and more midsizers scooting around.

Don't use the Taco and Frontier as a basis of what a modern midsizer is, like many have done for such a long time. Go out and drive on of these new midsizers.

Also, the Transit, another STEEL truck come in at second place. Like I stated Ford must alter the F-150 to be at the same standard refinement as the Ram at a minimum.

Aluminium is just that aluminium. Driving the vehicles apparently tells a different story.

Here the cut and paste from Motor Trend;

"That the nine judges unanimously chose the Colorado will surprise some truck enthusiasts given the anticipation that has built around Ford's aluminum body F-150 that is just arriving at dealerships this month.

"The Chevrolet Colorado offers customers the versatility of a pickup in a powerful, refined, fuel-efficient midsize package, with up to 27 miles per gallon on the highway, as certified by the Environmental Protection Agency," said Sandor Piszar, Chevy Trucks marketing director."

@Big Al - I had posted a reply but PUTC didn't like my comments so I'll try this again:

Which motortrend article? The Ecodiesel Ram versus 2015 Ford versus Chevy?

They outlined their criteria i.e. Ram press release - most don't haul more than 1k, most don't tow more than 7-8k, and most don't go off-road.
The results were based upon those criteria and vague fears about aluminum. Combine that with obvious flawed expectations.

I don't care who's badge is on the hood. My criteria are durability, personal needs, and purchase cost.

I want a truck not a SUV or truck that behaves like an SUV or worse, behaves like a BOF car.

A more harsh ride tends to go along with increased cargo capacity.
Would you trust Ram air ride on one of your back country excursions?
That refined ride is due to air ride that does not live up to expectations - everyone expected decent cargo capacity out of it.

The Ecodiesel does deliver decent torque but it does not live up to Western Expectations.

Will the aluminum Ford live up to expectations?

Automotive media tend to be cheerleaders for automotive PR departments. They buy into the exaggerated PR or chose not to be critical of it. It is a case of "do not bite the hand that feeds you".

TTAC is excellent at being critical but they unfortunately do not have any dedicated truck journalists on the payroll.

I believe that the MotorTrend test was flawed. They said it was close and chose the Ram over Ford due to worries about aluminum and not living up to expectations.

They chose to ignore trips to the garage with the Ram - is that because they expected failures out of Ram?

Weight loss is always a good thing.

Is aluminum the best approach?

You don't think so.

Too early to tell from my view point.

I'd buy a V6 Colorado well before a Ram 1500.

Motor Trend news just in, The Colorado blows away the new Ford 150 for Truck of the year honors. No surprise to me!

@Lou_BC - I know your MO inside out. You would've said Tacoma fleet sales are the lowest in the industry. You had the links ready to fire.

Except "fleet" Toyotas are the toughest to qualify for. That doesn't mean Toyota wont sell you a stripper Tacoma, heavily discounted, just not an official "fleet sale" (recorded).

As if commercial customers are the only fans of "low end' pickups. Everyone from grads to grand dads.

Then you've got absolutely no links/data whatsoever. Just numbers you keep pulling out of you posterior.

But it's not the fully equipped luxo trucks that make a pickup profitable or not. It's the extremely high volume. Without high volume, BOF pickups are a losing proposition.

GM trucks are eventually going to crush Chevrolet trucks at this rate. Especially once the new F-150 is stocked at dealers and the next Ram comes out. The MCE for the Silverado can't come fast enough. I don't know why Chevy can't get it together and go all out on their trucks. GM's Sierra has a nicer interior and moldings to protect the fender wells from rock chips and road salt too. Not to mention it looks nicer, and all for roughly the same money.

-- Bingo. Chevy needs serious help. Their Colorado is rather subpar compared to GM's Canyon as well. Truck of the year or not. My guess is the Canyon would have got that nomination had the Colorado not sold more in the past. But in the past, they were the same. Not now. Just as people are finding out with the Silverado vs. Sierra. GM's are the better buy for the buck & resale both over the Chevrolet's. Chevy is getting pretty subpar these days with pretty much everything they make.

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