F-150 Dominates New-Vehicle Searches for 2014

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If the number of searches on the Cars.com new- and used-vehicle listings is any indication, Ford is doing pretty well lately.

According to our sister site, Cars.com, the vehicles with the highest number of information and location searches in large cities and all 50 states are the Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang. Data show that the Mustang was tops in the West, Southwest and Florida, while the rest of the country was heavily dominated by the F-150.

Ford has just completed a 38-city test-drive tour around the country where tens of thousands of customers were invited to drive and learn more about the new 2015 F-150. The first of the new trucks built at the Ford Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan started arriving at dealerships around Thanksgiving, while more of the first-wave crew cab and SuperCab models are making their way to dealerships now.

To see how the V-8 F-150 measures up to the competition, PickupTrucks.com will be publishing our 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge in early January. Look for more information to come.

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I'm guilty.

come to your local ford dealer if you want a deal on a used chevy or fiat-ram.The used car lots at ford will soon be filled with them.

No thank you, I'll wait for the Titan withe the Cummins!

(with the) that is...

Probably looking for a shop to get it fixed! LOL!!!!
Looks like to Ram wins, as no one needed a shop!

Man that thing is UGLY!!

@1LLA, yeah I hate that common mistake too. It's right up there with those who think peak horsepower is everything.

I can't wait to see the new Nissan Titan. The auto show for the release can't come soon enough. Only then will the real battle/competition will begin. Nissan will surprise! Besides the poor fuel consumption my current Nissan Titan has been reliable and a pleasure to own. The future looks brighter to the Nissan faithful.

They looking for part...

Guilty big time... Wonder how the 2.7 will hold up.

Toyota Tundra 5.7L fan here.

In all seriousness though, if Nissan puts together a 5.0 liter diesel, redesigns the frame and improves braking, it could top the F-150 tow number of 12,200lbs. I imagine a diesel that size would put up numbers like 350hp and 550lbft of torque (if they wanted it to). That would probably push Ford to launch a bigger version of their ecoboost they're probably already developing. Given their concerns about fuel economy, they might decide to just keep a similar displacement and find ways to make it's durability more bullet-proof to handle the boost. The current 3.5 Ecoboosts are making over 500lbft of torque and about 400hp at the crank with just a tune.
Shows that they could easily increase the power if they wanted. A bigger question going forward is whether the improvements would be worth the extra cost or if they should just bump it to a 4.0. They would definitely upgrade the turbos, or at least one of them. I don't think a V8 Ecoboost will fit with their marketing or mpg goals.

I keep saying over and over Ford has the best customer service after the sale that keeps people happy.
$35 full service including tire rotation
always takes care of warranty claims
free loaner vehicles

Ford may not be the best but Ford knows how to keep their customers happy and come back

Ford owners are not overly in love and obsessed with their vehicles but Ford gives them a relaxed and secure feeling knowing nothing major is going to go wrong.

I believe that's the secret (at least that's how I feel)

Customer service is more on the individual dealer level and not so much on the manufacturer level. Where I live we have one of the worst dealers for service and one of the best which both are Ford dealers. The Chevrolet dealership where I bought my S-10 new in 1999 was one of the best dealers around for service and now has become one of the worst. A manufacturer can have the best made product available but if the service is bad then in the customer will not have a favorable opinion of the product. I am not saying this to disrespect Ford but to state that service is a critical factor in customer satisfaction with a particular brand.

WOW!! Looks like only one state looking at the chevy and it looks like none were looking at the fiat ram. Says a lot.

Ditto on the dealer comment. My sister had a control arm on an old Escape rust until it broke from the salt on the roads. She got it towed a to a dealership we used to buy from a lot. The salesman (functions more like account man) found out there was a recall that she didn't know about for the suspension. So obviously it was going to be fixed for free, but additionally, he called up Ford, explained what happened and talked to them about paying for the $200 towing fee. One of the reasons that guy sells more cars than any Ford salesman in Wisconsin. At other times, that dealership let us use an F-150 for a day to move furniture for free, gave us a car for a day for free, replaced an A/C compressor, rotars and brakes and fixed rattles on different vehicles for free because we bought them only a month or two prior.
In other instances I and other family members have gone to Ford dealerships and not been treated like future long-term customers. We never go back to those dealerships because of it. The good ones treat a car sale like the start of a relationship rather than an end to one.

Guilty big time... Wonder how the 2.7 will hold up.

Posted by: Daniel | Dec 20, 2014 10:33:54 PM

Not good from the track record of the current crop of Eco bust's.
Failed to live up to the rated MPG. Stalling,misfiring, sputtering when accelerating, limp mode, coked intake valves that require head replacement.

The F 150 is dismal, it will gain the interest of those with little pick up truck knowledge. The best truck is the new Colorado, picked by the real professional truck reviewers;

For 2015, Ford did not re-invent the truck like Chevy did with the Colorado, all Ford did was build a truck that weighs about the same as the rest of the full -size trucks.

With diesel fuel costing at least $1 more per gallon vs. regular gas... Why buy a light duty diesel that cost $4000-$5000 more vs the powerful n efficient 2 7 EcoBoost...?

You must be completely nuts...!
If you need it to tow... Just get an HD truck...!

"Not good from the track record of the current crop of Eco bust's.
Failed to live up to the rated MPG. Stalling,misfiring, sputtering when accelerating, limp mode, coked intake valves that require head replacement."
@Hemi V8
I averaged 19mpg over 16,000 miles. That's 2 more than the combined rating for my 4x4 Supercrew with 3.55 gearing. I regularly get 22mpg on the highway going 65 and that's with 10% ethanol gas. 1 mpg higher than advertised. With ethanol free it's 23-25. EPA numbers are calculated with ethanol free. I've never had any engine problems either. There may be certain circumstances that can bring about constant problems with the engines, but the number of reports are not significant for consumers to consider when buying a truck. They're only significant for Ford engineers, like when the intercooler cools the boost too much and causes condensation to suddenly go in the engine as liquid rather than evenly distributed vapor.
All engines have variable performance and accuracy in production. The fact that only 95 people complained to the NHTSA about their mileage shows how hyped up the talk is. On top of that, when you advertise better mileage, people who don't know how to drive efficiently and don't know the numbers are based on ethanol-free gas, are going to get mad and blame the vehicle. Other issues that can cause it just as easily effect any other truck engine on the road: worn sparkplugs, bad mass airflow sensor or high humidity.

Hemi V8

How many times do I have to agree with you?
My F-150 has the 5.0 V8
I agree the Eco-Boost has issues but you can't say nothing bad about the 5.0 V8 in the F-150 its been a completely trouble free engine since 2011.
Other F-150 Owners with the Eco-Boost stick their nose up to me cause I have a higher level model F-150 with the 5.0.

I am not in a competition with other trucks including the same F-150's.

I'm sorry that the F-150 is going to win the PUTC shoot out test, but don't take it out on me cause I had nothing to do about the test, but I won't be the one gloating and harassing you over it.
Like when PUTC says the test results are going to make a lot of people mad they were talking about you.
So don't get mad.

Soon Hemi V8 will become a devote Ecoboost lover when Fiat Pentastar Ecoboost copy the PUG comes out in a year or two. Mark my words.

Rolling Can of Beer - I wouldn't let sales figure dictate my buying decisions, it's just how we keep score around here. Pickup OEMs are like sport teams, but it's life or death for them. Profitability demands high volume sales. So when competition is fierce, we all win.

Well, what is the sales of the F-150?

It's a radically new vehicle and there is some interest.

Well have to wait and see how well the ALUMINIUM F-150 sells.

How many were looking for the 2014 F-150 hoping to get into one before buying the unknown?

Why throw stones when your "precious" isn't perfect either?

Posted by: 1LLA | Dec 22, 2014 12:09:31 AM

Really, my 03 Hemi with 101,700. miles has been perfect. So I can't agree with you on that. Further more I don't recall any one suing Chrysler over the Hemi engine for any problems unlike the Eco boost lawsuit's.

@Big Al--It does just say F-150 searches and does not differentiate between 2014 and 2015. In the greater Cincinnati area they have been running commercials repeatedly for the 2014 F-150. Harder to advertise a 2015 F-150 when few are available (same for the Colorado/\Canyon). I am sure that many are looking at the incentives available on the 2014's and what is available. I am sure there are many searches for 2015's by those curious about them. Many website hits does not necessarily mean there will be lots of sales. When the 2015 F-150 is in full production and dealer supplies build up will be the real indicator of how well they will do (same true for the Colorado/Canyon which has generated many website searches as well).

looks like a nice vehicle to trade your j-- crap on

Well Duh!

It is the bestselling truck and vehicle in America for a generation and a half straight.

It is the most American of all the Full Size trucks made today.

It is the standard for trucks in America today and has been so for over a quarter century and will continue to be so for at least the near future.

It is leading the way in brining a slew of new and for many scarry/unproven technological innovations in manufacturing, materials, tech, and drive train. Most of these innovations will be copied very shortly by its competition. Whether you like it or not this breeds interest and curiosity which leads to searches.

The headline that the F150 is the most searched vehicle on the web is honestly a bit underwhelming. Kind of like seeing "the Sky is Blue" on the cover of a magazine or newspaper. Its just common sense that in the year a new F150 was coming especially one this wildly new it would be so. What would have been news would have been if some other truck had the honors of being the most searched at this time. Kind of like when the GM CC wonder twin little pretend trucks were selected by Motor Trend for Truck of the Year over the F150.

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