GM Follows Up on Midsize Truck Airbag Issue

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Back in October, we reported that production of the all-new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup trucks at GM's Wentzville, Mo., plant was stopped because of an issue relating to an airbag. At the time we didn't know exactly what the issue was or how extensive it might be, but now we know it was a misconnected wire to the driver's-side airbag that affected more than 2,400 vehicles.

According to Reuters, documents posted by GM indicate the problem involved improperly wired connections that could affect the two-stage airbag system or prevent it from functioning at all.

GM says that more than 70 percent of the trucks have been recalled and that dealers can reprogram the inflatable restraint sensing and diagnostic module to fix the problem at no charge to customers. The issue halted shipments and deliveries of the new Colorados and Canyons in their first sales month. Chevy sold almost 2,500 Colorados last month. photo by Mark Williams



Its nice knowing that snowplows are standard equipment on GM trucks.

Its nice knowing that recalls come standard with any GM truck.

and it won motor treck truck the year limo

pos truck his big brother got 25 recalls let's,see how,many these,one,gets lmao

Reality check. Today's vehicles are much more complicated and therefore expect more recalls. You can look at any manufacturer today, none are immune and in fact GM is doing better relative to Ford and Chrysler. Of course the trick is the manufacturer acknowledging the issue early on and quickly address it.

Since 1980:

GM had 6.5 recalls per 10 vehicles sold.
Ford had 9.3 recalls per 10 vehicles sold.
Chrysler had 10 recalls per 10 vehicles sold.

@Ken: Who cares about "after 1980"? How about in the last 5 or even ten years? You can't judge something new on the last 34 years of manufacture.

But if we did choose your way of comparing, how about all those GM trucks with side saddle gas tanks, that should've been recalled long ago because they are basically bombs when somebody hits them?

Here is the true recalls by make.

Better this sort of airbag problem as opposed to a face and chest full of shrapnel.

TRX-4 Tom Wrote this;
But if we did choose your way of comparing, how about all those GM trucks with side saddle gas tanks, that should've been recalled long ago because they are basically bombs when somebody hits them?
Do you remember when trucks had the fuel tank inside the cab?
I'll take one outside the frame rail over one behind the seat. But I've owned both.
As for the GM trucks with the tank on the outside of the frame rail, it met all regulations of the time. And if you are old enough to remember the NBC report that exploited it, they had to rig it with explosives to get it to go boom.

@hdmax - he must of forgot about all of those exploding Jeeps. The fix - add a tow hitch.

Is that why the Ram 1500 has a box? A safety item since it can't haul anything ;)

1. Mercedes-Benz USA: 2.1 million recalled/5.2 million sold; 0.41 recall rate.
2. Mazda Motor Corp: 5.2 million recalled/9.4 million sold; 0.55 recall rate.
3. General Motors: 99.3 million recalled/153.2 million sold; 0.65 recall rate.
4. Nissan North America: 19.1 million recalled/26.8 million sold; 0.71 recall rate.
5. Subaru of America: 4.3 million recalled/6.0 million sold; 0.73 recall rate.
6. Kia Motors: 3.7 million recalled/4.9 million sold; 0.77 recall rate.
7. Toyota Motor Corp: 38.6 million recalled/48.1 million sold; 0.80 recall rate.
8. BMW of North America: 5.1 million recalled/5.7 million sold; 0.90 recall rate.
9. Ford Motor Co: 97.0 million recalled/104.7 million sold; 0.93 recall rate.
10. American Honda Motor Co: 31.1 million recalled/32.9 million sold; 0.94 recall rate.
11. Chrysler Group: 63.2 million recalled/63.2 million sold; 1.00 recall rate.
12. Volvo Cars of North America: 3.3 million recalled/3.1 million sold; 1.05 recall rate.
13. Volkswagen of America: 10.2 million recalled/9.7 million sold; 1.06 recall rate.
14. Mitsubishi Motors North America: 5.3 million recalled/4.8 million sold; 1.09 recall rate.
15. Hyundai Motor Co: 9.9 million recalled/8.7 million sold; 1.15 recall rate.

You can have your own opinions but not your own facts, numbers do not lie.

Nice try Rick. Add 35 million cars to that 99.3 million cars since it does not take into account this year's onslaught of recalls. Gm sells approximately10 million cars a year. Simple math..134/163 = a recall rate of .82.

@ Rick

Read the author's comment:

"That article was based on data from past model years (and was written several million GM recalled cars ago)."

The article posted on Forbes on March 26 2014. GM was just getting their recalls going. As it is there have been four more confirmed deaths stemming from the ignition fiasco. 42 confirmed deaths. I wouldn't defend this company.

The Colorado pictured is the best looking shot I've seen of that truck. I'm not sure why Chevrolet chooses to stick the stripped out models in their commercials. With the painted body colored bumper and the chrome grille, in extended cab form instead of full crew, it may be the best looking truck they've built in 20 years.

I'd be interested in a High Country model with black leather.

I remember a couple of years ago here on PUTC we had a discussion about Takata.

If I remember correctly it was in regards to airbags and if I remember correctly many were manufactured in Washington state.

@hdmax: yeah, I remember them in the cab, my first set of wheels was a 1969 Chevy C-10 Custom 350 long bed.

A whole bunch exploded, without any use of explosives.

It just took Chevy until 1987 or so to figure out how to put the tank inside the frame, right? Dodge had it in 1972, GM, running behind.

GM with their sorry ignition locks, they had a crapload of bad ones before the recall on HHRs, Cobalts, and such. Look up 2002 GM truck issues. My girlfriends sister has a Cobalt (Recalled) and a GMC Suv, the ignition lock had issues, she had to fight to get the key out. Set 2 after freshly installed, and she could pull key out while running. Then, to fix problem #2, some tech screwed up her speedo. This is at a Chevy dealership with "Reliable" in it's name! The Cobalt also needed a computer for the drivetrain, yup, not even 10 years old it went bad.

Can you blame her for not wanting another GM?

@Lou in BC: atleast the Jeeps have a BUMPER behind the tank, better then a flimsy piece of GM bedside. Chrysler is atleast doing something about it, unlike GM, and don't get me started on Fords Pinto. Makes it seem real bad when a 4600 pound vehicle is stopped and hit by a semi.

Atleast Chrysler doesn't sweep it under the carpet like good ol GM!

Ford? Ba ha ha! Toyota? More laughs! Big fines between those 2 and GM!

Maybe you think a payload of 1235 and up is nothing Lou, hell, most F-150 Crew Cabs without the heavy duty set up (which is how most sell) can only hold 1300, and you might put 1100 pounds on a Harley Davidson F-150. So I guess those beds are there for safety? Cause we know Fords don't need any help catching fire!

BTW Lou, there is usually a bed on top and bumper and frame components below, if you ever looked underneath? I take it you probably haven't even changed a shock?

@TRX-4 Tom it appears that when you own a Ram you spend a lot of time crawling under the thing.

Nope, the only time I was under it was to do oil changes, and differential oil changes, and I put the 89$ air bags on.

Now if you have an Ecoboost out of warranty, or a 5.4 with spark plugs stripped out, you spend a lot of time under the hood.

@TRX-4 Tom - my generation of 5.4 does not have issues with spark plugs. I don't know anyone with Ecoboost 3.5 problems.
I can't say the same for the guys I know with goat badges. One fellow had nothing but problems with 2 back to back Ram 3500's. He bought a Tundra as a replacement. He now owns a Chevy HD. The one guy I knew that said his Ram was great was crawling under it fixing stuff (or trying to fix stuff)every time I was at his place. A guy I work with just traded off his Ram HD. He wasn't too impressed with the last few repair bills. Not having DEF sure saved him a bundle in costs (sarcasm on).

There must be guys out there that say Ram trucks are reliable....... other than you and HemiV8, I haven't met any.

Didn't that Ram Ecodiesel tested by that car mag have issues?

Say what you want, various sources like JD Power, Vincentric, and Consumer Reports all confirm what I see/hear day to day.

With that being said, have I EVER said I was going to run out and buy an Ecoboost?

@Lou BC--Seems the Ram fans have forgotten about the Texas State Fair and the Ram that caught on fire. Everyone elses truck is bad but Ram never has a problem. I bet the guy who drove that Ram in Dallas carries a fire extinguisher with him if he drives another Ram.

Nobody said they never have problems, JEFF S. But let's see, there have been a lot of burned down Fords, and oh, have you forgotten the coach that just bought a new 2014 Silverado that burned down, and also a recall GM did to EVERY 2014 1500 at the time so they wouldn't burn. Then there was a new GM sub that burned down in LA on a test drive.

Lou has his experience (or lack of) and tells us of what he hears, hell, I have seen Dodges break, it happens, but it didn't happen to mine, that I can say.

Lou must not know many people with an Ecoboost. Funny he gets defensive because I brought up Fords issues.

As for me and my neighbors, we will stick with our Dodges. Including one that got out from under an F-350 to get a Ram 3500 Megacab, he's liking it.

@TRX-4 Tom--I have never had a car or truck burn and that includes Chryslers, Fords, Chevies, Buicks, Mercury, Mitsubishi, and Honda. I am not that much into brand worship but overall my GM products have been good and the Hondas have been the best. If anything I am more inclined to buy a Japanese or South Korean vehicle--most are made in the US anyway.

Anyway TRX-4 Tom I don't see Ford or Ram with a midsize truck and I prefer midsize. I happen to like the new Colorado/Canyon and might buy one whereas I will not buy a Ram 1500, F-150, or Silverado/Sierra because of size so I am more likely to buy what meets my needs best than to be brand biased and buy whatever truck they make even if I don't like the size. That is where I differ from brand fanatics.

Truth hurt much?

There are 3 times as many fords on the road than RAM. Many more issues per sale on RAM side of the reliability scale. fords aren't as nice, but they run hard and run good for years of trouble free use. HENCE THE FACT THEY STILL WILL OUT SELL ALL OTHER TRUCKS THIS YEAR WITH SALES BEING LOWER THAN LAST YEAR. Thats reliability punch you idiots in the face right there. lap the RAM juice up all you like. You make that mistake of buying one and you will see first hand how the reliability has diminished since the 2013's were introduced. Same for the new GM's! They will redesign the whole interior since its flawed with electronic gremlins. When you can get on a forum for a certain brand and see how many issues one model has regarding electronic hard parts, that will cost thousands when out of warrant just for a touch screen radio that also is the bcm/ecm. That whole design is a time bomb waiting for failure. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. I like the RAM and the eco diesel but untill they can sell trucks without issues that are plentiful I wont spend money on them.


@TRX-4 Tom - you tend to be the one bringing up issues with rival brands just like HemiV8 and Z-viera aka breast.

If you want to play the durability card i can easily counter it. Anecdotal evidence is what one sees.
The point that I find interesting is the fact that what I see lines up with study data.

You keep going on about Ecoboost - here is another one from my "personal" files - I know a guy who traded his Ram Cummins HD on an Ecoboost Platinum F150. That was 2011 when he did that.
Care to ask how that decision has worked out for him?

FCA is going to TTDI the Pentastar - I bet that there won't be much negativity from the FCA Cabal when that occurs.

@Lou BC--Agree. I could bring up issues that friends and co-workers have had with Chrysler products--exploding transmissions, electrical shorts, body hardware breaking and falling off, paint fading and flaking off, upholstery coming apart, bubbles and streaks in new car paint, and new cars with underneaths that flake off from rust. I would not mention it otherwise but the Ram boys are so eager to shred anything that is not Mopar. I could give case by case detailed examples of the above but I do not want to waste anyone's time nor do I have the time to write it all. Most vehicles have recalls but there is much better quality control than there was 20, 30, or 40 years ago. The problems with Takata airbags are effecting every brand. I don't hate Chryslers but they would be way down on my list of vehicles to buy and after too many Rambos I have lost whatever inclination I have had to consider a Chrysler product.

@Jeff S - In my line of work everything is "evidence based". If studies and trials say a certain combination works and those studies are replicated by other experts then it is a sound base to base one's decisions upon.

The law of averages is a safer bet.

I've said this before and I'll say it again:

We humans do not search for the truth, we search for validation of our beliefs.

@Lou BC--True. It is much easier to find something that supports ones beliefs rather than research what experts say especially if it contradicts your beliefs. Just because I might prefer a certain product does not mean that it is the best product or that it is the best choice for everyone else. This also reminds me of politics in that one party does not have all the answers nor is the opposing party bad. I don't always agree with Consumer Reports but they are usually fairly accurate on their assessments of products--that is not to say that Consumer Reports is always right or that it is the gospel but if I see below average or poor ratings on a product they review I will usually do a little more research even if it is a product that I might like. I like to be informed and get several opinions before I make a decision.

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