Let Us Know What You're Wishing For

2015 II

While 2014 was a great year for pickup truck enthusiasts we want to know what you are hoping to see in 2015.

In the comments section below let us know what you want to see from Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Ram and Toyota, or what comparison tests or other stories you'd like to see PUTC put together. This is your chance to help direct our editorial calendar, so no holding back.

Additionally, let us know why you need to attend that comparison test or story and we'll consider it. We know 2015 is going to be a great year for pickups, and we want your input.




I think lots of good suggestions here. Hopefully pickuptrucks.com actually uses them. I definitely want to see less objectivity in the tests especially since you guys that test them are looking for very different things than those that use trucks for heavy work (or play) on a daily basis. I want to see more stuff related to reliability, long term tests or tests involving used trucks as mentioned. If you aren't doing damage to some of the trucks on occasion, you aren't testing them nearly hard enough. You could compare how easily the fenders or bed get dented on the different trucks with a controlled test.

You could seriously improve your testing by coming to idaho in late fall or winter! I get sick of seeing the same testing setup in the same places. Forget davis dam or some place 30 minutes from LA. Why not try different venues and testing to different uses of the trucks? Do some testing on long rough dirt and gravel roads (not some five mile stretch thats barely off the pavement). I can go places in idaho and drive all day without seeing pavement. You have to get way off the beaten path to really put a truck to the test. Test on roads with pot holes, seriously steep muddy and or snowy terrain, nasty lava rock that punctures tires and breaks running boards, narrow roads with trees and sagebrush scraping the sides to test paint durability, roads with huge nasty ruts or bad washouts where you have to take a two hour break and fill the holes with rocks and logs just so you don't get high centered and can make it back out. Go down roads until you can't go any further and then unload some atvs and go further! Would make an Interesting story. This is the kind of stuff I put my truck through. Come to idaho and I'll show you places that would put your previous testing sites to shame, not to mention beautiful terrain and interesting stories about hunting fishing farming backpacking riding atvs snowmobiling...... You know, stuff truck guys do with their trucks! Having a backstory to the review would make it that much more interesting. And it doesn't always have to be a comparison, but just maybe a pickuptruck experience.

"Chevrolet: aluminum body that doesn't dent as easily as their current tinfoil body and to compete with ford. E-coat their frames so they don't rust so quickly. new 10 speed co-developed with ford available for all trims of the silverado. Round wheel wells. Better fuel economy. Find a way to lower the price of the colorado A LOT. Make it smaller."

@ beebe, You took the words right out of my mouth on the fullsizers. The only thing I can add would be to make the High Country package available in other colors of leather. The feces Brown color just isn't that great nor does it go with most body colors. Give us Chevrolet folks Black, tan and grey as well. Add wheel well moldings as an option for all trucks, especially work trims.

For 25/3500 Silverado's, all of the above plus a SFA option using a straight rail frame tucked high.

As for the Colorado, I love it as it is but it also needs the High Country package with leather color options. That would be such a huge seller in ZR2 form.


The man hit the nail on the head about "Cold Weather Testing"
I couldn't agree more!
I also live in a cold climate and that big V8 engine generates more heat volume that translates to the cab heater throwing more heat sooner.
You have these baby engines that don't heat up unless you drive more than 20 miles.
I also live in the sticks where we get drifting lake effect snow where the roads are not plowed where I need a good 4x4 capability and I have learned thru experience its MORE about the heavy weight of the vehicle than the 4 or all wheel drive, when the snow is deep the heavy weight has to crush or push down the snow, not ski on top of it.
The mini pickups and Subaru's are helpless in deep snow cause they are too light and simply get hung up where the tires don't touch the ground.

PUTC ? Bring those 4x4 pickups to my house after a snowstorm if you can make it for a real test , then after that I will take you on a local road called "Roller Coaster Road" ( they had to rename that road cause it was attracting too much attention where too many people from out of the area were crashing making the road too unsafe)
I can get in trouble for telling you about this road.

My wish for 2015? Basic 4WD pickup from Jeep, extended cab (or crew, though I only need extended), skid plates and real off-road capability for work on forest roads, with a bed at least 6.5' long and a diesel engine that delivers torque and decent MPG: skip the electronics, power this-and-that, and give us a 2010s version of the 1960s work 4WD truck.

Wishing for a more harmonious and respective comment section where we can all respect each others differences and not resort to brand bashing and name calling. Wishing Everyone A Safe & A Happy New Year!

2016 Chevy Colorado crew cab, 6ft box, diesel in ZR2 trim.

I'm not taking sides. I like some parts of most trucks out there, more often then not I buy dodge.
Again I'm not trying to start anything .LLA why can't you scan your proof ....so we can end all this nonsense.
On the other hand why does beast need a pre paid private jet.....So he never has to look you in the chest.

Yes, What Jeff said! We all like trucks.

I hate capcha, isn't my email enough, how big a problem is spam?

I'm a wishin' for a small Ford Ranger. Don't need no stinkin' mid-size and sure don't need a monster big-gulp size. I know I'm only dreamin'! For now I'm keeping my 2000 Ford Ranger! FORD, wake up!

@GoFaster58--You are not alone, I think that is one reason there are so many old Rangers, S-10s, Tacomas, and Nissan hardbodies still running around. Many think it is just because people are being cheap but they don't realize that there is nothing on the market that replaces the compact truck of the past. I do like the Colorado/Canyon but for many they are too big. If there are no small new trucks then we might start to look like Cuba when it comes to small pickups. For now I wouldn't hold you breath waiting for a new compact truck to enter the market. You might want to consider keeping all the maintenance up and repairing any rust or body damage. I have a 99 S-10 that is still running strong and looks as good as the day I bought it. There might be some Cubans that would be interest in my S-10.

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