Nissan Pushes Its Truck Credentials Ahead of 2016 Titan Debut

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In preparation for the debut of its next-generation half-ton Titan pickup truck, Nissan is emphasizing its truck history and credentials. We've heard from the Titan chief engineer Rich Miller, and now we're getting a chance to learn more about some of the other team players and a little about Nissan's history as well.

This is the second installment in a series of letters and videos Nissan is sending to potential truck buyers who might be in the market for a new pickup truck. We already know the new Titan will debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 12, and we know it will have a beefy 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins motor under the hood. Naturally, rumors are swirling about why this pickup needs such a large turbo-diesel engine when half-tons like the Ram 1500 are doing just fine with a 3.0-liter V-6 (in fact, Ram is selling the snot out of them).

This latest note is from product planner Brent Hagan, who has some deep roots near Nissan's Tennessee headquarters and seems to know his way around a pickup. Nissan will have more to say and show later.

To read Hagan's letter, Download Brent_Hagan_Truckumentary_letter_12_19_14.


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I like the way they mention over 55 million vehicles being recalled this year with GM being the recall leader with over 26.5 million vehicles recalled. They all have recalls but thanks to GM for getting that recall award. Remember to show it proudly.

Clearly Ram is aiming for economy (though still capable) while Nissan is aiming for capability (though still economical, just not as much as the VM diesel) with that much horse power. I think they have to in order to capture a little bit of the heavier duty market without building a 3/4 ton pickup. I think the Nissan will do well, and from what i can tell, with better looks. That is one thing that kept me away from the truck, the style didn't appeal to me.

Can't wait to see it!

The Hard Bodys are still a living legend. They won't die and still absolutely everywhere!

Then Nissan got all stupid. Focused on SUVs, while the Big 3 and Toyota ate its pickup truck lunch.

The final insult was when Nissan killed off the regular cabs. And no regular cab Titans. They could only be considered boutique pickups, from then on.

Let's see what they do to change this.


Like any company with a long history Nissan has its share of interesting twists and turns, accomplishments, struggles and even failure. I personally enjoy history and do take an interest in automotive and corporate history. My favorites so far being Iacocca's accounts at Ford and Chrysler, anything with Fords history, the rise and fascinating fall of International Harvester and the DeLorean adventures.

I am still waiting to hear something about the Titan other than "new, Cummins, its coming and bigger"

99 percent of Ram’s success today is attributable to Fred Diaz – not Chrysler and not Fiat.

He gets pickups; he understands the market and what it takes to be the leader. With just one year under his belt at Nissan, great things will become of Titan. It is easy to tell he has turned the ship around.

Thank gawd we didn't have to experience that obnoxious PUTC video intro.

Looking forward to the new pickup. Hope it lives up to this hype. The 5.0L cummins is nothing without a great transmission with tow/haul mode etc. Fingers crossed they are getting it done as the pickup industry needs a diesel enema.

wow I watched this video a whole week ago......?????? why just now?

I'm more interested in what other engines and what transmission will be available in the new titan. I have yet to see or hear about an ecodiesel in my community other than one girl with an ecodiesel in her jeep. And I live in a farming community where most vehicles are pickups. A friend mentionedn to me yesterday about how he heard the ram got 28 mpg and he was interested in driving one. I told him yeah but its a 3.0 diesel 2,000 dollar option. He said that sucks forget that. Most farmers who have experienced diesel engines in their 3\4 ton trucks aren't the least bit excited about having one in their half ton too.

Wouldn't be a pickup article without plugging Ram. Selling the snot out of them.. What does that equate to in #'s since I'm a literal guy. I'm guessing if the 2.7 ecoboost does well we won't read Ford is selling the snot out of them will we Mark?

*sung* "All i want for Christmas is new titan pics and info..."

Ford and GM build the best trucks on the planet with Ram being close after. Anything and everything else is just junk.


You're clueless my friend. GM has recalled 27 million vehicles this year. Ford still can't get their ecoboost right. Ram is the most progressive. The rest are not junk. Alternatives to the others but far from junk. I've owned them all and my Nissan and toyota gave me far fewer issues. Ford and Ram were good too. The Silverado was garbage.

I think you'll be shocked how much better the 5.0 v8 will be vs the 6.6 duramax or the 6.7 p. stroke. Lighter truck and 1.7l smaller. I think 20-25mpg avg would be very easy for this engine. My duramax avg 17 mixed. 7200lb truck.

The nissan Cummins will be the 1/2 ton diesel to have. Cummins will save the nissan 1/2 ton from extinction much like the cummins saved the the ram 2500's and 3500's. Without cummins ram would even offer a truck in the hd market. In a 1/2 a cummins will be so much better then a vm diesel


Man, that truck looks like a 3/4 ton with midsize truck wheels and tires! LOL It'll be interesting to see what it looks like naked, it looks 100 times better with the camo on than the current one does!

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all PUTC readers!

On behalf of all the people who were screwed over by buying a GM product, God rest the ones that passed, we accept this recall award. It has been an honor to build and sell crap to the public in such a manner as we have done. We couldn't have done it without Jeff and that rolling can of crap. Thank you, Thank you!! Go Nissan!

i own a '96 dodge cummins pu. my mechanic many years ago said you'll go thru 3 bodies before you''ll wear out that motor. pretty prophetic. fear same fate for titan unless things change dramatically. poor reliability record. v8 cummins should be a screamer. expensive option, yes. but so is the thirsty 5.6 gas. i was a little disappointed nissan dropped plans for 2.8 cummins in the titan. shame they couldn't do both. i'll sacrifice a little power for more mpg's. properly maintained diesels last almost FOREVER!

Nice, the new 2016 Nissan Titan pickup truck will have 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins motor under the hood.

Nissan picked a better engine then what Ram picked for a half ton diesel. It is hard for the Ram boys to bash this engine when they use a cummins in their heavy duty pickups. The 5.0 is also being pushed to be used in class A motor homes and other heavy duty applications. This engine will put it a step up to the Ram Eco diesel. And by the way, I saw my third Eco diesel Ram on the road, they sure are not selling where I travel.

Nissan never made a truck that sells. I beg to differ. Datsun compact trucks (Nissan) were the number one selling compact truck for most of the 70's and 80's. Datsun had the first extended cab in a compact truck, King Cab. Would be nice to see Nissan regain some of its former glory. Maybe with Fred Diaz, Nissan will be back as one of the top truck contenders.

Greg who is "bashing" the engine? The 3.0 v6 is also a great engine, go drive one, hardly underpowered. Is it not possible that both can be great engines or is there only enough room for one? If size is what matters for you, Ram has a 6.7. The 5.0 should be a nice balance between capability and fuel economy.

I have owned a Titan, tundra and my son owned a ridgline. None of those lasted at all. Buy from the big 3 and buy American. One thing Ford GM and Chrysler know how to do well is build the best trucks. I currently have a Ford, my Dad a Ram and my bro a Chevy. All solid trucks.

@Matt are you serious ? if anything this site have a "slight" bias towards ford, open your eyes this website is not pro ram, pro gm or pro imports its relatively neutral and subjective with a slight ford bias. Its seem you like most ford fanbois (all fan boys but ford seem to be the most butthurt) just cant fathom that sometimes ford doesn't build the best trucks

if you think this site has a ford bias you have missed out on a lot of articles the last few months. It does seem this site posts articles related to or about ford more often than any other make. But in those articles they are often very critical of ford to the point they almost seem biased against them. They recently posted an article about the ecoboost that basically said any ecoboost will have inevitable problems at relatively low mileage and will be a nightmare to repair, which is clearly untrue according to the vast majority of owners. The entire article was based on a youtube video of some random mechanic that had a misfire in his explorer (which he was able to resolve rather easily by the way).

I think this truck will do well, seeing that the demand for a half ton diesel is there based on the sales of the ram ecodiesel shows hope for Nissan in the future selling this truck, especially considering that many people like Cummins diesels that should help as well, im predicting that this truck is going to get 23-24 mpg combined with 300hp, 550 lb ft of torque should be good and I can't wait to see the other engine options as well when it debuts

If I didn't have such interest in the new Ford F-150, I would be looking hard at the new Nissan Titan. I still may after seeing this. The current Titan has thick durable steel like the 67-72 and even 88-98 Chevrolet's I've had. Same with Ford's steel up to 08. Nissan e-coat's their frames like Ford instead of cheap wax like Chevrolet went to in 99. Titan's have nice round wheel openings like Ford and use clean looking moldings around the tires to protect from rust, rocks mud etc. I like Dodge trucks now for many of the same reasons, they're just a bit too big still like Chevrolet's have become. Nissan needs to offer their Platinum interior trim like in their Armada. Maybe come up with a nice workman's trim with serious materials for working as in their NV vans but better. We've already left Chevrolet for Nissan vans in our work fleets and Nissan builds a quality interior. Our office Armada's are far nicer than the Tahoe LTZ's they replaced and they aren't even the Platinum's. Our Nissan rep had his Platinum there and if I were buying an suv instead of a truck, that would be it.

I've personally left Chevrolet trucks myself in heart and mind but am seeing what truck to pull the trigger on so I can trade my severely rusting lemon 09 Silverado in. Ford or Nissan are the two contenders. You can't beat a Platinum Ford but Nissan might have something for them it's looking like. Made in America with high U.S. parts content as well just like Ford. Ford should be watchful IMO.

The 5.0 diesel won't mean a thing if the truck doesn't have the running gear and payload capacity to make use of it. Nissan really needs to step it up as their last truck's running gear was sub-par.

For everyone who thinks that the Big Three are the only ones made in
America, think again, because I have worked for Nissan for the past 11 years. I live in America. A lot of the parts are cast, stamped, forged, machined, and assembled in Tennessee. They have been here in America for over 30 years. They have provided a lot of jobs for the American people. I hope everyone enjoys the new Titan and the job done by the workers at the Canton, Mississippi Nissan Production Facility.

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