Recall Alert: 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

Ram 1500 2005 copy II

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 290,000 model-year 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 and 4x2 pickup trucks manufactured Jan. 28, 2004, to Aug. 3, 2005

The Problem: Affected pickups were assembled in such a way that the rear axle pinion nut can loosen and possibly detach from the driveshaft, potentially causing axle lock up and increasing the risk of a crash.

The Fix: Dealers will install a retention clip, free of charge, that will not allow the axle nut to loosen.

What Owners Should Do: Chrysler will begin notifying owners beginning Feb. 13. Owners can call Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 888-327-4236 for more information.

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At least they are finally doing something about this dangerous defect.

all of that sheer power and torque the Hemi makes causes the pinion nut to come loose

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a recall from Dodge. Now you won't have to pay to sit in the waiting room while you wait for your trucks needed repairs.

Dealers must make a nice profit off a repair like this. Quick and easy.

Why even make the recall? Those trucks are already off the road in the junk yard or already turned into fridges. 9 Year old trucks from RAM just don't exist!!!

GM IS #1

Hmm, I see Ram trucks from 1995 to 2004 all over the roads here.

didn't think Dodge would have sold 290,000 trucks in '05

That's what making "Truck of the Year" gets ya.

Hold on, you mean they didn't use some sort of thread locker or retainer on the hub nut? Gee, makes me wonder if they ever used something called castle nuts on those pesky ball joints LOL

in forward the driveshaft turns counterclockwise against the pinion yoke.
so that constant left twisting motion causes the pinion nut to come loose
then they should have designed it for left hand threads

same reason in the old-old days they used left hand threads on wheel lug nuts on big trucks with big tires

the new engineers tend to forget about the designs of 50 to 70 years ago


This problem seems to wreak of severe cost cutting by the bean counters at Dodge. Lord knows what other things that have been bean counted to death.

This recall is pretty bad though. Having the drive shaft come apart from the pinion yoke at speed on the freeway going 75-80mph wouldn't be a pretty site.

Great. Now, I got to avoid all the '03'-'05 style looking Rams I see on the road until this recall becomes effective in Feb next year.

These are older model Ram truck (2005), so this recall won’t really affect Chrysler’s bottom line. On the other hand, if this recall were for the 2013 and 2014 models, then it would really affect current and future sales.

We received notice of the rear axle pinion nut in February 2015 however the parts required to provide a permanent remedy for this condition are currently not available. FCA can not answer how long this will take or what the solution is. 3-4-2015 Received recall on airbag in 12-2014 and after calling the FCA Recall Assistance Center the dealer said they have the part and we can take in today. Amazing what a call from the FCA can do after dealership for the last 3 months have said they didn't have the part. Hum-----

Im getting a new rear end and driveshaft all replaced for free My driveshaft fell out while driving down hill THANK GOD the DS just slipped out the back no harm or damaged caused to anyone besides the tow truck wait in the middle of the night everything was all good (: .. Im slowly building the truck again the engine is amazing and I will forever be a diehard Mopar Gal!

my rear end just let go drive shaft fell out rear end lock up solid good thing no one was behind me we would of had a pile up driving down the road hit a bump and then it locked up solid

My drive shaft fell out of my 2005 dodge ram1500 It was good that it happened in work parking lot no one was hurt thank God what do I need to do?

My drive shaft fell out of my 2005dodge ram in work parking. Lot what can I do? This should be a recall

My drive shaft fell out of my 2005dodge ram in work parking. Lot what can I do? This should be a recall

My drive shaft on my 05 dakota with only 40000 miles on it just fell out while going about 40 miles an hour i thought the trainee fell out.
It looks like it snapped off at the rear end? What would cause this? Is it from the recall issues?

My 2005 Dodge Dakota did the same thing just today but there is no recall on the Dakota just the rams, so why is that? I believe Dodge makes both of them I think

Just found out what the repair bill is 1000.00 for the rear end, never buy another Dodge product again

Just found out what the repair bill is 1000.00 for the rear end, never buy another Dodge product again

My 2005 dodge ram 4x4 rear end started smoking and was on fire, I saw where there had been a recall on this model. This only happened 2 weeks ago, any news on this problem?

Have 2005 Ram 1500 quad cab and now have only 77000 miles on the speedometer..recently replaced the pcs and it is running great. Only other work performed in time owned is a water pump and fan clutch. Love my dodge

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