Spied: 2016 Nissan Titan Close-Up

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When a truckmaker does a lot of testing, it means it is getting close to a full reveal. We know we'll be seeing the 2016 Nissan Titan (likely with the new 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins under hood) at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. Our spies are telling us they're seeing test trucks on the road. Here's a quick note we just received.

"We have our most detailed shots and video yet of Nissan's next-generation Titan pickup, capturing the new truck in a more polished trim level than previously seen spy shots. We now see the Titan's chrome grille texture and its complex headlight units. The rear axle and overall size seems more substantial too."

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looks good, can't wait to see it when it comes out

looks good, can't wait to see it when it comes out

Well the Nissan with the Cummins or the Ram with the Ecodiesel is looking more and more like a good deal. Damn sure not going to be buying a Ford Ecoboost if you got to replace the heads after some carbon builds up. Oh Ford if you only listened to what the people wanted instead of telling us what we want.

So is the Cummins going to be the only engine option?

The diesel will never pay back the original buyer 95% of the time. I recently drove from Vegas to Pennsylvania and in the midwest diesel was as much as 1.05 more than regular. Of course this will have no effect on how many will buy this truck when it first comes out. If the Ram diesel is about 3000 more than a V8 I would guess the Cummins will be close to 4500 more. Of course its a better motor for those towing heavy loads.

I can see this truck doing well on the used market down the road.

Nissan is just hanging around the pickup market just waiting for any of the big 3 (Ford-GM-Ram) to fail so they could jump in and pick up the pieces.
Nissan is not a serious contender

very much looking forward to the new titan!

Well, I think this will at least outsell the Tundra, it at least looks a lot better.


Nissan has never said they wanted to overtake the big 3. They wanted a piece of the pie. Everyone laughed when they got into the HD vans and now they are everywhere.

That truck looks massive. If it was priced decent I might consider it to replace my f250 if I didn't think the f150 could do the job. They are definitely going for the heavy duty capability truck needs and not the fuel efficient daily driver needs with this truck. My only worry is that it will be priced like an f250. Actually thinking of that it would be smart for ford to introduce a smaller diesel option in the super duty for those that don't need 800 pound feet and would like some better efficincyin a heavy duty truck.

why would you say that beebe, I think they are going for both hd capability and fuel efficient with this diesel why wouldn't you think that this would be a good daily driver?

This nissan is going to kill ecodiesel sales. It will be so much more capability then the ram.

It may be fuel efficient compared to a 3/4 ton truck with a 6.7 liter diesel, but its not go7ng to be nearly as efficient as say the new f150 or the ecodiesel. The 5.0 diesel in the titan will be about 70 percent larger than the ecodiesel. Should be significantly more powerful, heavy, and expensive. If it isn't a workhorse then there would be no point in the 5.0 diesel. It certainly won't be economical to own unless it is used regularly for heavy towing or many long drives. Not to say it wont be a fun daily ride,but they are probably go7ng to be marketing it as a heavy duty wworkhorse.

wonder what kind of transmission

The all new Ridgeline will be arriving around the same timeline as this new Titan, hopefully Honda has placed some emphasis on making the upcoming Ridgeline as exciting and more competitive as the new Titan, Tundra, Ram, Silverado and F-150, it's about to really get ugly out here in the Full Sized Pick Up market, in terms of competition, overall consumer choices and dominance.

Any idea what the rear axle is? Looks much stronger/bigger than the current Titan Dana unit.

Guesses on the rear axle?


Nice French Truck !!

I am waiting for the Nissan Frontier 4x4 2.8L cummins!!
28-30mpg , longevity, durability, value retention, and the ability to use my home made bio diesel from recycled cooking oil at $1.35 per gal!! :-)

Back in 2013 when I was shopping for a new truck cause my Toyota let me down I found a new Titan that was loaded with every option they had with a sticker of $44K, the dealer knocked off $10K off the price, took it for a ride and loved the performance and sound of the engine, it felt solid, but I didn't like the vibration it had and the horrible gas mileage. When I got it up to highway speeds you can feel vibration.
The dealer pressured me knocking the price down to $31K,
I was certain the vibration problem was a minor fix, but I walked away cause I just didn't trust it cause how desperate they were to sell it to me.

The F-150 I own I still hate the electric power steering cause the steering is unforgivable where its too sensitive meaning if you take your hands off the steering wheel for a slit second you'll steer off the road. I find myself with a death grip on the steering wheel at all times driving my F-150.
When I tell my dealer about my issue with the steering they say nobody else complains.

What I'm saying is no truck is perfect

bad timing with the f150 coming out, initial sales of die hard nissan fans will fade then it's back to what they have now. I see no point of this truck in a sea of real trucks from the big three.

the whole success of this truck will depend upon the health of the economy in US & Canada. Workers who have not had raises, job seekers with part time job offers, longterm unemployed, folks who retired at 62 because the job market sucks...these folks will not be spending north of 45k for a new diesel half ton.

If the economy improves, it's katie bar the door. Where I live regular gas is under 2.50 per gallon now. All the beefing about FE is about to go out the window. New truck buyers who can afford it will want the truck with the most towing power and comfort.

We'll see--Nissan choosing the V8 diesel was smart IMO

@papa jim
I think the niche market nissan is going for with this diesel should have been entered a long time ago. My f250 has always been overkill even on my farm, but a half ton just wouldn't do te job. Ive always felt the super duty and other 3/4 ton trucks were two sizes bigger than a 1/2 ton. I need something in between. I don't like to drive and maintain diesels but a small hd diesel would be awesome for my farm.

With that said the price of diesel sure won't help this truck unless it follows gas down. Diesel is looking worse and worse the way gasoline is dropping. When I bought my superduty back in 2002 the price of diesel was slightly less than regular unleaded.

Everyone talking about the price of fuel consider this; gas prices fluctuate more than diesel. So with diesel its easier to shape ur budget around a diesel powered vehicle. Not to mention they do get better fuel mileage. More importantly, haven't u all considered that when low sulfur gasoline comes out next year that gas prices are going to skyrocket. Everytime gas prices go down they go back up higher than they ever have before. Getting rid of sulfur in gasoline is an extra purification process so its gonna cost more. All these gas companies are doing is having a fire sale on gasoline to offset and fund low sulfur gasoline.

People interested in the titan consider these options; 7 speed transmission from the infinity qx56 as well as the direct injection 5.6 "second gen" endurance v8. A v6 is under speculation and could be the 4.0 from the frontier or the 3.7 from the 370z. The 3.5 could do duty in a light duty titan but seems as unlikely as the 3.8 twin turbo from the gtr making its way in the titan as an ecoboost competitor. Cvts are a Nissan trademark (jatco) and a hybrid could theoretically happen but probably won't. The Cummins 5.0 is to the titan what a hellcat is to a challenger; a selling point thats not for everyone. Also consider a 2500 and 3500 srw titan as they are already doing this with the vans and they will likely share the same chassis. Furthermore, Nissan, more progressive than Toyota, might be willing to be the first Asian in america to enter the heavy duty market and blow everyones expectations out the water. Now would be the time before fuel prices go back up and everyone has forgot that nissan even makes a full size.

With all of the talk about the titan everyone forgot the new frontier coming out soon...

everybody forgets by the time the new Titan comes out the truck market will be all used up with everybody driving new F-150's and Colorado's with a 6 or 7 year loan payment.

won't be any new truck customers left

@craig, don't compare the diesles to the mid level v8's, compare them to the big v8's, the big v8's require mid grade or premium fuel now, so the price per gallon isn't near that much, I'm in PA and its about 15 cents difference from premium to diesel. I can tell you, I had a ram 1500 with the hemi, and normal driving would need to fill the tank every 7 days(that was an 09 ram), I now have a f250 diesel and I go 10 days before filling, I have the small tank so I'm still placing 20-22 gallons to fill it, and I'm saving about 45 bucks amonth in fuel, not including towing, then its much more as I have the same camper I had before with the hemi(36' passport travel trailer), anyway, you can save money that comparison was between diesel and the hemi using mid grade fuel, I bought the current truck used so I didn't pay the high price for a new one. I'd go diesel if I went back to a half ton, but that's my opinion.

Is that a last generation GMC Denali grill under that camo?

News? Facts? Stats? Features? (OTHER than "bigger" and "Cummins Cummins Cummins)


V6(s)?, new gas V8(s)?, front suspension? rear suspension? cab/bed configs? innovations? 3/4ton version? new transmission(s)? weight saving measures? MPG tech?

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?...

You know all that other stuff that really does matter

Nissan hasn't released many details about the truck. These are spy photos. We should know A LOT more in a few weeks during the detroit auto show when nissan reveals the truck and hopefully quite a few details.

Diesels are a losing option from a money maker standpoint. Way too expensive to operate - maintenance and fuel cost....right now gas is $2.24 here and Diesel is $3.79....diesel is always enough more expensive than Gas that 2MPG gain over gas means nothing.,,,and and at least in the case of the ECODiesel, the Gass'rs kick it's but when it comes to towing (just look on the web 2.7 vs. 3.0 vs. 5.3 - diesel dead last). Maybe the Nissan diesel will offer better performance. With the exception of those who tow 10K+ regularly and need extreme duty, most guys buying diesels do so for no logical reason other than they want one, they sound cool,...etc....there will always be a few of those guys out there where logic need not apply. Same guys will be spending thousands trying to get the diesels to keep up with the Gass'rs.

Oh...and for those guys claiming premium Fuel is required for Gass'rs...where are you getting this crap....even the ECOBoost from Ford doesn't require premium fuel and none of the ECO owners that I know (quite a few) run anything buy 87 octane. Sure higher octane might offer even higher performance just like high Cetane does for Diesels.

Joe boo, I wasn't talking about ecoboost we are comparing V8 big blocks, 6.2l ford, 6.2 chevy, 5.7l hemi, I could give you the same comparison with the price of diesel in my area vs 87, and my diesel will still come out on top.

I'm seeing a lot more Ram influence going on there besides just the Cummins.


Agree on your points.

I can easily remember back when an HD was a half ton with heavy duty brakes and bigger springs standard equipment. I guess recent half ton trucks are so big that kind of HD went away.

I still like that concept. A basic half ton with an available brakes and chassis upgrade. Should be a winner.

Just from the looks of the new proportions, Nissan has done some of their homework. Front end looks longer. Also, the satin finish grill, 20" wheels and projector lights give the impression of an upper trim level tester. Now, for mech/tech specs and interior shots to see if it's a competitor! Iknow it was when it dropped in '04. We'll see.

Just because they are putting a Cummins under the hood of the worst full size truck on the market don't assume it will be a a HD or a step above a halfton HD. See it for what it is, Nissan is putting a great engine into a mediocre truck, does that then make the mediocre truck much better? What else are they changing to make it a HD?

How many buyers are willing to pay the premium of the great engine. while forgiving all the deficiencies in the rest of the truck just to own a V8 Cummins engine while losing money paying for diesel fuel? I guess we'll have to wait and see but putting this into perspective, Nissan sold 900 Titans last month. Enough said.

Front looks like a F-150 to me.

Years ago I saw a mule w/ a Navistar 6L V8- It was wider (like this) and had a MUCH larger frame section under it. real leaves were wider. Had a full-floater 8-lug axle that looked like a D60 to me.
I'm not convinced the Jatco 7sped is big enough to handle the Input torque from this engine. Building a bigger version just for this doesn't make sense. They use Allisons in their MD trucks. Or they could use a ZF or Aisin.
Nissan would do well to share even more between the Titan andNV lines- offer at least a 3/4 ton Titan (using van hardware). Put 4wd on the factory option list for the NV. Roll out this diesel in the NV and make a C/C option and longer WB available.

@Ryan B - that was my first impression.

Nissan will do well to make a truck that fits in between a HD and a 1/2 ton. They could easily remain in the 1/2 ton class with the same cargo capacity as Ford i.e. 2,300lb and 12k towing.

If one believes Truck Trend (I don't), most buy 3/4 and 1 ton trucks just to tow 10k so this truck would be perfect for that demographic.

Ironic thing is Truck Trend mentioned the passenger capacity of a max loaded F450 but left out the fact that the Ecodiesel was overloaded without a driver at 1,000 lbs.

Ugliest mirrors in the industry. I hope they are placeholders, but I fear they are the final design.

The style of the Japanese 1/2 tons just never got me excited.
If Nissan can grab the consumer with the looks along with a great drive train than they will do well.
They seem to have put out a reliable truck but that's where it ended for me.
I hope they accomplish there goal. This will keep the Big 3 pushing forward with innovative products.

This pickup is probably a good move by Nissan. It will remove sales from the large lighter HD market.

I hope it does well.

I find it rather entertaining reading those "how expensive diesels are to operate" comments.

I suppose these guys drive around in Hyundai Getz and Honda Jazzes.

For a pickup they drive a 2.5 litre Frontier.

Diesel is like a V8 or a large pickup. People buy them because they can. This means most can afford to maintain them.

I do think the V8 Cummins will be more economical than the 3.5 EcoBoost and be a far more attractive proposition as a vehicle to drive.

I'd almost bet my gonads that it's FE will be around or near the 2.7 EcoBoost. Not bad when you look at the capability.

Axle looks suspiciously like an AAM 9.5".

Crew cab with a 6.5 bed will be nice, ford is the only half ton that offers that as far as i know, would rather have an 8' bed though, well see how it looks, my tundra might be sitting on a nissan lot if the specs are good

@ R.Jewel

You realize that Nissan was the only 1/2 ton truck available with a crew cab and a 7' bed.....


You must not know much about this truck. The current titan was and is far from mediocre. In 2004 it was the top truck in many categories. Trust me this truck will not disappoint.

When i seen this truck for the first time...its looks are alright. For myself i would never get one just fer the cause that i am a die hard ford fan... If Nissan is going make a diesel truck they better make it look and perform like a diesel...I'm not fearful that Nissan's diesels are going to out do any of the big three, but i hope the best for Nissan...

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