Spied: Next-Gen Super Duty Body Modifications

SuperDuty_cdauto_12914_4 II

Since we know the next-generation Super Duty also will be using aluminum body panels to save weight similar to Ford's ground-breaking half-ton, you can expect there might be some interesting variations coming to make the Super Duty more functional or possibly easier to repair.

We've just received these images from some of our spy photographers that make it clear Ford is experimenting with body panels for the next Super Duty. From the looks of it, not much is changing underneath, but Ford is likely to save even more weight on the Super Duty than the often-quoted 700 pounds for the 2015 F-150. That will mean good things regarding fuel economy.

These shots seem to imply that Ford is looking at panel and bumper placements, and possibly working with a new axle supplier. Covering up the axle hubs could mean there's something interesting underneath.

Chris Doane Automotive images


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And it's rusting already ? :0

All of the big 3 trucks have rust under them, every time I go look at one that has sat on a dealers lot for a while, the driveshafts and axles always have surface rust on it, especially those Ford Trucks. It’s comical to look under these trucks after a year or two in the rust belt, all that surface rust underneath.

Another article that says nothing other than the new SD is lacking in changes underneath.

That's a bit disappointing although I don't think the front end needs much improvement although who doesn't like a tightened turning radius? But some frame stiffening would be good.

I am happy about the aluminum body (another MPG) as it will translate into a positive improvement in everything (but price) but that's old news really.

I'm still waiting for them to adapt the IRS from the Expedition into the F-150...

Look for self filling tires on this truck.

New axle supplier? There's only a few of them out there. Doesn't the SD use the Dana 60? It's bulletproof. Why change it?

I'm glad that Ford doesn't have those huge frame rails dragging underneath the truck like the GM twins do, the ones that hang about six inches above the ground and look ridiculous on a truck.

Less weight in a tow vehicle is not an advantage. A heavy trailer can make a tow vehicle unstable. It's the tail wagging the dog syndrome. The stated tow ratings for these lighter trucks will adjust downward.

Ford has no option but to maximise it's use of aluminium. It's invested the future of the company into it.

I'll be going out to look at the new Colorado, Canyon and F-150 since I'm over in the US at the moment.

At least this winter isn't as bad as last Christmas, maybe in California they are having much needed rain, maybe a little too much to quick, but needed.

Don, if your statement were true, explain how a semi pulls 110,000 lbs worth of weight with a 15,000 lbs truck?

There's no issue when you have properly calibrated trailer-brakes helping out. Consider anti-sway which ups the ante even more by applying trailer brakes and alternating truck brakes to control sway. Of course, all that is moot without a properly calibrated driver, but that's another story.

Now, keep it reasonable, I'm not suggesting you're going to pull a 15k lbs camper with a Prius, that's apples and oranges. But a truck is configured to pull a heavy load and when you're talking a thousand pounds from the truck to the trailer, it's not a big deal.

Very bad news the old outdated and not competitive chassis and suspension is not changing. Sure, maybe the aluminum body might be a plus, but if nothing changes underneath I will remove the Super Duty from my list. GM and Ram are a generation ahead in ride, handling, frame strength and stiffness.

Iray801 is right
I think the super duty going to aluminum will be much more of a game changer in it's own segment than the aluminum f-150 is. They could probably cut 1,000 pounds off the weight of the truck and likely increase the towing capacity. There is a lot of rust under that truck, which suggests it has been tested heavily. I think GM has a much bigger problem with rust than the super duty. My 02 super duty which has over 200,000 miles and has rarely been stored in a garage has less rust than many 2 month old chevy trucks


The only thing I really want to see from ford in the next super duty is an optional "small" diesel v8 in the super duty like the 5.0 cummins going in the titan. I'm not a fan of diesels generally, but would be a great alternative to the overkill 6.7 in the super duty. I have heard no rumors that ford is considering that though, just wishful thinking.

@Don E. - weight reduction does not adversely affect towing unless you routinely tow a trailer with no brakes. One is legally restricted to 40% of the weight of the tow vehicle. A 1,000 lb reduction in truck weight translates to a 400 lb reduction in trailer weight.
Weight reduction will have a big impact upon ratings for HD pickups. Ford's F450 is already sitting slightly over its class limit. The Ram 3500 is close to the class limit as well. A 1,000 lb reduction in weight means an extra 1,000 in capacity.

That has been the standard in the trucking industry. You add axles and tires and reduce weight to increase capacity.

A lighter toe vehicle can and will be pushed around by a heavier trailer. Forces are put on a vehicle in other situations then just braking like I steering and handling. A pickup is not set up like a semi but even semis can be effected.


It looks to rocking the last gen body based on the door handles.

It is a mule, the superduty will share the cab with the 2015 F-150. Thats pretty readily known

Sorry, the Super Duty is the fastest rusting current pickup. Ford still uses that expanding foam insulation in the cargo box quarter panels, just a matter of time before that rusts. At least that will be less of a problem if they go to aluminum. If the cahssis really is carryover, we should stop referring to this truck as the next generation Super Duty. More like a revised model.

The lightest ram hd with duals and the lightest gm hd with duals has the highest trailer towing capacity...... Standard cab no heavy option trucks have the highest tow capacities for there respective brands. You are not going to get 30k capacity with a fully load 4x4 Laramie longhorn crew cab dually.... It takes the significantly lighter 2wd standard cab tradesman to get 30k. Ford aluminum superduty tow capacity will be approved by the society of automotive engineers to pull there increased rating from the current gen superduty. If your trailer is load correctly snd hitched correctly it adds weight to the tow vehicle axles.... Just like heavier body panels add weight to the axles.... You take that weight out it gives you more capacity.

Looking forward to seeing what Ford brings out, but I am sure many people will be disappointed if there is no new chassis to go with the new body.

Why is it being towed on top of a roll back truck, did it catch on fire?

Better ride quality and turning radius please. Fuel economy would be nice, but not the point of the segment

Using same cab again?

If it looks the same underneath and outside its because its not the next gen just like Dave and Jim said. It's a test mule. We have yet to see a real next gen testing.

Could very well be a mule. New body on the current chassis. I suspect other mules are the reverse so they don't stand out while they test the new chassis (hopefully that is the case).

These trucks are so awesome, even terrorist use them as their primary vehicle of terror.


Where is all this Ford bashing coming from?
The Ram boys won the last PUTC heavy duty shoot out

Next month PUTC is having its half ton shoot out and we all know the F-150 is going to win and I hope you Ram boys can take that and not be sore losers.

If the Ford Super Duty is so horrible then why is it the biggest seller?
Does that mean most people buying a heavy duty truck are stupid?
It means most people trust Ford, when it comes to reliability, price, comfort, warranty and recall issues.
Ford has been consistent for a long time meaning they never put out a failure in the past.
Similar like when you go to McDonalds and you buy a Big Mac cause it always tasted the same with the same 2 pickles and no matter what McDonalds location you go that Big Mac is always the same.
That's how Ford does it, the customer feels secure knowing what he's getting, it doesn't have the be the best but he has to know what he's getting!

Come on purchase it's time for a new story.

Anyone else see the ram 1500 advertising on the main screen about best in class towing over 17000 lbs. Little off topic I know but just noticed it

Take a look at this Ram boys!
2014 Ram 1500 seats falling apart!


Take a look at this Ram boys!
2014 Ram 1500 seats falling apart!


R/T ram doesn't come with vinyl seats.
Looks like a fake post to me.

@ tom#3, Check out this new aluminum Super Duty, Check out the reduced footprint with that all Aluminum body. lol


Ram seats falling apart?

Looks like they ripped it with something you can see the skid marks on it.

@ bobsled, yeah I noticed that add too. In fact, every time I go to PUTC, there is a Fiat ad, hmm... .

I think the whole 17000 towing claim and titling it with Ram 1500 kinda shows how transparent and honest Fiat is in their business conduct.

The same JUNK front suspension and just maybe Ford will enter the 21st century without locking hubs. It looks like the inferior SD trucks offered by Ford today.

They have no choice to change the frame gm and ram have better frame ,,

Big Al
Apparently you really are from Oz, lol. A semi truck and trailer has a maximum allowable weight of only 80,000 lbs which includes the tractor (truck) as well. You are partially correct, however, the truck part of a semi usually weighs about 26,000 lbs. so the trailer does still out weigh the truck but not by as much as you had suggested. Although if you ever go to u-haul they will not rent you equipment unless the tow vehicle weighs more then what you are towing. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes (pun intended) out.

The light brown surface rust you are seeing, is from metal that has never been painted, or had any type of surface protectant applied. That is definitely something i feel ford needs to work on.

There are many, many area's that ford need's work in, But this isn't the time nor the place...

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