Texan Takes Possession of First 2015 Ford F-150

First F-150 SA 3 II

Just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend, San Antonio resident Tim Kingsbury was the first person in the U.S. to receive a 2015 Ford F-150 built off the newly upgraded Rouge plant. The retired football coach is an avid hunter, so he expects to have plenty of uses for his new pickup truck. And if he runs out of projects or gear to haul, we're sure his son — Texas Tech football coach Kliff Kingsbury — can think of a few things.

Tim Kingsbury took ownership of his F-150 on Nov. 26 during a ceremony in San Antonio.

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First F-150 SA 1 II

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That would be pretty neat to be the first!

Did he actually get the MSO-manufacturer statement of origin?
Because if you get a copy of the title, that means you don't really own it.

Video is here:

He ordered it in August and it finally came in last Thursday.

I thought Ford got rid of the column shifter? I actually prefer not having the shifter in the center console, but seems weird to offer both options.

How come we did not get a story on the first person to by a Colorado or Canyon? Is this site Ford leaning or what?

XL and XLT witout the sport package have the column shifter same as before.


I believe its because nobody cares about the colorado/canyon twins....

come on, it was a joke

@jim, you just now realized that. Just about every article, even of anither brand, gets ford mentioned in it. Mark W. Is really hoping to get picked to work at ford like Mike L. did.

And in other news, First Texan to own 2015 F150 drives five miles and breaks down! Ford executives responded by saying "No worries it's still under warranty".

Funny to see the comments.

This site like most is a clearing house for automotive press releases.

If it comes in an official PR email from any big company they will post it.

The "Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Wins Motor Trend Comparison Test" is a prime example.

It came from Ram PR as opposed to Motor Trend or any investigative journalism done by this site.

Get over it...........

PUTC news is an electronic truck guy version of publisher's clearing house!

Maybe if GM cared to inform us who bought the first Colorado people would care. If you don't tell the story, you don't get coverage. Simple as that.

It is on GM to get the word out if they sold the first Colorado. I don't think GM did that so it is on them to do better with getting their message out. Quite frankly the last I heard about the 2015 Colorado was GM had to stop all shipments of the Colorado and Canyons while they fix an airbag sensor so GM did not get off to a good start. And once again that's on GM. Maybe GM should have been better prepared.

Good looking truck. How come it's not fugly like the Chev and GM offerings. No slab sides, square wheel wells, and giant chrome checkerboard grill. Refreshing.

I can't say its great looking but certainly better then a box for a front end like the Chevy. At least it has some lines to look at.

The second one has already been sold too. They say a guy traded his new ram in on it.

Looks great. The will sell like hot cakes. Best truck offering on the market!

It is on GM to get the word out if they sold the first Colorado

@greg, nope. It's up to GM to get the word out on the first GM Canyon sold. It's up to Chevy to get the word out on the first Chevrolet Colorado sold. It's their truck after all.

Ford gives you a real front bumper to push with on those 2 pads. It was pointed out the other day and I had to wonder why Chevrolet and Dodge don't offer that? Ford wins points with me for that alone. The new aluminum body truck is going to be hard to keep in stock for Ford dealers...

Sturdy and no rust. Two things truck buyers want and have even come to expect from Ford. Compared to Dodge and especially Chevrolet.

I hope this guy who received the first aluminium F-150 has years of enjoyment out of his pickup.

I really don't think this site is a Ford site. I do think Ford does a great job at marketing/selling, better than the other brands.

The Colorado/Canyon didn't get a press release because GM's marketing didn't bother to put together a release.

As for the French comment. France is going down the tubes economically at the moment. Have a close look at the woes confronting that country at the moment. The economy is stagnant, no inflationary pressure, high unemployment, etc.

Look at what else what stated in the article. Diesel tax or as they call it in France Gazol tax is up. The French spokesman is trying to find more cash for the very government dependent country.

When I was in France last year diesel was 1.29 Euro's a litre and gasoline/petrol was 1.69 a litre. It's not that the diesel is subsidised in France, it's just taxed less.

So, there is a chance that the French want to figure a way of getting another 40 centimes a litre from the public.

The odd thing about the French cut and paste is the article is it didn't mention that a GDI engine emits 100 times more particulates than a diesel now.

At the very least they should offer the first 2015 F-150 free oil changes for as long as he owns the trucks. They should throw in a lifetime supply of tires as well. Ford would make more money off the publicity than the cost of the items I mentioned.

Maybe this site is Ford biased, but then maybe Mark Williams has earned a job with Ford. In this day and age one can assume that a site will market a product in order to earn revenue. The reader just needs to take everything with a grain of salt and not as gospel.

I'm glad they got a column shifter, I hare a console shifter or even buckets in a pick up.

I heard the same thing about the 2nd truck being purchased. They say a guy with a new ram ecodiesel got it. Said the ecodiesel just wasn't up to snuff compared to this new F150. Said he fell out of love really quick with that ram.

Most of the news on this site lately has been pretty critical of ford. This article is only here because ford made a big deal out of the first sale. I've seen this news days ago in other places. Most of the articles on this site are just regurgitated from somewhere else. Ford does a lot to push their trucks, so they probably get the most news, but this site is far from being biased towards ford. I would bet mark williams would rather have a colorado or tacoma than an f-150.

Here's a link with more info on the truck.


This thing is going to sell like Elmo at Christmas. Ford should be working three shifts 7 days a week. Bring in workers from the KC plant to get ahead of the changeover there.

More power to Ford if this new F-150 does well. I still have some reservations but if people like this truck and buy it in record numbers then why should my opinion or anyone else's matter.

Well, he looks like he can afford a few vehicles, so when this one breaks, he won't mind a lot of time spent taking to the dealership constantly....

@ LMRacing: haven't you ever seen aluminum corrode? I have seen it on aircraft that fly in coastal areas. I bet Big Al can verify that as well. Just saying, aluminum doesn't just "last forever".

Trucktarian: you referring to me? That 2.7 might be snotty, (fast?) but from the looks of it, Motor Trend only liked it's speed and man step.

Cornering, steering feel, ride (especially bumpy with a trailer) braking, and mirrors being small are some of the issues they said the Ford lost out on. Lol, couldn't get it's city mileage rating with 1,000 pounds and 1 or 2 adults in it, missed by 1.2 mpg! Sounds like more Ford lies! (About mileage) But we know these aren't sold for mileage, they are sold on speed! Years of slow pokey Ford trucks....

A Hemi whooped the 3.5 in the last shootout in performance, if that's what you are after. That was a 3.55 geared truck with 33" tall tires, the Ford was a 32" tall tire, 3.73 geared.
Get the 3.92 geared Ram 8 speed it smokes the Ford, well, unless it is a Ford Propaganda video/event, in which case they will find a way to slow down the competition!

The other day I read about somebody stating how his Eco-Boost can tow a trailer at 100 mph, yeah, we need that! Lol! I've towed at 75, fast enough for most.

Forget to mention, Motor Trend said the Ford hunts....gears, up/down /up down, what gear?

Congrats to Tim. Hope he has many enjoyable years with the new truck.

@TRX 4 Tomy

"Pretty easy to be at 1.5 million in 15 years, but do most trucking companies push them that hard after that many miles/years?"

YES! Most small businesses and owner/ops do who can't afford new trucks every year. Trucks made before 2007 are especially popular with the owner/ops and small mom and pop businesses since they are pre-DPF or pre-emissions regulations trucks. Like I said, it is nothing for over the road trucks to go a million miles, get an engine overhaul, and then be good for another million.

Just take a look in the truck sales ads and you will see half a milion mile trucks going for $60-70k and a million mile trucks still going for $25-30k. -- http://www.truckpaper.com/list/list.aspx?ETID=1&catid=212&Manu=PETERBILT&Mdltxt=379&mdlx=exact&bcatid=27

"Now that you know I admit to not knowing everything in the world about trucks like you think you do, do you know anything about aviation?"

I don't know about you, but I have never seen an aircraft go a million miles through many winters on paved roads..... have you? I am giving you examples of actual road going vehicles made with aluminum parts that have been tested with almost 70 years and millions of miles (if not billions already) worth of winters driving on the same roads as these new F150s will be, and all you are bringing to the argument are airplanes that don't even use public roads? Really?!?

Oh, and are you hearing and stories of any aluminum hoods and front suspension control arms on the 2009 and up Rams corroding because I sure haven't.

Why change everything at once. Leave room to updates in the future. Like a new transmission down the road, maybe a diesel there after. You do to much all at once and your reliability suffers like ram who ranks at the bottom of all reliability survey.... MT's ecodiesel even broke down during there test.

Ford will have a new transmission in a year or 2 which will make the 2.7 and maybe even the 3.5 as efficient or more efficient then a diesel with more power available.

I think next year will see a 3.5 ecoboost bump in power to Lincolns ecoboost levels. New transmission and possible diesel if if it makes sense as it doesn't at this point economically. 2018 minor redesign (gm will come with aluminum body that year that will be lighter then ford). 2019 will stay the course and 2020 will be a hybrid and redesign. By that time between the 1/2 ton fords and super duties they will have 4 million+ aluminum bodied pickups on the road.

At that point fiat will sell off the chrysler corp to Kia motors.

Jesus, I can't believe people actually dress like that in this day and age. And hunt. And come to forums like this to read these stories.

@Billy. yes all R&D has to do is wave a magic wand and the 10 speed auto will be ready for production. The only reason they are holding off is to annoy people. It couldn't possibly be that developing a transmission takes time to engineer. test it, and set up production facilities.

Poor guy. Reminds me off my father when he was being sucker'd into a new Ford pickup

This months issue of Motor Trend is a must read for everybody here, not only does it test the full size pickups but it also tests the Tacoma against the Colorado.
Motor Trend placed the Ram Eco-Diesel well above the Silverado and F-150, where they made similarities with the Ford and Chevy with words like: "floating" they placed the Ram totally different in a class all by itself.
The Colorado they simply loved it and trashed the Tacoma!

Everything I read about the Colorado-Canyon is exciting, as an avid long time reader of vehicle news and tests I haven't seen so much excitement about a new vehicle for a long time.
The new 2015 F-150 should have got all the excitement but the Colorado-Canyon robbed that away.
Its going to be interesting to watch the future sales numbers.
I am going to buy the 2015 F-150 even if I like it or not cause I am loyal to Ford and my dealer.

Don't judge everything just from the Motor Trend comparison test!
Didn't PUTC say they will have their own comparison test in January?
Lets wait and see what PUTC says before we pass judgement.

You have to understand that Motor Trend may be bias cause over the last 2 years Ram made a big-big deal about the truck of the year award and this gave big advertising dollars and popularity to Motor Trend.
Motor Trend may be sticking it to Ford cause they don't spend their big advertising dollars with them.

PUTC is different, they are in nobody's pocket !

Not news but what do you expect from a website owned by Ford? Funny how fordpickuptrucks.com missed this story. How ford spent nearly $400 million to retool to weld aluminum and General Motors spent a couple of thousand to do the same thing. Yup ford fails, GM remains the most intelligent technology savvy pick up truck maker. It is no wonder Chevy trucks outlast ford & dodge truck by 20 years. http://www.autonews.com/article/20141124/OEM06/311249975/as-ford-spends-big-gm-joins-aluminum-with-simple-welds

That article is typical GM. Cheaping out is their game. Ford did more than just change to rivets and adhesive with that 395 million. GM has to resurface after every 50 welds and change the tips after 4000. So how much difference between the first and last part after the change? They also stated they could weld al to steel with just a voltage change, and some parts didn't need to have a strong weld. Some things never change.

Ecoboost just have so much power and are fun to drive so people tend to drive them harder. If motortrend would have drove the 2.7 ecoboost as slow as the ram eco diesel went it would have exceeded its epa mpg rating. In the 2013 PUTC 1/2 ton comparison the 3.5 ecoboost got better mpg then the hemi and empty the ecoboost exceeded its epa rating at I've 22 mpg.

Light weight 2015 f150 will exceed its mpg if you want and drive it like an ecodiesel.

Check out the EPA link below and enter your local fuel averages to find out the cost per mile by clicking the personalize button.


With current fuel price trends and the gap between predicted to grow even further the ecodiesel is actually more expensive per mile then all of the domestic truck makers biggest v8s.

If anyone can actually come ahead on cost per mile with links to show avg fuel prices in the region then go ahead and show it. The EPA site evens shows stats that the ecodiesel pollutes more and uses more barrels of oil to produce the diesel then the gas options.

Ram sold around 4,000 less trucks then it did last month.

So they didn't sell very many last November is all that data says. Ram sold around 4,000 thousand less trucks november then they did in October. Ram will even sell less in December then they did in November. The reason is people want capability, power snd mpg's which ram has all of those but not in one package like ford does with either 2.7 or 3.5 ecoboost that get great mpg while outperforming the other manf in both power and capability.

Ram didn't sell very many trucks last year. So of course there sales will be up. Just like the pro master van which sold over 3000 but is a 297 percent gain cause they only sold 800 or so november of last year. Same with ram, didn't sell very many last year. They sold less in November then October. Ram will sell less in December then in November but prolly sell more then December of 2013 cause they didn't sell very many.

Gmc sales up 57% compared to November of last year crushing rams sales gains of 21%

Chevy November sales gain crushed rams sales gains compared to November of last year as well

Chevy Colorado blows everybody out of the water with a 39333% gain vs November sales of last year!!! That is right a 39,333% gain!!!!

Gmc sales up 57% compared to last years november crushed rams 21%

The chevy Colorado destroyed rams 21 percent November gain by increasing 39,333%

@TRX 4 Tom

So what you are saying is that an airplane that does not even use public roads provides more of a valid argument for the corrosion of the aluminum of the new F150 and 2009+ Ram's better than an 18-wheeler with a bunch of aluminum parts and uses the same roads as these trucks? Hmm, so you are just brushing aside the millions of miles, and decades these trucks have been on the road to just focus on airplanes? So you are ignoring credible facts because they don't coincide with the outcome you want? Also, if I am not mistaken, even the metals current trucks corrode.

I think the 2015 FORD F-150 should be truck of the year I think its a great looking truck

My brother had a 2004 F-150 with vin # 100065! I guess that is pretty special too? To get a low vin number truck. . .

Ford made it into the magazine because Ford took the time to make a press release, and the magazine published a completely ready to go press release! It helps fill the magazine, does not take more than 30 seconds to transfer and edit, and helps smooth things over with a large manufacture (Advertiser / Customer) all at the same time!

Great to hear that the new F-150's are now out there! And Ford is making them with 3 crews working 10 hour shifts, 120 hours per week! There should be plenty of them for next year.

I ordered and paid deposit on my 2015 F 150 on August 25. Why am I told that it won't be in until January or February? I called my sales person yesterday and he said he would check on it and call me back, but he didn't.

@Jim...because the F-150 is the best selling vehicle in the WORLD and has been a thing of legend for several decades, whereas the Colorado is an all-new, low volume, GM piece of garbage that will surely not be on the road beyond 150,000 miles and is irrelevant in the market place already.

Chevrolet Colorado wins Motor Trend Truck of the Year!
That is a bit of an embarassement for the Ford F150

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