Toyota Teases With 2016 Tacoma Front Grille

2015NAIAS_Toyota_Tacoma_Teaser2 II

Toyota is doing everything it can to get truck buyers excited about the debut of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 12. The Tacoma has had it pretty easy for several years as the top-selling midsize pickup for the better part of a decade. Of course, when looking at how the segment has evolved that's a little like saying you're the healthiest patient in intensive care. But with the arrival of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, there's no doubt this class of pickups will get more attention.

Toyota has released another quick look at the new Tacoma; this time centered on the front grille and headlight surround. The accompanying video implies we'll be seeing the next version of its sportier TRD Pro off-road package before we see the mainstream SR5 models. From the sound of the video we can only hope there will be some powertrain upgrades and options in the Tacoma's future, but if the last Tundra remodel is any indication, we may just get another interior and exterior styling exercise. Let's hope not. We pretty sure Toyota will continue to release these types of teasers before next month, and if we hear anything more from our sources, we'll pass it along.

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Without an updated engine/trans etc,it's nothing more then lipstick on a pig.

Is it just me, or do you see a lot of Ford Fusion look in that front end?

I saw a fairly high speed posi-roster tail. Does this mean it will come with a selectable locker?

@ GA Brannigan

Updates to their chassis would help alot. The Tacoma's ride is outdated to the max. Using some of the pieces from the 4Runner would help.

4Runner has a great ride considering that it's a basic RWD truck rear end and suspension. Tacoma till now anyway rides worse than a Jeep.

Looking fugly is what it looks like.

I prefer the looks of the Colorado.

I like the analogy of being the healthiest patient in intensive care. Funny how reviews praise the new colorado when compared to other midsizers, but they are very careful not to compare it directly to a half ton even though many people will cross shop it wih a half ton. I am interested to see this new tacoma and how it compares to the colorado and full size trucks. I'm expecting it to be very similar to the new colorado but hoping for something cheaper and smaller and more efficient. Still wondering why nobody will offer a true compact truck. I would buy a true compact in addition to a full size.

Looks like a winner, can't wait to see the real thing.

Loving the Aston Martin/Ford-inspired grille.

Looks really tough looking yet modern.

Fusion? That grill opening has had that same basic shape opening since 05

@ hemi lol

You're correct. The 2001-2004 Tacomas even slightly resembled that shape in their main grille opening.

Midsize trucks are half ton trucks, they just are a bit smaller. As for Tacoma it will probably not be any smaller but close to the size of the new Colorado/Canyon. I would also venture to say it will have newer engines and a 6 speed manual and at least a 6 speed automatic. Frontier will be the most dated midsize truck a year from now.

From what little I can see, I like it.

But they better ditch the rear drums--embarrassing on anything but the cheapest vehicle in this day and age. Also, no hood scoop unless it is actually feeding a TMIC.

Toyota has better engines than the current to draw from--hopefully the Colorado will force their hand.

Why is a site, dedicated to pickups, always late with pickup news? may have posted this earlier, but I know for a fact that Edmunds posted this on 12/17 ... 2 days ago!

Either reduce the size and weight significantly or introduce new, more powerful engines. One or the other, if not both. Keep your exterior styling "refresh" on the drawing board where it belongs.

They're trying to do the Ford grille, but it is poorly executed.

The grille seems to be based off what they have done with the 2014 Tundra. Look at the 2014 Tundra SR5 grille lines from the bottom lines to the sides to the top

Yes Please, with a diesel, at least a 6 speed auto, and an upscale trim with adaptive cruise.

Toyota,,, WHAT? Tacoma?
,,, is that similar to a Chevy Colorado?

The snout reminds me of the new Tundra. Mini-me styling. Spy shots on other sites give the impression of this truck looking more like the global Hilux. I do hope they update the drivetrains and chassis. That is where the work needs to be done. If this is just a make over like the Tundra I will not be impressed.

@Beebe - I do agree that sites tend to pussyfoot around any comparisons to full sized trucks. I cross-shop between HD, 1/2 ton and small trucks every time I decide to get a new pickup. I do suspect that kind of outlook to trucks is in the minority.

To stick with the ICU metaphor, I do hope that the Colorado cardioverts the small truck class into a viable long term rhythm.

There is no question it is Ford grille

Toyota is following - Good artists copy, great artists steal.
Pablo Picasso

Grill looks like a Subaru, I had a 2012 crew cab never again.

@papa jim you mean the Tacoma should go 4 link rear coil setup like the 4runner instead of leaf springs? The front struts (and suspension for that matter) are basically the same between the 4Runner, FJ, and Taco.

The Toyota Tacoma's reputation alone is what sells them. No one walks into a Toyota dealership and drops 36k on a Tacoma when they could get a Tundra. The offroad ruggedness and lineage (with the GM twins lack in), reliability, and resale value is what sells these mid-size trucks.

If Toyota doesn't do new engines for this Tacoma, it will probably end up getting the 4.0 v6 used in the 4Runner (270hp). I'm willing to bet there will be new engines for this model, because the 4.0 v6 the 4Runner uses is still mated to a 5 speed auto.

I watched this a little while ago,with absolutely no mention of anything new under the hood.You'll all be told,(maybe) in January.

I don't think many full-size truck buyers consider a mid-size, but I do think most mid-size buyers consider a full size. I won't even consider a mid-size based on the fact there is no room for my wife and kids.

Some of you guys complain about the looks of this Tacoma and say how terrible it is.. But in all reality it's going to sell, and sell well. There's always critics about trucks.. Which is not bad.. I just don't see why people get so bent out of shape about it.. Just find a truck that YOU like and move on. I saw so many people complain about how bad the new Sierras and Silverados looked but while you sit there complaining GM is selling them with ease, and lots of them.. so what if they throw a lot of cash on the hood? It sells well. Again, find a truck that you like, and quit giving people a hard time!

Tapioka..moving backward

Huh? you want $39K for a Tacoma when I can get a Colorado for $36K ?
Then what makes the Tacoma so much better that it costs more?

@Jay, I was just throwing that out there because the current Tacoma's ride is a major drawback to anyone considering one for anything other than off-road use.

A champ in the boonies but pretty crude on the street.

The 4Runner is always praised for its on-road handling and ride.

@ Tom#3

Where do you get this stuff from??? I have yet to see a Tacoma top 39k, not that its not possible but not likely. The new Canyon will easily hit 40k so where in the heck do you come up with Colorado for 36 and Tacoma 39? and the CURRENT Tacoma is a MUCH MUCH better product than the GM twins. the Tacoma will last seemingly forever and we all know the GM twins wont.

More Toyota propaganda! Toyotas don't last any longer than any other car on the road. I'm sick of all the advertising slogans and fanboys parroting them. Keep drinking the Kool Aid they are selling you.

@hemi lol
you were doing ok until you said the current tacoma is much much better than the colorado. That is if you are talking about 2015 colorado. You do realize the colorado was redesigned and pretty much every reviewer agrees it is vastly better than any other current midsize? However I would bet on the new tacoma being better or at least very close to the gm twins.

I would say as of now the Colorado/Canyon are much better than the current Tacoma and Frontier both a decade plus old. It would be good to see the 2016 Tacoma become at least as good and if not better. Some competition in the midsize field is good for the consumer. Toyota should have brought the Hilux over.

My hope that on Jan.12th in Detroit is Toyota dosn't do a Lulu Lemon and insult there loyal customers with a superficial sheet metal facelift and forget what made Tacoma number one, bullet proof drive train and quality builds, the rest is so much fluff. What I would like to see is 2.5L Atkinson cycle turbo, 3.5L Direct Injection and a Diesel option the 3.0L Turbo that the rest of the world gets in the Hilux or maybe the tried and true 4.2L in-line 6.

First thing that came to mind when I saw this pic was Ford. (Fusion, Escape, Mustang) There is a good resemblance to the current Ford models out now. Not surprised though. Remember the first Tundra? Looked like F-150's younger brother. Talk about copying, right?

Has the same shape as the Tundra grill and it protrudes out onto the bumper the same way. The people that say it looks like a Fusion are on Crack Cocane or Meth.

@Alex - The Tacoma is trusted by off roaders because of their reliability. There is a reason why overlanders pick it. How many overlanders use a Colorado/Canyon?

Likewise you see in all continents that they use Toyota's, whether it's Prado, Hilux, or Land Cruiser. How many GMC/Chevy products do you see overseas being used in tough terrain?

Proof is in the pudding.

Toyota has been living off its reputation for years with little change in their products until a competitor redesigns a competing product making it better. Case in point is the prior generation of Corolla which was a good car but was sorely outdated--the competition got better compact cars and finally Toyota redesigned the Corolla making it more up-to-date and better. The Tacoma is a good truck but it is sorely out of date. Hopefully the new Colorado/Canyon which is better than the last Colorado/Canyon will bring a much better and up-to-date Tacoma. Toyota in many ways has become complacent in a more competitive market (Toyota has become the new GM). No business or individual can rest on their laurels because someone else will come along and challenge the one that is number 1. The Japanese auto manufacturers challenged the US based corporations and now the Japanese are being challenged by the South Koreans who might eventually gain a lions share of the auto market and who in turn might eventually be challenged by the Chinese. I understand the intense brand loyalty of most truck owners but in an ever changing market no one is guaranteed staying on top forever. Look at GM who managed to stay number 1 for about 75 years.

I am not putting Toyota down or dissing Toyota I am just stating the obvious. Competition is good for everyone and manufacturers when in a highly competitive market provide a better quality product at a competitive market. Here to Toyota rising to the challenge and coming out with a better and more up-to-date Tacoma. Competition is good.

I meant a better quality product at a more competitive price. Here is to Toyota rising to the challenge and coming out with a better and more up-to-date Tacoma.

I realize some like Hemi Lo think that Toyota products are perfect and do not need to change but a better product benefits the customer and the one selling that product.

Looks like a POS Ram truck front end to me.

As an owner of a true "mid size" pickup (2005 Tundra), I really hope they make the Taco larger. If not, I'll have to look at the Chebby

I don't think Toyota understands that "Teasing" require good looks....

The Tacoma has looked so stupid for so long...It's like a bad joke that won't die.

It's probably just a reskin like they did with the 2014 Tundra. And, if the new Tundra and restyled '15 Camry are any indication of their design direction, it'll probably look even fuglier than the previous version.

With the new Colorado/Canyon twins sporting a powerful new 306hp direct injected V6 and I4 diesel coming next year, Toyota better get with the times with some new class competitive engines for the next gen Tacoma.

Unfortunately, they dropped the ball for improving MPG with the updated Tundra by retaining the same old gas guzzling I-Force 5.7L which hasn't changed since '07. Toyota should start looking at small displacement turbocharged engines like Ford has to improve the dismal MPG figures on their midsized and fullsized truck lines.

Wait, are you saying that Ecoboost engines are more efficient? Maybe on paper they are. Get them on the street and off road and they get Worse MPG. It's like buying a shake-weight and thinking you're gonna get ripped. Toyota doesn't need turbos.


The only reason why the 3.5L Ecoboost is dismal in fuel economy is because Ford tuned it for power over economy. That's why for the '15 model year, they introduced the smaller 2.7L Ecoboost as a mid-range option to increase MPG figures.

At 325hp/375tq, it's more than enough power than most people need in the real world and the MPG will certainly be a lot better than the big 'ole 3.5L. And, when/if they ever go to a 8-10sp auto. it'll be that much better

I'm no Ford fan, but I do appreciate where they're taking their current powertrain technology with these new small displacement turbocharged engines. Diesels are fine and dandy for those who need the high torque at the expense of higher service/fuel costs for heavy towing/hauling. However, there is a place for small displacement turbocharged gas engines in the full-sized as well as the mid-sized truck market.

I am a big fan of this segment, it is useful and fun to have a truck with this characteristics. I just a test drive today of the Colorado and I have to say I was impressed, I have always been a fan of the Tacoma better (for ovious reasons) but i am just wainting to see the new and improved Tacoma.

And one more thing to consider, as good as the Colorado is, it is a Chevy, and I dont think they will ever be able to compete with the reliablity and dependability of the the Japanese mid-size trucks.

the 3.5 ecoboost doesn't get bad mileage. In the 2013 pickup comparison it got better gas mileage than the ram with hemi and 8 speed both while towing and unloaded. It got btter mileage unloaded than the chevy ram toyota and nissan. Only the gmc beat it. While towing it was within 1.5 mpg of the best truck. It was also easily the fastest truck both towing and not towing. For 2015 mpg has improved across the board.

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