Toyota Teases With 2016 Tacoma Front Grille

2015NAIAS_Toyota_Tacoma_Teaser2 II

Toyota is doing everything it can to get truck buyers excited about the debut of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 12. The Tacoma has had it pretty easy for several years as the top-selling midsize pickup for the better part of a decade. Of course, when looking at how the segment has evolved that's a little like saying you're the healthiest patient in intensive care. But with the arrival of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, there's no doubt this class of pickups will get more attention.

Toyota has released another quick look at the new Tacoma; this time centered on the front grille and headlight surround. The accompanying video implies we'll be seeing the next version of its sportier TRD Pro off-road package before we see the mainstream SR5 models. From the sound of the video we can only hope there will be some powertrain upgrades and options in the Tacoma's future, but if the last Tundra remodel is any indication, we may just get another interior and exterior styling exercise. Let's hope not. We pretty sure Toyota will continue to release these types of teasers before next month, and if we hear anything more from our sources, we'll pass it along.

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@ the other mike

IT would be great if the new 2.7 eco boost gives the MPG numbers as advertised. None of the existing eco-boost engines ie. the 2.0 turbo, 1.6 turbo and the 2.3 turbo, live up to their EPA estimates. They all consistently get worse real world mileage than their naturally aspirated counterparts. Most likely because you need to be on boost more often to get the required power. That combined with long term durability issues, I don't see the real advantage to turbo charging.

It looks great I love the grille I don't like the fog lights

I can't wait to see the DIESEL save more gas

Previous Colorados, Canyons, Dakotas and Rangers were dismal, only bought by true fanboys.

Toyota Tacomas are known worldwide for their reliability and toughness. You just won't find a Dodge Dakota or Chev Colorado in Africa, New Zealand or Asia where your location is remote, rugged and a hell of a distance away from a dealership for service.

Want a real tough truck, buy a Tacoma. I have a fleet of them and work them hard. No Chevs or Dodges for me thank you very much. Down time for repair is money out of my pocket.

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