Video Find: Power Wheels' F-150 Takes Ford Toughness Test

Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 - 13 (2) II

We're not sure whether this video demonstrates how strong toy Fisher-Price Power Wheels are or if this is just evidence that making pickup trucks out of aluminum has more benefits than we first thought. Power Wheels, which makes realistic riding toys, partnered with Ford to make a mini-version of the 2015 F-150 and then put the replica to a toughness test. We thought this was a fun video and a good experiment for teaching junior high and high school students about weight distribution.



Looks like Ford will be building F-150's out of plastic next.

Looks like Ford will be building F-150's out of plastic next.

Trucks have been using plastic for decades.

WOW that toy F-150 is built just as tough as a real F-150.
They tried to make a Ram toy truck but the left steering link kept breaking off causing steering loss and the select shift dial on the dash would break off and the rear coil springs failed.

@Tom#3, You are so right. My neighbor bought his kid a ram power wheels and he tried to haul a few rocks and the rear end broke. He then tried to put it in park and shifted into 4 wheel drive cause he grabbed the wrong dial. He wasn't hurt but that ram now sits out back on blocks in the woods. No more ram anything for that kid.

So it takes 4 toy f150s to haul one beer can.

No it takes 4 rams with air ride and helper springs to do that. Maybe.

They were going to use a Chevy but Fisher-Price only budgets so much for recalls....

One Ford Engineer to Another:

Eureka! We have the solution to "Limp Mode".

"We now have a way to get the truck back to the dealership safely"

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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