2014 Pickup Sales Recap and 2015 Predictions


Pickup trucks had a good year in 2014. Of all makes and models sold in the U.S., only two were down an appreciable amount — the Nissan Titan and Honda Ridgeline, and both due for a dramatic upgrade soon.

In the midsize pickup segment, expect the new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon to continue to climb in monthly sales as their production and dealership network gets stronger through 2015. Toyota Tacoma sales are not likely to slow, even with a significant changeover coming for the 2016 model. That's because Toyota has two flexible plants building the Tacoma. Nissan Frontier sales will remain strong because Nissan will keep its midsize pickup priced aggressively.

In the half-ton segment, Nissan will try a new strategy, offering a fence-sitting 2016 Titan XD with the "Goldilocks" Cummins turbo-diesel available for customers frustrated with the lack of a heavier-duty light-duty work truck. Additionally, Ford plants will reach full capacity by the summer with all versions and powertrains of the new F-150 available. Expect both GM and Ram half-tons to continue their strong popularity as well.

In the heavy-duty segment (typically defined as three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickups), it's possible we could see some growth, especially if gasoline prices stay low, but we're not expecting many changes anytime soon. The next manufacturer to do something major will likely be Ford when it uses aluminum for the Super Duty body panels and bed.


PUTC_2014saleschart_halfton (2)


PUTC_2014saleschart_heavyduty (2)


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Wow Gm sold the most half-tons. Now once they update the duramax maybe they can gain market share in the HD segment

went will the next gen super duty debut

what year will the next super duty be 2016 or2017

I thought you Ram guys were saying you were taking Chevy out?

Ford cleaning up, and with the oldest trucks.

Ford dominates in the "work" market, HDs. GM twins dominate in the light duty "pleasure" market.

C'mon PUTC, exact numbers would've been nice. Congratulations to Ford for continued dominance in the HD market. Kudos to GM for owning the half-ton segment.

GM didn't sell the most in half tons. They where behind Chev, Ford and Ram.

RAM dominates in the smart people market. LOL.

@Dan, Wow! Are you saying that GMC trucks and Chevrolet are not owned by the same corporation? Same candy bar, different wrapper. The money all goes to the same place.

I think over the next few years we will see some changes in the pickup market. I'm not talking about anything shocking product-wise, but changes between who the big players are.

I don't believe that the pickup market has reached saturation levels yet, what I think is that those who are wanting to enter the market are being kept out by prices.

Ford is in the awkward position of having so much market share that they are going to have to find new ways to keep that market share.

The other players in market have to make wise moves in the upcoming years. Nissan has introduced a truck that could be a game changer, depending on reception and if it's significantly cheaper than a 250/2500 truck.

I see Toyota as being in the most perilous situation right now. I don't believe many buyers take them seriously. Nissan could easily outsell them.

GM doesn't count the two truck lines together either. Different names and though they are the same underneath, different divisions. They never counted the Camaro and firebird together now did they.

I predict Ford will find it hard to claw back its losing sales.

I predict Ram will improve further in sales.

I predict the new XD Titan will stagnate the lighter HD numbers.

I predict the Colorado will take a couple of years to gain traction. By that time the new smaller Frontier will be released.

I predict Taco's will remain static in sales, and its price will drop to challenge the Colorado/Canyon.

I predict Nissan will offer cheap deals on the Frontier like we have with the Navara here in Australia.

I predict enjoy the low fuel prices while you can. As I've read some are stating the possibility of crude to rise to $200 per barrel.

@Big Al

we were doing so well, then you predicted a 3x increase in the price of crude.


Do the world's popular currencies like the Euro and the greenback fall so low as to artificially price oil at 200.00?

Does your crystal ball reveal a near term future where the world's moribund economies suddenly spring to life with little more than wishes to show for it?

With gold presently at 60 percent of its dollar denominated 2011 price, demand for commodities is very weak near term. The European Central Bank last week announced a major round of "quantitative easing" which will crush economic growth, demand and the value of the Euro, which for the first time is trading par with the dollar, i.e., 1:1

The most accurate indicators of future US demand are very weak (home sales data; new hires, jobless claims).

This feels like the 1970s again.

GM sold the most half ton pickups with their two brands, Chevrolet and GMC! GM builds a great pickup and that is why they are able to market two brands where the competition cannot do that.

@GM guy

Actually Ford had two successful truck brands a few years ago, the F150 of course, and the Lincoln Blackwood

They dropped the Blackwood right at the time that the Big 3 were all making piles of money selling up market half ton trucks. Hmmm

RAM dominates in the smart people market. LOL.

Posted by: Beast

LOL .............. That was one of your funniest comments EVER

Ford's sales all come from fleet buyers otherwise their numbers would on par with all the others. They also sell the worst product. The new Tacoma is gonna wipe the floor with the new GM crap and yes it is crap.

@greg. You just said it. It takes 2 brands to sell what they do. 2 different brands.

@ real truck... so you must honestly be delusional. .... if your incoherent logic was correct then one would assume that 100% of either Chevy or GMC buyers would ditch GM if one of the brands were dropped. .. wow? GM will always be in top in the 1/2 ton market...that said...if I was to buy a 1/2 ton truck today it would be a Ram...

"In the heavy-duty segment (typically defined as three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickups), it's possible we could see some growth,"
Not much of a prediction. Its POSSIBLE we COULD see just about anything.

Looks to me the Colorado took away all the excitement from the new F-150.
Everybody is holding off buying the new F-150 until they see the problems with a new model coming out.
The best bargain right now is a Ram 1500 crew 5.7 hemi 4x4
If the truck buyer wants to play it safe and get a bargain at the same time the Ram is the best choice.
Lower gas prices mean nothing cause everybody knows that won't last long cause gas prices will go back up.

The truck buyer does his homework, why would he spend $42K for a F-150 with an underpowered 2.7 EB that gets 17 MPG when he can get a similar Ram 1500 with a Hemi V8 that gets 19 MPG for $36K ?

I predict for 2015 Ram 1500 will be #1 and the Colorado #2 in sales.

I predict for 2015 Ram 1500 will be #1 and the Colorado #2 in sales.
Posted by: Tom#3 | Jan 28, 2015 2:00:29 AM

On that prediction will you be willing to make a bet? If that prediction does not come true, you leave the site. If any of those trucks are #1 or #2, I will leave. Lets see if you will accept my challenge and bet your posting privileges.

lol so much for Dodge taking over Chevy...That will never happen.

Ford will dominate the HD segment as long as they continue their heavy fleet sales.

GM dominates the retail truck market where the real money is.

New aluminum Ford is going to be a flop, when people realise, how expensive is to fix it.


RAM will take over Chevy and Ford at once , but they need to build a new factory, because they sell, what ever is available.

Aluminium Ford is going to be a flop, when people realise, how expensive is to fix it.


RAM will take over Chevy and Ford at once, but they need to build a new factory, because they sell what ever is available.

And there you have it... The excellent BUT Geriatric F150 and Superduty designs handily outselling newer and in some ways (at least with the Ram1500) currently superior designs. The F truck's streak is safe for at least another consecutive year and the coming year will be much more exciting with it going from the old man of the pack to the uber cutting edge and all the good and bad that will bring to the game and ultimately its and its comeptition's sales. 15 should be a lot more interesting with the little pretend truck world sapping sales and the Titan making itself at least a curiosity worthy of examination and the possible production shortfall of new F150s.

@Big Al – Most experts feel that a barrel of oil will not be as high as they were over the last few years. $300/barrel….. not likely in our lifetimes.
Do you have insider information in relation to instability in the Middle East?
I do agree that Ram will improve sales BUT they are much closer to running out of capacity than Ford or GM. We will see slow but steady gains. The low price of fuel will offset to some degree the damage suffered by the oil industry.
I doubt that Ford will have any problems regaining lost sales due to retooling.
The Titan XD Cummins is more likely to erode ¾ ton sales as opposed to max tow/haul ½ ton trucks. Car Trend indicated that most people with HD’s tow around 10K. Those opting for HD ½ ton trucks are more likely to be sensitive to price. Max cargo F150’s for example tend to be more the domain of work trucks or price sensitive consumers who can’t justify diesel and/or ¾ ton pickups. I suspect that Titan will more likely erode Ram sales since the do not have a competitive HD ½ ton and due to reliability concerns with Ram trucks in general. Many purchase Ram due to Cummins. They now have an alternative to Ram to get a big “C” on the fender. Diaz has an axe to grind with Ram and that axe is named XD.
People are myopic and most will favour ½ tons over small trucks because fuel prices are low. I suspect we will see the ratio of small truck versus full sized stay the same at 10% small/ 90% large.

I can't afford to take that bet on those terms cause I have a fan club here.
If the bet started late summer, early fall I would take that bet cause Ford will still lead in the first half of the year in sales cause they count the 2014's in the 2015 sales numbers.
Its human nature I guess how everybody makes the same mistake over and over again.
The mistake Ford made on the 2015 F-150 is they went too extreme, too far, changed it too much, they went crazy doing too much to change it thinking they made it better, but all they did is confuse and scare people away.
I will give a valuable lesson in life: "There's a fine line between trying hard and trying TOO hard, cross that line and you'll fail"

AstroTurf Tom strikes again.

Internet Marketing 101.

The same misconceptions exist in relation to "F" Series pickup sales. It was noted on this site a long time ago that Ford only counts pickups with boxes in this tally. Chassis/cab trucks are separate. That means F150, F250, F350 and F450's.
Ram counts 1500 up to 4500 in their Ram sales tally.
GM on the other hand does not build anything bigger than a 3500.

Tom#3, Do you no longer feel Ram #1 is a safe bet? If you feel better about your chances in the fall, I accept your bet.

There is no way to single out Ram 1500 series sales for only part of the year, so we will have to bet on the Colorado.

If the Colorado is #1 or #2 in sales, September-December, I give up my posting id.

If the Colorado is not #1 or #2, you give up your posting id.

The bet is on!

If you want to do a Ram bet, I bet you Ram Truck does not have a +30% increase (monthly change vs 2014) in this month of January.

If you whant to look a real truck test go check rpm the ford pickup 250 ,,wow ,the frame twist like a elastic and people think this is a strong pickup wow,,


I own an F-150 but I know too many people that own a Ram and I can't help but being more impressed with the Ram and I have faith that the new truck buyers will see that and choose the Ram over the F-150.
I strongly believe the 2015 F-150 scared away the repeat-loyal current F-150 owners. The guys that own an F-150 are not impressed.
Also the new F-150 comes with a premium price.
Also everybody including PUTC is playing nice with Ford by helping them covering up the problems with the new F-150, but to be fair with PUTC they cover up problems with other brands of pickups.
Funny how I mention those problems I am shut down and attacked so I learned to keep quiet.
One of the most important reasons why I predict Ram and Colorado will be #1 and 2 is in time the problems with the F-150 will come out and F-150 sales will sink to the bottom.
So I will just keep quiet sit back and watch and I will come back around late summer and gloat saying: "I Told You So"

I have been reading too many car and motorcycle magazines for a long time, I know the common code words they use when they are afraid to tell you about a problem with the vehicle they know about but they are afraid to tell you, some call it "hints". PUTC does the same thing, I got all the "hints" they left about the new F-150.
If you want me to teach you and point out those code words and hints just ask me and I will be happy to point them out for you.

I predict I will continue to drive my gas-hog '03 Silverado while thinking about an efficient truck that can do 75% of what it does.

Furthermore I predict, given my fastidious maintenance of the used-hard Chev, I'll be making a similar prediction in the year 2030 because I am, finally, a mechanically handy cheapskate.

Lol GM fan bois cry cause Ford includes the F450 in the Fseries count but then turn around and count the Sierra and Silverado together as 1. Talk about double standards.

Regardless the Fseries is the best selling truck brand in all of America so bite me.

Ram? Who would buy a FIAT?

The pickup trucks 2015 is such a way that it looks like car in it's front view and a truck in it's back view. Interesting!!

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