2014 Sales Recap: Brands and Vans

Ford Econoline 2 II

We've combined all the 2014 pickup truck sales by manufacturer to see how they stack up, and the results were much closer than you might think. With Ford's need to shutdown the Dearborn Truck Plant for the 2015 F-150 changeover, its production numbers were about what they were in 2013. GM pickups benefited with substantial sales gains. In the end, Ford just inched ahead of GM by a little more than 1,000 units — that's a difference of little more than 1/10th of 1 percent.

Additionally, we wanted to include the growing midsize commercial van segment, as well as the evolving full-size van market. We expect both categories to do plenty of shifting and expanding as more businesses look to replace their aging older and less fuel-efficient work trucks.

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2015 TransitConnectWagon II




Why not include minivans. They are midsize vans too, plus those vans above are not exclusively just cargo just as pickup trucks are not exclusive cargo vehicles.. aka crewcab w/5.5 beds.

I like seeing the graphics for the vans and trucks but can you also put the actual final figures in as well?

I wonder how many Econoline purchases were made in anticipation of the change over to the Transit and if the Transit alone can garner as many sales in 2015?!

I'm surprised to see them show combined sales for all general motors pickups chevy and gmc. They never do that. Also surprised that they didn't sell more than ford after combining them all. it will be interesting to see what happens with sales of the new f150. I for one hope chevy and ram sales gain more on ford so that ford will heavily discount the new trucks. No doubt I want a ford but not when ram and chevy are 5 to 10 grand less. I'm waiting as long as necessary to get a good deal on a ford. Even if its a year.

Take away F450, F550, F650. See what the numbers are.

F-650 is a Medium Duty Class 6 and is not included. Ram also sells 4500 and 5500 trucks.

Take away the Craptor and Egoboost and F-450 Super Dooty. Then see what the numbers are.

Take away silverado and Sierra then see what happens

@Big Al – Most experts feel that a barrel of oil will not be as high as they were over the last few years. $300/barrel….. not likely in our lifetimes.
Do you have insider information in relation to instability in the Middle East?
I do agree that Ram will improve sales BUT they are much closer to running out of capacity than Ford or GM. We will see slow but steady gains. The low price of fuel will offset to some degree the damage suffered by the oil industry.
I doubt that Ford will have any problems regaining lost sales due to retooling.
The Titan XD Cummins is more likely to erode ¾ ton sales as opposed to max tow/haul ½ ton trucks. Car Trend indicated that most people with HD’s tow around 10K. Those opting for HD ½ ton trucks are more likely to be sensitive to price. Max cargo F150’s for example tend to be more the domain of work trucks or price sensitive consumers who can’t justify diesel and/or ¾ ton pickups. I suspect that Titan will more likely erode Ram sales since the do not have a competitive HD ½ ton and due to reliability concerns with Ram trucks in general. Many purchase Ram due to Cummins. They now have an alternative to Ram to get a big “C” on the fender. Diaz has an axe to grind with Ram and that axe is named XD.
People are myopic and most will favour ½ tons over small trucks because fuel prices are low. I suspect we will see the ratio of small truck versus full sized stay the same at 10% small/ 90% large.

The same misconceptions exist in relation to "F" Series pickup sales. It was noted on this site a long time ago that Ford only counts pickups with boxes in this tally. Chassis/cab trucks are separate. That means F150, F250, F350 and F450's.
Ram counts 1500 up to 4500 in their Ram sales tally.
GM on the other hand does not build anything bigger than a 3500.

sorry last 2 comments were meant for Pickup sales thread.

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