2015 Detroit Auto Show: Everything You Need to Know

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There was plenty of pickup truck news from the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Here we present links to all of PickupTrucks.com's posts in chronological order along with links to related stories on our sibling site Cars.com.


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I was disappointed with the show, I thought other manufactures would start offering air suspension and more diesel news for small pickups... I also asked someone working for dodge if they would ever put the cummins in the challenger and they didn't know what a cummins was :-/

For some of us the only enjoyment we get out of life is owning and driving our heavy duty pickup. The truck we own means a lot to some of us, I can understand that. Sitting in the drivers seat is our own private space, our safe zone, its part of our living space, it keeps us warm, cool and dry. Its an extension of our home. When we know, have evidence we have the best truck we are proud. Its a nice feeling driving the best and highest rated truck. When you bought a Ford you were innocent thinking you were buying the best cause you were a victim caught up in selective advertising and marketing from Ford. I fell for it too The only way you can come to peace in your inner soul is to admit the Ram is better than the Ford you own, accept defeat and you'll be free!
Posted by: Tom#3 | Nov 1, 2014 12:54:24 AM

I would be much more interested in speaking with the engineers and designers to find out what the heck they were thinking in some of their products. One can wish at least.

I am a victim from selective marketing and peer pressure that I need to own the greatest and latest new truck every year or two.
I have finally come to the conclusion its not worth staying in debt replacing a perfectly good truck for a new one.
The only problem is I made the wrong choice of sticking with the make of truck I own now.
I admit I was excited about buying a new truck, but for the wrong reasons, just to impress my friends, but the new truck that I did the test drive in didn't impress me.
No truck out there excites me when I drive one, a fast motorcycle or a fast sports car would excite me more.
I don't want my life controlled by the type of truck I drive, there are many more important priorities out there.
We can't go thru life pretending we are something we are not based on what truck we drive, my truck doesn't make me a tough guy, I already was a tough guy before I even owned a truck.
Just like that guy that owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle, he can't ride it, he doesn't enjoy riding it but he rides it to impress his friends, to fit in. I see a new truck the same way, that guy that owns a new truck doesn't haul or tow nothing, never gets any mud on it, he's afraid to put anything in the bed cause it might scratch the paint. He is pretending to be something he's not thinking that new truck will transform him into a different person.
I don't want to be part of that trap, I don't want my truck to control my life.

I heard a lot of people complaining about the Rebel front grill, I didn't find it that bad in person, The new Tacoma looks really bad in person... I'm pretty sure you could hide a body or two between the front grill and the radiator.

With off road being a major trend, I want to see a truck with a Long Travel Suspension, Portal Axles, part time TC and locking/LS Diffs, then we'd be talking off road

"I have finally come to the conclusion its not worth staying in debt replacing a perfectly good truck for a new one"

You said a long time ago that you got a huge allowance to buy a truck..............

now you say it puts you in debt.

Astroturf marketing........

Your post outlines an alternative marketing strategy..........

by act like a disgruntled owner.

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