2015 Detroit Auto Show: Highlights From Day One


In the world of domestic auto shows, there is nothing like the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This is where the truckmakers often bring their A-game. We have no doubt that this year's show will go down as one of the best for pickup trucks in a long time with several big debuts as well a surprise or two. Here are just some of the things that stood out to us during the first day.


Media Room


If you've never been to a media room at a big event, the norm is a room down a hallway away from the action. Here it's different. This place is huge and throughout the day buzzes with more noise and excitement than a during normal press conference.


Awards Announcement


The reveal of the North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year awards opened the Detroit Auto Show; this year the Truck/Utility finalists were the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, the Ford F-150 and the Lincoln MKZ. The decision-making body is made up of U.S. and Canadian automotive writers who gave the Truck/Utility Award to the new F-150. Unfortunately, the Mustang did not win Car of the Year to make it a Ford sweep (the Volkswagen Golf was the winner).




There weren't a lot of surprises at the show this year, but one of them was the all-new 2017 Raptor. No longer called the SVT Raptor (mainly because Ford Performance is now the umbrella group for all performance packages globally), this new hot-rod pickup wowed the audience and had packed crowds surrounding it for an hour after the press conference ended.


Nissan Titan


You know the vehicle being revealed is important when the top executive, in this case Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn, is the one doing the introduction. The Titan XD was displayed in three flavors — Pro-4X, Platinum Reserve and SL — on a rugged stage. Media experts couldn't help themselves, describing the truck's looks to be very similar to Ford, Ram and Toyota.


Toyota Tacoma


A pair of new Tacomas (one a Limited double cab, the other a TRD Off-Road Access Cab) drove onto the Toyota stage to display the tamest "all-new" vehicle of the show. Yes, just about every aspect of this vehicle has been touched, redesigned or reengineered, but if you didn't know that before you saw the truck, it could easily be missed. Subtle to a fault.


Hyundai Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz 2 II

This not-so-subtle Santa Cruz crossover utility concept sports a familiar look that's popular with product planners who want to show their bosses they know how to think outside the box. What's ironic is that when they want show how creative they can be they stick a basic box on the back of a stylish and comfy SUV. Yawn.


Here are the links to the first-day stories from Detroit.

Cars.com photos by Mark Williams




A memorable auto show on doubt

If I were President I'd definitely get the first Raptor to be sold. That truck gives me goosebumps, new GT too.

"Unfortunately, the Mustang did not win Car of the Year to make it a Ford sweep (the Volkswagen Golf was the winner)."

Really? I used to believe in the better of you guys that you were not Ford biased, but how can you put that in your article and expect us that you are not subjective to Ford.

Tacome: "Yes, just about every aspect of this vehicle has been touched, redesigned or reengineered, but if you didn't know that before you saw the truck, it could easily be missed."

Same could be said for the new GM trucks, Fords, Rams, Tundras....

Oh the new HD can tow 30k+ pounds, but you'd never know it because the truck looks the EXACT SAME.

don't slam the door too hard the glass might fall out


You can tell the bias in this website. Read the write-up for the Ford portion in just this article and then read the rest. Ford is like a god while the rest are just subpar piles of poo.


PUTC isn't in love with Ford
About a month or more ago Mark Williams (PUTC Head Honcho) went absolutely crazy in love with his first Chevy Colorado, he had a video where he was gasping for air for his excitement and using words like "class leading"

I have been reading PUTC for a long time and I never seen them so excited about a new truck like the Colorado before.

PUTC did have a story not long ago about new problems with the F-150 Eco-Boost with carbon deposits on the valves,, soooo if they were bias they wouldn't tell us that.
ok? believe me !

Toyota is going to continue offering the "pro" package with the new Tacoma.

Tom#3, I agree with you regarding this site. I too have been following this site long before mark took it over, and yes thought the coverage of the ford items is sometimes pro ford... But I now feel the real issue is how well, and proactive Fords PR department is at getting the information out, and how poor GM is... As a GM fan it hurts, but that isn't this website, nor Fords problem...

Thanks for the coverage... A lot of new products that will only enhance an already fastly evolving truck market. I truly hope GM builds the ZR2 Colorado...

just wait a few more months and the problems will come out they are having with the 2015 F-150

I gave you a hint !

(don't slam the door hard)

Stop bashing the site for being pro-Ford. They are the best selling brand in most categories so when they make a decision or change it effects the entire segment. With the aluminum trucks every piece of metal is thicker. Everything seems more substantial. I like that. My RAM is a great truck but the metal is thin. I don't know what the costs to fix the FORD would be and I don't really like the look of it (I've owned 2 F150s in the past). When a new truck comes out PUTC does the same sort of article on them all...overview, 5 good and 5 bad things about it. What Ford does is constantly change things on their trucks getting more media coverage. That's smart. When GM starts doing that they will get the coverage that Ford gets.

Because Ford didn't have a truck in the running, if they did the Ranger would be class leading and he'd probably get "overly excited".

You can tell bias by how things are worded in the articles, and the little insults they add towards other brands. You can tell this websites writes don’t favor Toyota, and I even see that and I’m not a Toyota fan boy.

We continually strive to be the best Auto Show in North America...Keep up the good work Mark!

Ford rarely changes their trucks. They do refreshes and call it new. The demised and last generation Ranger went back so far back I don't even recall the year. The F150 spanned 11years, '04-'14. The Super Duty spanned 17yrs and counting since '98. It is obvious people don't like drastic change or are just brand blind. The Tundra and Tacoma seems to have taken note of this and are doing the same on the latest truck models.

GM, RAM and to an extent, the Tundra and Titan changes all new more than Ford ever will for pickup trucks.

This site is not bias, Mark William is. He loves Ford.

Before Mark, Mike Levine was the one who ran this site. Mike was a fair writer who gave fair and unbiased opinions. It wasn't until the last strings before he was offered a position by Ford did he flip flopped.

Some of you guys are too much in love with the brand you own.
You claim PUTC is bias, I say YOU are bias too!
You only point out about the good things of the brand you own but you NEVER tell us the bad things or what you don't like about it!
I always was first telling everybody what I don't like about my newer F-150.
I hate the electric steering
I hate the long delay for the 4x4 to engage
I hate the hard plastic center consol
I hate the SYNC (the screen goes blank)
I hate the HVAC blower fan, it has a mind of its own
I hate that I can't reach the engine oil dipstick
I hate the poor gas mileage I get

maybe if I owned a Ram, Chevy, or Toyota there would be more things I hate about those brands but I don't own one so I can't judge
nobody makes a perfect pickup, not in love with my F-150 but I bought it cause it had the best price and the dealer treats me good, but IF the price was right and I trust the dealer I would have liked to own a Ram Pickup better.
I own my truck to serve a purpose, to haul, tow and 4x4 to get thru the snow, if I had a choice I would ratter drive a car or an SUV than a pickup.
A fast Corvette or Mustang would put a smile on my face. The F-150 isn't exciting to drive!

You guys could do us a great service by pointing out the dislikes and problems you have with the truck you own cause we all don't believe what some magazine or some online expert says about it, we get MORE information by the nobody guy that already owns one. The experts hold back all the bad things cause if they did they wouldn't get any free test models and that would force them outta business.
Then when I warn you about the problems about a new model I get called names and made fun of, I am doing that as a favor to you cause I don't want to see someone getting ripped off cause I got ripped off in the past and I know the feeling, I was just trying to help! My intensions are good cause I do care about you.

I didn't buy my truck because of the good price or the dealer treated my good. I think that's one of the stupidest reason to buy a good truck. I bought it because it is the based on the reliability history of the brand among all trucks bought within family and friends. And guess what, all of them later bought the same brand truck I have when they traded their truck in, except one who needed a HD for plowing and it's his 4 GM. I'm still driving my problem free 14yr old truck. I don't haul a lot of stuff and have only hauled over my limit 12 times in the 14yrs I've owned it. But I do tow 4400lbs 3-4 times a week spring to fall. My experience with other trucks may not be solid facts but good enough keep me with the same brand I have now.

"With the aluminum trucks every piece of metal is thicker. Everything seems more substantial. I like that."

Posted by: Cummins Owner | Jan 14, 2015 8:16:47 AM


I got to touch push what ever I wanted to do to the 2015 Ford. It had no rigidity on the front fender. It was just like my aunt's Pontiac Fiero which were plastic. Had a plastic feel to it when you knocked on it.

Don't take my word for it go to your local dealer and try it.

My 03 Ram is very solid and when you push on the fender it doesn't flex.

Spare me your Cummins. B.S. Ford boy. I ain't buying it.

All 1, 5678,

Aren't you a Ford sales man?

To some, the Santa Cruz may be a "yawn" but to others it's a BIG step in the right direction. A lot of people currently driving mid-sized or smaller SUV/CUVs want an open box--A Real, Open, Box. Nothing super fancy, but the capabilities of this Santa Cruz fits almost perfectly in the target market as small enough to be convenient and yet capable enough for 90% of home DIY purposes. These people simply don't need or want what a larger truck offers. If they did, they'd be driving full-sized pickup trucks and not small CUVs.

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