2015 Detroit Auto Show Trend: Seat Logos

Ford Raptor seats II

We saw many things at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but one of our favorite features on several pickup trucks was the truck name embroidered on the sides of front seats. We're not sure whether this design detail is trending and spreading across the auto industry or if it was just an odd coincidence at the show. Maybe it's neither. But a related detail that caught our eye was the tire tread pattern on the seats of the 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel. Of course, seat suppliers share whatever advances they make with manufacturers. Once one manufacturer jumps in, you can bet that it's in presentations to competitors. Knowing that, we would love it if every pickup tire tread was duplicated on the front seats.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears


Nissan Titan Pro4X seat II

Ram Rebel Seats II



If this is all Mark Williams has to report, he's twiddling his thumbs and getting paid too much. How about finding out if Nissan will put the Cummins ISF2.8 & 8 Speed Auto into the Frontier Pickup Truck to fight off the New Tacoma. How about calling your buddies at GM to finding out details on the Colorado / Canyon Diesel coming later this year and how much extra one will have to pay for that motor??

It's not all he has to report, just one of the things they noticed in Detroit.
Because he isn't taking care of your personal interests hardly means he is twiddling his thumbs.
Grow up Ed.

I'm with gom. Just because you don't see what's being worked on doesn't mean nothing's being worked on, Ed....

Anyway, the tread pattern in the Ram is really cool; probably the coolest thing about it...only cool thing about it...?

This post would have been better if he at least told us which one was the most comfortable to sit in, but then again he'd have to get a lot more people survey in order to get decent results.

@ Gom and @ Iray801,

I think you missed my point. After the media blitz on new trucks from the Detroit Auto show I was merely asking for an update on vehicles that others, besides myself, may be interested in that were not part of the information barrage.

The information contained in the article above is I'm sure relevant to a number of folks, but really belongs as a paragraph in a larger article about the said vehicle.

Also, I will take back my comments about Mr. Williams being overpaid as this was uncalled for. However, I will stand by my statements about wanting to get updates on the TDI versions of the Frontier and Colorado/Canyon. Seeking such information is what normal grown up people do!!!

Good day gentlemen, if you have real names.

Rebel looks the best.

Raptor looks the best!!

Or the fact that Raj Nair let it slip that the 17 raptor will have 450hp

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