2015 Detroit Auto Show Video: 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel

Ram Rebel ES 1 II

This might not be an all-new Ram 1500 or a hugely different take on the existing Ram Outdoorsman, but there are several significant changes and upgrades that could make this a standout player for 2015. It should be ready to go on sale by June. We thought we'd take a closer look.

Cars.com photo by Evan Sears




Be nice with 6.4... or hellcat super charged 6.2... or super charged 5.7.... something like that... I wonder how Ram will react to Ford's 10 Speed?

Should have the diesel

@Alex - agreed.

A 5.0 Cummins to be exact!

With a HD badge on the door and a plow package option LOL i say that too much.

Anyone else thin Ram's ecodiesel could use twin turbo's to match the ecoboost??

Why not have a banks power tuned Ecodiesel? Also why not put in a better part time transfer case and a limited slip front differential so you could actually have all 4 wheels driving when you go off road. I'd rather have a bench seat like the power wagon, and how about a winch?

will the 2016 ram 1500 look different then the 2015 ram 1500& will the 2016 ram HD look different then the 2015 ram HD

went will they 2016 ram trucks debut

when will the next genterion ford super duty debut

Only crew cab, short bed, gas engine configurations? While I personally prefer crew cabs, they really need to change that and offer more configurations to fully satisfy their customers. It'd be shame to see this bad boy lose out because of that.

Get some balls and make it a Raptor fighter. Dodge has the parts they need sitting on the shelf!


Inside The VM Motori 3.0L V6 Diesel Engine
We Get Inside The First Potential 1/2 Ton Diesel Engine
The 630T has the potential to make more than 600 hp in race trim. —Matt Trainham, Banks Powertrain Engineer

Sure they could. Will they. Highly doubt it.

Read more: http://www.dieselpowermag.com/tech/1208dp_banks_vm_motori_630t_v6_diesel_engine/#ixzz3P1TS149a

Also why not put in a better part time transfer case and a limited slip front differential so you could actually have all 4 wheels driving when you go off road. 

Posted by: Gifters | Jan 16, 2015 2:04:38 PM

What do you mean by better part time transfer case. You have 2 wheel drive, 4 wheels drive auto, 4×4 part time High, 4×4 part time Low.
The RAM 1500 has traction control which you can turn off and goes on automatically from some speed, it has stability control as well.
The traction control would interfere with limited slip front differential probably, that's why not in use, but you have 4×4 part time limited slip rear diferential option and traction control, which brakes each front spinning wheel separately to get traction to the wheel with better grip. Traction control is off at 4×4 Low.
With very low first gear at 8 speed , I would use 4×4 high , with traction control on. Front lock would be nice for very extreme muddy offroading, but I used it without that in 10" deep snow at regular 1500 Laramie and had no problem at all. It got me through steep slippery , icy, snowy forestry roads with ATW on trailer behind me no problem. This REBEL is going to be even better. It has larger clearance and much better tires for that.

This is clever from RAM because they used components already in production and made much more useful RAM 1500 for active people, hikers, hunters, mountain bikers. ...
They shouldn't kill it with pricing this time.I might trade in my Laramie just because of air ride.
I will see in summer what pricing is gonna be.

when will the 2016 ram trucks debut

They should fire the engineer that designed that UGLY grille!!! It looks like CRAP!

Check out this hot 2015 Product


@greg - engineers do not design grills. Artistic automotive designers do.

Engineers are stuck with the job of making a design work within the confines of a price set by the bean counters.

From the side the grill looks like an attempt to mimic the look of a push bar.

If that stupid puckered lip insert was removed it would look much better.

Please no diesel !!!

So I don't have to hear how long it takes to make up the price of the motor again.

And please no fresh, aggressive , dynamic front end. Flat, boring one , without curves , just 2"×4" job is best.

Rebel Ram,


If that stupid puckered lip insert was removed it would look much better.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Jan 16, 2015 5:31:27 PM

uniquely designed grille of the Ram Rebel and how it works with the unique bumper and the heavy dose of matte black trim all around to create a rugged, sinister look. Mike Cairns explained that this yields better aerodynamics, as well, while providing enough airflow for cooling.

Remember Ram has the best Aero. ;-)

@greg-if your a down to earth RAM fan, don't stress too much on the grills design, I'm sure that they will have alternative aftermarket custom grills that will come into the market soon, if the customer is not impressed with this look.

Ram does seem to be on a wave of success. Fiat Chrysler needs the revenue from Ram and Jeep to succeed. Fiat Chrysler does appear to be coming out with some nicer cars as the Chrysler 200 and the Dart which are much improved.

If you live in Colombia you can buy this Ford Ranger Diesel 3.2. I feel so angry with FORD USA right now. This thing is amazing and exactly what a mid size truck should be.

If you live in Colombia you can buy this Ford Ranger Diesel 3.2. I feel so angry with FORD USA right now. This thing is amazing and exactly what a mid size truck should be.


I have applied to the Power Block Network to be a host , mechanic, technician expert on one of their new TV shows, they are planning one show devoted to new trucks and off-roading and what I learned here at PUTC makes me an expert.

I know I already have the good looks and perfect body to be on TV.
I might get it, you might see me there!
If I do make it I will try to sneak in little hints who I am and mention PUTC.


Ok, it's a deal. I ditched my comment about the economic merits of diesel and amortization of the additional cost of building diesel engines.

So, instead I'll ask you if the average American truck buyer needs a motor that has to be fully warmed up to achieve its efficiencies.

I admit that gas engines need to be warmed up too, but diesels are wasted on people whose trips are the 3 mile trip to work or the 2 mile ride to the grocer, bank and hardware store.

The guy who works his diesel truck all day long and runs it from 0 dark-thirty every day till 9pm is the distinct minority of truck buyers. They buy trucks too, just not as many.

I love the truck except for the front grill. I am sure they will make an aftermarket grill that will correct the somwhat ugly front appearance. I love the R
Large wheel wells so u can easily place a 35x12.5 tire with minor mods!

Looks like any other ram except a screwed up grill and tailgate with a leveling kit. It is nothing special at all. You could go buy a regular ram and put a real lift kit on it and have a way better looking and performing pickup.

@papa jim--A diesel would be a waste for my driving as well since I make a lot of short trips. I know many tradesmen that have diesels and use them a lot.

@papa jim - correct. A diesel needs to be warm. In a cold climate short work commutes will mean the truck is in regen mode a ton of time.

So it is a bit more than Raptor styling rip off.

The air ride suspension sounds very cool. Some extra skid plates, the new transfer case throw in a rear E-locker and its better than most of the "make your 4x4 a little better than a regular 4x4" packages that are mostly shocks and stickers.

It would sell in quantities that would probably justify it.

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