2015 Detroit Auto Show Video: 2016 Nissan Titan XD

Titan Pro4x 1 II

When a brand-new full-size pickup truck debuts at an auto show, you know we'll be there with the video crew and a skeptical eye. We got a chance to poke around the all-new full-size 2016 Nissan Titan at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and there's plenty to like here. With nothing to lose โ€” sales for all of 2013 were just a touch more than 1,000 units per month โ€” Nissan has not been shy about wanting to cast a wider and deeper net into the pickup segment. From where we stand, Nissan's strategy just might work.


Titan Cummins 10 II




What I can see, it does not have the nose in the dirt like GM, Ram, and Ford... That is a big selling point to me.... one change I would make is NO Grandma step that close to the ground.... Not needed.....

Looks like they customized an F-150 to me. It's not bad but a hell of alot better than the old one.

Mark originally reported the titan xd to have a 13" rear diff. Other sources says 10.5" rear diff. So, which is correct.

The design is simple. Not as aggressive as I would like it. I wish they would release the fuel consumption numbers even though according to the EPA standards they r not required! If the truck is reliable....which I have a feeling it will.....it will be a huge success! I have talked to a few of my friends that have fords and Chevys that R seriously considering a truck like this if the price is right! Loyalty to brand does not make sense if the truck is not performing and at the right price! I am glad there is more competition! I hope they will make a more aggressive design for the non XD Titan!

yea it does look like a ford f 150

The Cummins in it will really help with sales, that and the fact it's like a HD half ton will appeal to contractors like me who don't need or want a 3/4 ton truck.

This truck is going to be pricey. It's Nissan, Cummins and Aisin.

I do think some more information is needed.

I suppose we will have to wait and see.

I want that yellow Pro4X! Generally, the ISV can be equipped with an exhaust brake, but I was told that Nissan has no plans to equip the Titan with that feature. That's my only disappointment with it.

I can't believe they went wiTh recirculer ball steering instead of rack and pinion.

I like the red on top of the engine. Chev and Ram are still better looking but this looks better then Ford.


I TOTALLY agree.............. Why a recirc ball? terrible technology, easier to build heavy and cheaper but dang its 2015?

Boo! Ugly! The badge on the side looks odd.

Nissan Titan XD = Xtra Duty. This is obviously not the official acronym, but it would make sense I suppose?

Lookin' good.

Got to be more reliable than any Ford Truck for sure, Cummins and Duramax are far better powertrains than anything Ford has going. Ford changes motors more than some of its drivers change their underwear, new Powerjoke has been revised twice in the last couple years.


@G.M. man, With a warranty as short and sweet as Fords they don't have to worry. lol

a 13" diff is bigger than the heavy hauling 1 tons. I bet it only has a 10.5" ring gear, if that.

This thing is IFS in the front with coilovers and the big Cummins, I bet the front axle rating isn't high enough for a big plow.

I like the idea of this truck, an in-betweener truck for those that tow, but I feel like it will run into the same issue many guys with the heavier 3/4 trucks have. You will be at max GVWR before you get to the max towing numbers.

That's why I have always said if you need a 3/4 truck, opt for the 1 ton SRW, you get a higher GVWR and you have a lot more room for gear and family members.

I do think this new Nissan is quite nice myself. But, I will have to wait and see.

The Cummins should make for a good pickup.

I would like to see how much of the new Titan is based on the "new" Patrol.

The gas V8 version should be okay, but I'd say like any gas V8 it's FE will not be the best.

It appears Nissan shortsightedness regarding it's larger vehicle lineup isn't just in the US as well.

Nissan will have to alter it's philosophy here in Australia if it wants to increase market share. The new Patrol with a the gas only option is doing the same here as the lack of investment in the US Titan. Moving customers to other products.

I hope the new Titan does shake up Nissan to what is wanted by the consumer. Nissan appeared to have misread the market in relation to it's larger vehicles globally.


Nissan is banking this in-between light/heavy duty XD model will rocket off the sales charts. However, I think they're in for a rude awakening. It'll sell, but not nearly enough to significantly challenge the domestic HD models.

The newly designed single cab model is a waste of development money since they comprise just a sliver of the market these days. Perhaps they're hoping for huge fleet contracts like the domestics on those particular models, I don't know.

The lower dip in the front windows and the two tone paint treatment reminds me of the old F-150/F-250 models from years past. However, it does look good in a sort of a Ford retro glamor kind of way. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I guess.

Hopefully, we'll see a Raptor competitor and some form of a forced induction power plant on a special edition model. I think a halo truck of this sort would be hugely beneficial for the Titan brand.

@the other Mike,
Nissan doesn't need to sell many XD Titans to upset the apple cart.

Every Titan XD sold is one less HD from the Big 2 and FCA.

Nissan has the capability to stagnate the growth of HD's by the Big "3".

That would worry them a little.

I will consider Nissan Titan in the future when it is time to replace my 2012 Ram. I love my Ram but I wish Ram put this diesel in their truck. But since my time to buy is in 2017 we will see what has changed then in the truck market then. So far Nissan and Ram will be at the top of my list. With Chevy a very close third. Toyota well we will wait and see. As for Ford well I'd rather rats chew my wiener off before i would ever consider their garbage!

@supercliffy Hahaha, best comment ever about Ford! And I couldn't agree more๐Ÿ˜‚


This pickup truck market is really changing with a lot of changes where its getting hard to keep up.
Its amazing to me that they don't know they are going in the wrong direction.
The pickup market is downsizing to smaller-lighter trucks designing them like cars with a truck bed BUT Nissan is going the other way!
If I was in charge with Nissan I would dump the Titan and make the Frontier better, design the Frontier for better hauling and towing like the new Colorado.

You watch in 2015 the Colorado-Canyon's are going to be top sellers, not ONLY taking sales AWAY from the full size trucks but ALSO taking away sales from the SUV market!

I bet by the end of this year Ford and Ram is going to make a smaller pickup that competes with the Colorado-Canyon, they will bring back the Ranger and Dakota !

In 5 years your full size truck will be a dinasour

Wow, I am really impressed with Fred Diaz. Mr. Diaz is definitely shaking things up at Nissan like he did at Ram (Ram is going gang buster). So the new Titan looks like the prior F-150, if you are going to copy it might as well be the F-150. This new Titan and a new Frontier could turn things around for Nissan trucks.

@Tom#3--You will definitely see smaller and slightly smaller trucks on the market, but I do believe the manufacturers will retain the interior and bed sizes overall. I think Nissan will come out with a new Frontier. Nissan is making some bold moves and I believe they will pay off in the long run. Nissan made some great compact trucks in the 70's and 80's and was a sales leader in the compact truck segment for most of that period.

good for nissan lovely model will succeed

Go with a Duramax... You'll never have an issue, they'll go as long as you are willing to keep it, and it's made from the longest lasting trucks on the road... Because they are. And f series barley outsells Gm, you really think f150 is 2-1 Tom#3? Think again.
2005 6.6 265k needs HG
2005 6.6 290k perfect
2005 6.6 146k 630hp perfect
2008 6.6 306k perfect
2008 6.6 350k perfect
2010 6.4 105k blew engine and injectors SOLD 2015 Denali HD
2009 6.4 138k blew engine SOLD 06 Duramax

Those are my experience, will never drive anything else, but can respect everything else.

Has anyone heard any rumors yet on the 2016 Frontier? The radio silence from Nissan is eerie.

@Tom#3--If you want a 2015 F-150 I would wait until they have been out a while. Ford will have to start discounting them eventually because Ram and GM will continue discount in order to gain market share. The truck market has become too competitive in the full size half tons not to discount.

@Tom#3 Yes I have driven a newer F150. With the ecoboost and 5.0 motors. Motors have nice power. But overall I prefer the other trucks seeing how many people I know that have had issues with their Fords. Just last week I had to pull a friends 2013 F150 with the ecoboost to a safe spot. The motor had caught fire which they promptly put out. They are now considering buying a Ram or GM after being a loyal Ford buyer.


I admit I am also having problems with my 2013 F-150, and I know if it was the eco-boost I would have more problems, BUT I have to stand loyal to Ford for repairing those problems under warranty.
I understand any truck will have problems but its more about if those problems will be covered under warranty or not.
I wouldn't have any problem owning a Chevy or Ram BUT what's unknown is will warranty be an issue?
I had horrible past experiences back in 2011 with a new Tacoma where they refused to cover anything under warranty and that taught me a valuable lesson.
Honestly I have to hold my nose driving a F-150 but as good I am treated after the sale keeps me holding on to my F-150 and forces me to be a repeat customer.
On my last service dealer changed oil, rotated tires, cut the rotors, state and emission inspection and it only cost me $60 and they even filled up the window washer, (Toyota charges $15 to fill up the window washer and $35 to adjust my gas cap- it had an emission code that the gas cap wasn't sealed so they adjusted it)
Maybe the only reason why I love my F-150 is because Toyota ripped me off and its not a Toyota

I cannot understand why it is "less than 3/4" ton , the Diesel appears to be anaemic , strangely like many Japanese diesels ,although it is a Cummins, it looks like a F150 with a nose job.
If this is what was developed after "all options were put on the table by Nissan USA" then I must say they have real problems

That is what I think the problem will be. Pickup buyers in the US are traditional, they know what a 1/2 ton etc can do. They will be scratching their head what the Nissan can do. Does it tow and carry less than a 3/4 ton?. Is the fuel economy the same as a 6.7 diesel or less?

@Robert Ryan, my bet is that it will be class-leading among half-ton pickups, so its towing and payload will be above the Silverado 1500 and F150 with Max tow package. Price and fuel consumption will have to be lower than a 3/4 ton diesel, but I imagine price will be at the high end of half-tons. My bet is fuel economy will be right in the middle of the gap between the 3.0 EcoDiesel and 6.7L. So I would expect about 24-25mpg empty. Towing heavy loads, it's not going to be as capable as a 6.7, but it will pull the 12,000 lb more efficiently than the EcoBoost or GM 6.2. I doubt there will be any fuel savings over a 6.7 diesel when pulling this much weight, but I doubt there will be a penalty either. At least not a significant one.

@Highdesertcat--I guess anyone could get a bad Toyota but I think that is the exception. Toyota makes good vehicles but they do not budge much from the sticker (same is true with Honda). I don't think Toyota's and Nissan's problems with growing their share of the market are as much about the quality of their products as they are in a market dominated by Ford, GM, and Ram and aggressive discounting among the competition. This new Titan appears to be a good truck overall and hopefully it will gain market for Nissan but it has to compete against the Big 3 who have intense brand loyalty and use aggressive discounting to maintain and grow market share. I do think this new Titan is a step in the right direction for Nissan and a new Frontier would help as well.

Its gonna be interesting. A veritable 3/4 ton masquerading as a 1/2 ton. It will seize many of the "best in class titles" (payload, towing, torque).

Lots of preoccupation with how it "looks". Not that looks don't matter because honestly the majority of people are too vain to spend real money on and drive something that does not impress their sense of appearance, regardless of how much sense it makes, how well it work, or how good it is. Then there are others that look beyond the skin.

Nissan definitely has the HD 1/2 / light 3/4 ton "market" cornered. The question is how much will it cost?, how large is that market? and how reliable/cost effective will the XD be? These are big questions especially regarding the price of entry into this new inbetween market of mysterious size.

To round out the equation the Titan needs to be more than the only Cummins wielding highest priced heaviest dutiest 3/4 ton playing in the half ton segment. It needs to cover the other bases as well. For all those that don't do work but make up the majority of sales. That's gonna require improvements in MPG, ride, stearing, braking, looks, interior (looks like they got that one), tech, bed and cab combinations, packages, and most off all gas V6(s) and V8(s) at a competitive price.

I want to see another real contender or 2 on the block. Especially with Chrysler and GM only surviving by tax payer funded socialism.

Still dont get how theyre claiming it to be more than a 1/2 ton when they say payload will be more than 2000 lbs. if an f-150 can be configured to be more than 3000, I think Nissan should have used at least 3000 as the target. Granted the numbers aren't in, it seems like over 2000 lbs payload suggests below 2500.
Also a 13" ring gear is crazy, that's bigger than a a Dana 80, 10.5 would seem more accurate, even though 13" keeps appearing everywhere. does an F450 or Ram 4500 even use that size does anyone know?
Still super excited to see and drive one of these. hope Im impressed with the rest of the details.

Don't count on the Titan having class leading payload. If Nissan was going to be class leading they would have said class leading payload. They said over 2,000 lb payload which is not class leading in either a F-150 or a F-250 by a long shot. F-150 has payload up to 3,300 in a regular cab, 3,020 in an extended cab and 2,910 in a crewcab. In the F-250 the payloads are 4,040, 3,700, and 3,490. There is more to payload than just an engine or torque.

Yes Dave, we all know about Fords magical spring dust to boost their unrealistic payload claims.

It's called greater strength and lightweighting. Reducing weight by 700 lbs and increasing strength increases payload. Nissan added weight so they are not going to be able to compete. Even the F-150 powered by the new 2.7L EcoBoost V6 can haul up to 2,250 lbs. Nissan's over 2,000 payload is not a HEAVY DUTY or heavy duty light payload. It is light duty.

@Dave, I don't have a dog in this fight but I'll ask you a question re: payload, towing, etc.

Are they all just ratings?

Seems to me the real test of these trucks is how they perform for paying customers (the marketplace) and how they perform on the dealers' lots (the business).

No matter how well they perform in tests, if the customer doesn't perceive value, they are toast. Ditto, from the dealer's perspective. If it doesn't sell well, the dealer will invest in products that do.

We'll get to see about this stuff within the next 12 mos. Stay tuned.

Dave it has nothing to do with that. You must not know your product. GM max payload is 1800 pounds. That's around the norm for a half ton. Ford offers a heavy duty payload package which is beefer springs, thicker frame, better cooling etc. Ford should focus on fixing their egoboost problems first.

FYI some of their dually work trucks carry a 3300 load. It would be highly unsafe for a half ton to haul 3300 in the bed. Government trucks say "not to exceed 3300 pounds."


As stated by Ford. The 2.7 requires payload package to achieve those numbers. Without it, the numbers are less than competitors.


@Tom#3 I have had propblems with Ford's in the past. So between my past problems with Ford's and the dealers being garbage near me. I have had to take work vehicles there and of course some issues I have seen friends have well they my opinion is mud of Ford. Not saying that they don't build some capable trucks but for me it's a no go. I also get that everyone has different experiences and they are entitled to their opinion. That's why we have choices.
That being said I am waiting to see how the new Ford's hold up to some northern Canadian torture tests. We have some very rough roads here so you get a gauge of how well a truck is made.

Nissan will increase its sales the first year of production. But that will be it. Nobody will buy it after the "newness" wears off. There is probably a line up of the 12k Nissan truck buyers that waited for that pig to come out. and they are sheep that will buy anything with an import badge. But in the real world, no one in their right mind is going to want to be seen in an asian brand full-size truck. History has proven it.

Detroit is laughing at the sight of the new pickups from Toyota and Nissan (particularly the ridiculous looking new Nissan Titan). The Titan is so bad looking, it is truly shocking that Nissan USA would show this truck to the public. The current Titan was not selling so Nissan took money away from the Frontier and other vehicles to invest in this. One can imagine how angry the Nissan dealers must be.

The very high cost of the diesel (cost of fuel + engine) and poor fuel economy (relative to a half ton) is going to kill the 2016 5.0 for light duty customers.

Heavy Duty customers will dismiss it for its lower capability.

Somehow Nissan thinks they are going to find enough buyers that fit in the middle. I'm not buying that logic specially when the 2017 SD loses 1000 lbs and adds the 10 speed. Right there will be your true Heavy Duty light.

Why is Pickuptrucks.com ignoring the Superduty NHTSA investigation? Could Mike Levine be involved in the hush up.

I think Mark Williams is doing a fantastic job btw and is it possible that even his personal truck could be part of the Investigation or is his newer than 2012?


Nismo Titan - GM 1/2 tons are rated to 2k for 1500.

@Dave - last gen F150 Crew 4x4 was 2,300.

If this is 2k crew 4x4 then it would be fine.

This truck will most likely be a class 2b truck.

@ Mike,

Nice egotistical comment. I had every brand of PUs and never had anyone comment about my Asian truck. More and more people are becoming educated about the truth about the Asians who build their trucks here while GM is building their trucks in Mexico. Before the profits argument come, the majority of profit stays here in the USA. Simple business 101, even GM sends profits to Mexico build crew cab trucks.



With that being said, there is really no difference in Asian trucks and Ram trucks in regard to the American made index. You'll see in the article Chryslers American made index took a dive since FCA moved HQ to Europe.

Back on topic, as a Titan owner I like the looks of the older truck. I was hoping to be wowed by this truck and I am disappointed. They tried too hard and the truck looks odd. I like the capabilities but the current Titan can tow up to 9400 and haul 2000 pounds without a diesel. I guess I had higher expectations.

Right now, the domestic trucks do have the edge in regard to innovation. We will see if Toyota plans to compete with their new line of engines. I am interested to see what the now XD titan will look like.

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