2015 Detroit Auto Show Video: 2016 Nissan Titan XD

Titan Pro4x 1 II

When a brand-new full-size pickup truck debuts at an auto show, you know we'll be there with the video crew and a skeptical eye. We got a chance to poke around the all-new full-size 2016 Nissan Titan at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and there's plenty to like here. With nothing to lose — sales for all of 2013 were just a touch more than 1,000 units per month — Nissan has not been shy about wanting to cast a wider and deeper net into the pickup segment. From where we stand, Nissan's strategy just might work.


Titan Cummins 10 II




It seems to me that Nissan is not exactly challenging the others head-on, but is offering an alternative. The NV vans and the new Titan are part of a strategy of offering models in the so-called "white space," where no one is really competing. Nissan is actually creating its own niche market, and it probably won't be long before everyone else (especially the Chinese) decides to go for that same category. At least Nissan is more daring than Toyota. And that's sad, considering Toyota has the resources (Hino) to become more competitive.

I can remember back in 1981 when Nissan first set up shop in Tennessee and they said they were planning to make a difference in the US market. Some 30 years later, they are making good on that promise.

Both the Titan and the Tundra were alternatives to Ford, GM and RAM pickup trucks

I used to drive Ford. Now I drive Tundra.

Before I chose Tundra as my alternative I looked at the Titan. I liked it but I liked the Tundra better.

The GM/Ford fanboyism is real on this thread. I myself am more of a GM guy but I appreciate Nissan's effort to find a balance between a light and heavy duty truck. As a resident of Columbus, IN (where Cummins is headquartered) I have seen the Nissan XD prototypes driving around and I also know several engineers that work there. So far, there have been no complaints, and those trucks have to have over 150,000 miles on them. If the truck proves itself post-launch, I will consider buying it. I love living in this community and I love Cummins, so it will be nice to own a Cummins without having to go all out on an HD RAM.

If this truck comes in at a price similar to a 1/2 ton pickup it will do well.
In Canada a full bling crew 4x4 1/2 ton is around 70K and a full bling HD 4x4 diesel is around 85k.
Most who buy HD diesel trucks that aren't used for work don't tend to tow more than 12K.
If this is 4-5k higher than a 1/2 ton, it still will be 5-10k less than comparable diesel HD.
I can see this truck nibbling at the recreational HD truck market. It will cut into Ford's max cargo/tow market as well.
It won't hurt Ram's 1500 market since Ram doesn't have a competitive tow/haul 1/2 ton.
I can see it hurting Ram HD sales since many I know love the Cummins but hate the wrapper.

I got to look at this thing yesterday. Its beefy, for sure. The rear axle looks like a small 14bolt- not saying it is, but that's the size and shape. Oddly, it uses a CV joint, rather than a U-joint.
the front end is straight up from the Van- right down to the protruding tow hooks. Having much in common opens the door for interesting products, espeially, since they'll be built under one roof- Titan XD with even higher GVW- the NV goes up to 9800#. 4wd NV- the front frame is just about the same, so they could tap an underserved market. Diesel NV. NV Cab/Chassis on the longer XD frame...

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