2015 Light-Duty Challenge Coming Next Week

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Early next week we'll publish the full story from our 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge in which we tested five brave half-ton 4x4s to their limits to find out which one should take the crown. We brought along truck expert Kent Sundling from MrTruck.com to help out; he's just posted a video of some of the support equipment we used for our seven-day head-to-head comparison test. We'll have more details, photos and videos on Monday as PickupTrucks.com brings out its first major story of the new year.

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Ford is going to have to pray for a miracle to pull off a win with the 5.0

When you calculate the score for fuel mileage, are you going to base it on cost per mile?

I don't think Mr. Truck has a graphics designer working to make the videos look tv-professional like TFL Truck. But he's on these sites because he has more real-world experience and understanding with trucks than 99% of the people who TRY to review trucks. It's fair to say the man is a kind of expert in the field. He's the most credible of all the reviewers I've seen in PUTC's challenges.

I did a test drive today on a 2015 F-150 4x4 Supercab, 145WB with the 2.7 V6 Ecoboost 40/console/40
301A group
3.73 locking axle
FX4 off road package
XLT Sport Package

My first impression was a smaller interior feel with a much wider center console and smaller bucket seats, controls almost all the same as the 2013, front windshield seemed lower on top, sort of a cramped feeling, or a hug feeling of the interior.

The test ride with the 2.7 Ecoboost, acceleration was quick but the engine rev'ed like crazy and the transmission was constantly shifting up and down where you can feel the shift.
Very quiet and smooth ride, floating on air feeling, suspension is softer than the 2013.
The truck seems smaller, doesn't set as high, to me it doesn't feel as solid as the 2013, it feels more toy like, the outside aluminum feels soft almost like a plastic feel, tailgate is as light as a feather. The front hood opens without being attached to the front grill.

I really do want to buy a 2015, really I do, but it didn't impress me as much as I expected, I expected too much, I expected too much too better compared to my 2013.
I like the race car sound of my 2013 5.0 V8 engine, I like the heavy feel of the 2013.
Everything I was reading about the 2015 F-150 had me excited expecting more where I didn't find more, I was disappointed.

PUTC needs work with Mr. Truck more. He is very knowledgeable and he is a Ford guy.

I think Mr. Truck should change his name to Mr. Trailer

There's no reason to think the Ford 5.0 can't compete in this test. Will it win every speed/power test? Not likely. Seems to me the most balanced truck should win. On that standard it should compete well. I'll go on a limb and give the GM 6.2 8 speed the speed/power advantage.

Tom I am amazed you said you review was not good! because I drove the same configured truck today..
to say this has the same dash as the old one? its totally different! the engine doesn't rev like crazy it ,its powerful and delivers power down low like a diesel actually! and you said the trans constantly shifts? really Its the smartest trans they put in them so far! But when you said the body feels soft like plastic and it feels cramped and small on the in side .I know your a GM fan ! mad at the world because GM didn't make this truck! I really don't get you guys ,do you think people wont consider the F150 cuz you say its disappointing? Are you for real? this is the best F150 yet !!! And I'm a RAM guy. So Tom you really need to get a life.
PS. I did drive all the new 2015's...I'm buying the F150

Wow, really? no 3.5EB for the F150.....
The 3.5 can compete w/ the 6.2 GM, but lets not include it and call it a V8 challenge to handicap Ford new truck.
This site has really gone downhill in recent years.

It will be interesting to see how the 5.0 does. I'm glad it is part of the test. But it will be a major flaw of the test if they leave out the ecoboost. It just isn't right to test the premium engine of every manufacturer EXCEPT the ford just because it's not a v8. If the ford somehow managed to win the comparo with the 5.0 it would be a major slap in the face to everyone else, but my money would be on the chevy.

@ beebe

I agree.

What were they were thinking? How can we handicap the most capable truck…? Oh, let’s use its middle of the road engine….

A website such as pickuptrucks.com, one would think they would pick the most prestigious, innovative truck from each maker, pair them head to head, and see what’s what. Sadly though, they likely were influenced by some outside manufacturer to make the 2015 F150 appear less capable, but with a spin on it. "The V8 challenge"! That’s all well and good, but this is NOT 1999. The pickup has transformed into a more capable machine without always having eight cylinders. That being said, no matter what the outcome of this, it’s sad to think the best truck could have been excluded, all because of this website’s lack of integrity. Bottom line, readers who count on this site for data are the real ones to suffer. A shame really...

to whom it may concern, You do know the 5.0 has More hp than the 3.5 ecoboost? most of the reviews I see where the ecoboost out performs v8's are in the mountains, at sea level the ford 5.0 would be at least equal and I think ford has engineered it that way as to keep costumers happy who just want a v8. As a matter of fact all the data I have seen seem to point towards the gm 6.2 and the 5.7 hemi being superior @ sea level, although I do hope pickuptrucks.com has a 3.5 ecoboost, as a curve ball who's not in the competition but used as a measuring stick. You listening pickuptrucks.com?

Equal? the 3.5EB would wipe the floor with the 5.0 in a test like this. Only an idiot would point at the increased hp as being significant. Not to mention the 420 ft/lb vs 387 at a MUCH higher RPM.
C'mon man....

Please stop the complaining about the lack of ecoboost, its getting old. They tested the ecoboost, they're just going to present it with the other V6 engines. Probably because it didn't perform as well as the Coyote in this testing. You'll see the ecoboost and other trucks comparison later in the year.

@Mileage Man
Getting old does not atone for an obviously biased test.

@bill, I meant to say competitive instead of equal, but if you would to me an idiot that's cool, all I was trying to say is the ecoboost doesn't outperform big cube v8 @ sea level like it does in the mountains even tfl truck acknowledged this when testing it against the 6.2gm and the hemi at sea level

sorry about the grammer, I have had a few beers :)

@ Jimmy
Sorry, an idiot was probably not the correct words. I just feel strongly we as readers are being cheated out of a fair test. every make has the best engine offering entered into this test, except Ford.

None of these should be a winner because none of these is performing "light duty" in this test; they're all towing or hauling more than their class was originally designed to handle. Every single one of them should be considered Medium Duty trucks for the kinds of loads they carry and/or haul.

You want light duty? You're talking 1,000 payload Not Including 500 pounds for driver and two passengers. You're talking towing capacity of three tons, not five; enough to carry another truck the same size on a standard auto trailer or a typical travel trailer. You're talking reasonable fuel economy while carrying a load of lumber for home improvement. You're talking towing a two-horse trailer, not a four-horse or larger. THAT is "light duty", not what these things are doing.

I am still on the fence about buying the 2015 F-150 4x4 SC 2.7 EB FX4.

tell me if this is a good price or not:
2015 price- $42,710
price out the door with my 2013 trade-in- $12,700
refused first price then they lowered it to $10,000

I LOVE Ford! But the 2015 just didn't feel that it was better than my 2013, the excitement wasn't there for me.
The 2015 has a payload of 6500 GVWR
My 2013 has a payload of 7350 GVWR

I don't feel ready to make the plunge to the ecoboost engine from the 5.0 engine.

( Dealer is holding the new 2015 F-150 for me cause it came in with some damage and he can't sell it till that damage is repaired )
so I know he will be calling me on Monday with a better price cause he knows I was prepared to buy it when I first looked at it.
I am going to hold off buying it until I look at a same supercab FX4 with the same 5.0 V8

I need help from you guys, what should I do?
Is this a good price?
I am afraid to part with my 2013 cause I just don't know if the 2015 is better ( it just doesn't feel better to me )
I always trust my gut feelings and the 2015 just didn't excite me.
I admit I want the 2015 to impress my friends and being the first one to own one but PLEASE tell me that's the wrong reason to buy one!
Dealer said this is the first one he got with the 2.7 EB , it did generate excitement at the dealership with all the service people looking and driving it. The people at the dealership were pointing and looking at me as the first customer buying one like I was the center of attention, the clown.

I would feel better buying the 2015 after PUTC does the truck shoot out test and it wins in flying colors and if PUTC says some great things about it like "class leading" but they are testing the one with the 5.0 instead of the 2.7 EB

oh no! what do I do? what do I do ?

I hope MR TRUCK learned how to properly adjust an electric brake controller. I've seen videos where he has no clue why the trailer brakes are not working right.

Ford fans calm down I think the 5.0 will perform just fine. This is coming from a ram fan.

Some of the entries don't offer a small block V-8 anymore. Just to let you know what I think and don't feel bad for me. I have the 3.7L or 225CI RAM V6. Have had it for 11 years with no problems and had a choice to buy one with the 4.7L V-8.


Don't be a sucker, you never buy the first year of any vehicle, even Honda's or Toyota's.

Wait till the 2o15 F150 is out completely and let the Truck War begin, then drive the big three and see where they are on price and what you prefer and then Buy, that's going to be 2016/17.

You have perfectly good truck now, no reason to waste money and be the Ginny Pig for Ford.

To the complainers about not having Egoboosts in this Comparo, lets just say the long haul smart shoppers want a real V8 and no piped in electronica fake noises like in the Furds.

The smart buyer knows that 10 years down the road those V8's will still be gitt er done while the EgoJokes will just be done.

The carbon build up problem is STILL a big big problem for the Turdbo's from Ford, unlike Ford GM has addressed this issue on the new engine family but since Furd doesn't have the engineering talent of GM, they just ignore it and sweep it under the rug.

While DI engines have more carbon issues, having a Turbo DI makes it very hard to clean without destroying the Turbos.

Bottom line listen to your Grampa, Keep IT Simple Stupid, and TurdBlows are not simple, and they only complicate things, add unnecessary heat under hood are FLAKY, not consistent and while Furd tells you they don't need Premium, you better run Prem in them for safety and performance, while the GM and RAM OHV engines run just fine sippin 87 wine.

I am glad that PUTC is testing the ford 5.0 V8. I own a 2013 Ecoboost. I'm happy with it so far, but in the real world simple and reliable are far more practical. The reason I got the EB was that, at the time, it was the only way I could get the max trailer tow kit.

For 2015 one can buy the V8 5.0 with a tow kit and can option 3.73 gears. The V8 is more reliable than the EB. I would consider a new 2015 if the V8 performs well against the other brands.

I haul an open car trailer about 20+ times a year. I'm getting an enclosed trailer, which will weigh in at about 8000# fully loaded.

Maybe I should just move into a 3/4 ton...

I see they are all crew crap soccer dad family truckster versions instead of the real two door man trucks .

Mr Obvious - If I am not mistaken the Hemi prefers to have premium and the 6.2L GM needs premium.

I agree with mr obvious. I think they wanted a comparison for people that are still hesitant on all the new tech out there. Lets be honest. Ram guys could complain that there is no ecodiesel in the test as all the mpg tests would be won by that every time. I think it be interesting as I can't recall ever seeing the 5.0 tested in a head to head like this. And for all the complainers go start your own publication and do the testing yourself. Guarenteed you won't make everyone happy either.

The ford 5.0 being way lighter will perform better then the hemi. 5.0 is really close to the 5.7 hemi on power. But way lighter. Won't perform as well as the 6.2 chevy.

@ KeithCT , Hemi recommends mid grade.


Ironically the 5.0 is not much lighter than the 5.7L Hemi, even though the Hemi is an iron block. The weight and packaging advantages of cam-in-block architecture are absolutely fantastic. I hope that Chrysler continues with the Hemi and adds multiair2 to it. That would result in a truly fantastic engine.

Mr. Truck you seem to like trailers so much you should be into trailer sales instead, talking more about trailers then trucks. I stopped listening half way through the video, got tired of hearing about the trailer.


If they are going to talk about the trucks then you might as well release the actual comparison videos. They are just talking about the stuff they used for this comparison.

Can the Ford guys please explain the outrage that the EB is not in this V8 challenge. This is not a shot but I really don't get the outrage I know that the 3.5L EB is a big V8 replacement but some people just want to test the V8's only. I say bring the best V8 you have and lets go. If they all come in equal cabs this time I wouldn't think the 5.0 would beat the GM 6.2L with an 8-speed or Ram 5.7L Hemi with an 8-speed in performance but then maybe the weight loss makes up for it. Then their is stuff like interior, exterior and tech it is possible it could win. I didn't bet it to win but it is possible and fair to me.

Chev will probably win then Ram will be 2nd. Ford are just ugly as always and what's with all the ecoboost names coming out. They sure like that name "ecoboost"

I have an eco-boost but I'm looking forward to seeing the 5.0 go to work. There is just too few reviews on that motor.
To Mr. Truck. Everywhere I've been, it's law to cross your chains. If you pop your ball lock you're going to dig in to road and flip your trailer.

...dig in to THE road.

@mileage man

I'm talking overall truck weight.... Not just the engine. The ford will weigh 500-700 lbs less then a hemi equipped ram. And in 15 the 5.0 is real comparable to the hemi in hp.


Get a xlt sport chrome 5.0! Good price on a middle of the road truck with a balsy sounding v8. White, silver, black. A king ranch in white is also a truck I would buy with a v8.

Its unreal the hate or should I say jealousy about the F150. And I don't understand the confusion because the Ecoboost is not included. It plainly states its a half-ton V8 challenge. Can't get any plainer than that. The hate on here is crazy but like I've said before, every truck maker waits for Ford to do something different and then they eventually copy it. No mater how good or bad Ford does in this test, they will always be the leader in trucks, the others will have to follow.

I don't know what the reason is but if I had to bet it was GM who stipulated the V8 only clause for testing. If PUTC wanted GM's new 6.2L 8 speed for testing, it could only be tested against other V8's. No EcoBoost. I'm pretty sure that is why this is a V8 only challenge.

Makes sense if that is the case. The little turbo loves a load behind it. Probably would tie the 6.2 in many instances of towing abilities. Wouldn't look good for a v8 8 speed combo like that. After reading about the ten speed design. It seems to me that Ford will have a heck of a package. The design is improved over these 8 speeds and has less friction on the internals. Due out in 17' as 18 my

This is a win win for Toyota; not only will they prove that the Tundra is still comparable even with a 8 year old drive-train. Also they'll show that unlike the Raptor, the TRD PRO can still tow like a truck should.

I agree Mr. Truck is a great guy for these tests. I watched the TFL videos and Mr. Truck brought those videos some new life. He's much better than the usual "car" reviews that I see all over the internet.

If you watch his TFL videos, even though he is a Ford guy, he never shows it. He is about as unbiased as possible when he reviews pickup trucks.

I don't think anyone is "outraged" about the ecoboost not being included. I just want to know how the ecoboost compares. Why not include it? It's ford's highest performing engine in the f150. Imagine a v6 challenge where they pitted all the v6s from the different trucks including the ecoboost. It would be a stupid comparison because the ecoboosts would blow away the competition. People don't cross shop the 3.5 ecoboost with other v6 engines. The ecoboost was designed to compete against v8 engines, so why not let us see how it compares? If people are scared of a turbo v6 they don't have to buy one, but obviously a lot of people would want to see how it compares. I also hope both the 5.3 gm engine and 6.2 are included.

To all you morons out there, it's called the light duty v8 challenge. Yes, I know the ecoboost is faster and has more torque down low, but some guys still want v8's. I happen to be one of them. I'm not interested in the fastest or most powerful, I like a v8 and it will fit my needs perfectly. So please get over it. Maybe they will have a v6 only test for you guys.

The EB already wipes the floor. This test is too show the first loser behind the EB.

Back in the spring of 2013 the talk was about the Eco-Boost problems of the turbo sucking up moisture from the inner cooler stalling the engine.
That's the reason why I picked the 5.0

Now I read everywhere where the new 2.7 Eco-Boost is a totally different configured engine than the 3.5 Eco-Boost where it doesn't have the problems the 3.5 has.
What's different about it?
I don't know, but my gut feeling says Ford is going to learn from their past mistakes and the 2.7 is going to be a good engine.
I say the first year of the 2015 with the 2.7 EB is going to be the best cause Ford is in a quiet panic that this new truck will be a success or not.

Just think? IF this new 2015 F-150 or the new 2.7 engine is a failure this will effect Ford for the next 3 to 5 years, they will have a hard time coming back as number 1
I have this faith in Ford that they make sure that doesn't happen.

Just to remind everybody:

The Eco-Boost IS NOT Flex-Fuel
The 5.0 V8 IS Flex-Fuel

There was past comments here about the higher cost to insure the 2015 F-150 cause of its aluminum body.
I did some insurance price quotes and the same full coverage with $500 deductible went up $82.20 for 6 months coverage.
(compared to my 2013 F-150 same configured truck)

Just for fun I also did an insurance price quote on a new 2015 Chevy Colorado it also increased to $56.90

My conclusion:
Insurance cost is always going up on a new vehicle and I don't think the aluminum body is an issue with the insurance co's

just sharing information

Main long term advantage will Ford's 5.0 V8 may in fact be that it does not have Direct Injection. We are coming to find that ventilating the crank case via PCV into the intake manifold in the absence of gasoline, may causes carbon deposits on the runners and backside of intake valves with long term use. On the EcoBoost sending oil mist into the turbos may be even a more expensive option.

Still running a '99 GMC with GM's first 5.3; been hammering it 16 yrs & 250,000 miles; lots of repairs, but most were easy and cheap. It still piston slapping me every morning. Would buy a Ford V-8 if Ford deeply discounts the 2014's. Some have been sitting on my dealers lot for 6 months. I drive by and see the same ones every day.

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