2015 Light-Duty Challenge Coming Next Week

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Early next week we'll publish the full story from our 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge in which we tested five brave half-ton 4x4s to their limits to find out which one should take the crown. We brought along truck expert Kent Sundling from MrTruck.com to help out; he's just posted a video of some of the support equipment we used for our seven-day head-to-head comparison test. We'll have more details, photos and videos on Monday as PickupTrucks.com brings out its first major story of the new year.

Cars.com photo by Mark Williams




You guys really think their is a conspiracy on this? You also think GM is behind it? None of you guys think it could possibly be that even though Fords 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 is a large V8 replacement that some people only like V8's and PUTC is giving them a chence to see that platform tested to see who has best? Take me for example I know the 3.5L EB will beat a standard 5.7L iforce but I don't want one. Now I don't know how many events that TRD Pro Tundra will win with both the 5.7L Hemi and GM 6.2L making more power, geared lower and getting better FE but I know this if their is an exhaust note competition it will beat the rest. It is one thing to be loud but another to sound good while doing it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptyMgOQ9m8Q. No artificial sound being piped in on that.

So much for a new year with people being more considerate in the comments. Nobody is crying. I would choose the v8 over the ecoboost too. I just want to see how the ecoboost compares. Grow up people. I think I'm going to start a new year's resolution and not waste my time arguing with juveniles on the internet. Internet brings out the worst in some people. Would you talk that way to a man in a gas station?

There's endless data on the 3.5 trucks and we all know they perform well especially at altitude. I'd like to see how the 5.0 in a lighter truck performs. I think it'll do fine.

The only reason somebody wouldn't enjoy seeing the data from this is because they truly buy based on who wins competitions. If you aren't smart enough to use the data from these shootouts you aren't really a truck guy and more of a brand cheerleader.

Now, I'm going to wait and see the results. A 5.0 F150 is on my radar for the next truck whether it's faster or not.

Irrespective of the testing done, there will always be some who have complaints regarding the testing techniques.

As I've been stating all along, "Best in Class" only has credence for those who don't know how to choose and those who buy designer underwear.

What is best in class? What value is it other than the marketeer's attempting to make some better out of an ordinary product.

Even the testing carried out by many only has any value if you are looking for the mostest, biggest, etc.

With the testing even done at PUTC with towing, braking, acceleration, etc isn't how a "normal" person would operate a vehicle.

So the value of the data is of little interest to many in the real world.

The best evaluation to have is your own impression of a vehicle, because it's going to be your money spent.

You might have the quickest accelerating pickup on the market, but if you don' t like it's overall performance, then you've made a poor choice.

Be wise and use the data on these tests as a starting point. So if you want a fast vehicle, test drive all the vehicles. You might find the slowest in a test is better suited to your needs.

The same for towing the worst tower tested might in the end provide you with all that's necessary.

But there is no real data on a 5.0 vs 3.5 EB going head to head. The 5.0 and 3.5 was tested 4 years ago but at different times with completely different trailers and routes - much harder route and trailer given to the EB. It would be nice to see them go head to head but it's never going to happen. The 2.7L EB vs 5L testing should be interesting though.

Open your eyes! Every f150 in the pics and that video had ecoboost badges.

Personally, I like the Ram best of all. I have been doing some research and this seems to be the best value and arguably the best looking of the group. Looking forward to making extra money with my new truck partnering with GoShare www.goshare.co . Has anyone else worked with them yet?

You guys in here turned me into a monster making me crazy in love and passionate about pickup trucks.
The ONLY reason I am buying a new truck when I don't need it is because of this site.
Everybody here said how better and wonderful the 2015 F-150 is compared to the old model, or how powerful the 2.7 EB is.
I did the test drive on that new truck and I was disappointed, I expected so much more cause YOU guys told me its better, IT'S NOT !
I don't need a new truck, its YOU guys in here at PUTC that are forcing me to buy one!
I like my 2013 F-150 BETTER than the 2015 F-150

I am beginning to come back down to earth now and all these reviews, videos and comments they hype about the new F-150 was just all just advertisement, the test ride disappointed me, the 2015 F-150 was made to impress the new customer that never owned a truck before!
Ford just told me they don't want me as a repeat customer.

I don't know if it is included or it isn't but the supercab F150 hooked up to a trailer in the video above clearly has ecoboost badging.

When you say a "light duty V8" challenge I wouldn't expect to see the largest available V8 offered by that manufacturer. I would actually expect to see the smallest or most standard V8 engine in the competition. Im just saying apples should be compared to apples as per the nature of the contest. Seems odd that anyone could consider the GM 6.2V8 "light duty" even if was shoved into a cruz. I would much rather have seen a standard V6 half ton battle or compare vehicles that are of the most popular arrangement based on their sales. Or an honest light duty V8 Comparison with the Fiat 4.7, the Ford 5.0 and the GM 5.3 going at it.

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