2015 Detroit Auto Show Video: 2017 Ford Raptor

Raptor at Detroit

The Ford Raptor has been gone from the F-150 lineup for more than a year and we're still more than a year away before this new one goes on sale. Here's a closer look.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears



Ram is going to need the 6.4 hemi to compete with this new 3.5 ecoboost when it goes in the mainstream f-150s. chevy will likely turbo something by then too.

I am NOT a Ford guy didn't see all the hype of the Atlas at it's Auto Show Debut but Congrats to Ford you won the pickup portion of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show to me.

Its sharp as a tack that's for sure. Bound for even bigger success!

Dagnabbit! My buddy Michigan Bob just informed me that the Colorado Best Truck post just got knocked off the top spot by the umpteenth article on the MONEY GRABBING LOOK AT ME FORD CRAPTOR. Is this site biased or what? To top it all off we won't see this turd for sale until end of 2016???!! No worries though. I am sure that ford will find ENOUGH RABID KOOL AID DRIKING FORD GIRLY GIRLS TO BUY OTHER F150S!!!

when will the next genterion ford super debut & will it be a 2016 model or 2017 model

With the lighter weight i am assuming replacing the 6.2 iron block with 3.5 and bigger shocks should help it perform over the whuups. Don't know how much Turbo lag the 3.5 Eco suffers from and if it would effect technical off roading. All tho this rig is not a technical off roader it may see some. I guess I will have to test drive an Eco Boost just to see if their is a lot of Turbo lag. This truck is cool but just not in my wheelhouse. Need more towing capability. Trucks offer more utility and flexibility with more cargo room vs a jeep. Wish Ram would build a Factory Ram Runner.

Nice to see new transfer case in 2017 Raptor with 4 Auto mode, some other manufacturers use for 5 years now.

when will the next genterion ford super duty debut

I a Ford guy and then some but not having a V8 in this truck is just a joke and disgrace. Yes the eco can run very good but the sound alown of a V8 belongs in this truck and other then a diesel v6's are just a joke for anything other then a ceonmy truck are belong in a car. The new Raptor looks so good but I would not buy one just because of the v6 powering it.

@ Chris
That's not what 4Auto is for. It's for transitions between dry Hwy or dry roads and snowy community roads and stores parking lots or industrial zones, where snow accumulates and nobody cleans.
It's for situations when conditions changing constantly during short city drive. Fall, Winter and spring .
RAM has this transfer case on their Sport and Laramie models since 2009 roughly. GM uses same one I guess. It tells you, that this Raptor is going to be very expensive , every day driving car, nothing more.
It's nothing wrong with that, it's just going to be too expensive to take it high speed desert driving. Something, like take Power Wagon offroad.
I could be wrong, but I said new aluminum F150 is going to be much more expensive than old one and it is. Just look at the pricing recently and you see that truck pricing skyrocketed for this year. I am not happy about that.
I think, that Rebel is gonna be more successful than Raptor or Power Wagon.

I wouldn't call Raptor offroad truck. It's too wide for that.

Ford hit it out of the park with the new f150's and raptor. There will be such a long line of people waiting on the raptor to the point get ready to pay msrp and maybe more to own one. Last raptor had 8000 lb tow capacity on a crew cab. It will prolly go up close to 9000 or more for those that tow more then 8k. They are going to be hot sellers.

Hovo, You implied that this was new to Ford and everyone else has had it for years. I had to educate you that Ford has had atuo-4wd for years on the F-150. A Sport and Laramie is not an off-road truck. smh.

Posted by: Chris | Jan 14, 2015 7:42:40 PM

I never said anything like that. I said it's new for Raptor. Raptor is not offroad in my books. GM and RAM has it much longer.

Those Ram exhaust pipes look good too.

when will dodge debut the 2016 1500ram truck &2016 ram HD truck

Raptor is not offroad in my books ??? lmfao !!! What is then sticking your toes in a stream ???

Raptor is not offroad in my books ??? lmfao !!! What is then sticking your toes in a stream ???

Posted by: Todd | Jan 14, 2015 11:36:23 PM

You can call it however you want.

Got to give Ford a lot of credit for having the balls to create this truck. And yes it is definitely an off road truck.

The FORD logo on the tailgate is ridiculous matched only by the stupidity of not offering a V8 in a full size truck. No midsize trucks, no V8, no diesel engines, more expensive every year sounds to be a recipe for disaster. I believe more and more that "up there" they don't believe anymore on market principles. It used to be something like build and sell to people what they want and they'll buy it, but NO, the new paradigm is we'll brainwash them daily with climate change CO2 driven tree-hugging BS and they'll fell good about buying overpriced, unreliable, underpowered POS... And you know what, so many are falling for it instead to rebel and stick with their old trucks until they'll bring to the market what we want.

@Gonzo, I agree with a lot of what you said. Thank god Ram and G.M. still have powerful V8's Sound awesome with NO Turbo lag. Ford sales are Flat so time will tell. Thank god Ram makes my dream truck and I am going to run with money in hand to get it A.S.A.P. Big 6.4 Hemi V8 400 + horsepower 2015 Black and chrome Power Wagon. First thing to go is the stock exhaust. Flowmaster for that deep awesome V8 sound. Good luck to Ford.



My employer gives me $750/month vehicle allowance for an off-road vehicle that can tow 5000 lbs.
Why don't I own a Raptor?
Don't you think I could well afford one?

You ought to be ashamed of yourself as a ram hemi guy for giving praise to the Raptor. All my co-workers are true blue loyal Ram men and they consider the Raptor as an insult to pickup trucks.
You should know by now the eco-boost is a pos , how many times do we have to tell you all the problems the eco-boost has before you believe it?
For God sakes man! The 5.7 Hemi STILL gets BETTER gas mileage than the eco-boost
Ram didn't win Motor Trends truck of the year for 2 years in a row cause they liked the color of it!
Ram Trucks get RESPECT !

Why would Ford want to downgrade the 2017 Raptor with a crappy V8?

The Raptor looks good until you see the front end, then it looks gawdy.

It will perform well on open tracks at higher speeds. But most will end up in shopping malls for the "look at me" I'm in a Raptor clan.

The disappointment will be its endurance and load capability. It would be very hard to load the Raptor for a weekend away in some remote spot without overloading it or running out of fuel.

I did read someone who mention the Wrangler. I do think if Jeep made a single cab, long wheel base, flat bed Wrangler with the 2.8 VM diesel it would be a far superior off road vehicle at a far cheaper price.

It would be more capable in load, most off road situations and have a massive amount of endurance in comparison to the Raptor and get you further away from the Raptor shopping malls.

A diesel Colorado when it comes out will be a far better option for the serious off roader than the Raptor. The Colorado is sized much better.

But if you live near some sand dunes or near a desert track and want to use a tank of gas in an hour or so the Raptor would provide hours of entertainment.

nobody talks about the Ram Runner !

hello! knock-knock! Ram makes a truck that competes with the Raptor,, its called a "RAM RUNNER"

Congratulations to Ford for continuing to build true specialty vehicles. At least they are trying to give the public what they want (unlike GM's sticker packages). However, as far as off roading goes, my old S10 will fit old trails that would peel the aluminum bodywork off of the Raptor.

!0 speeds will allow some serious towing! I hope that the superduty also has a 10 speed transmission. i think that it will really boost the vehicles into the next decade. I would also think that the 5.0 cummins would be one heck of a addition to the superduty line of trucks. Not only would that hurt RAM, it would make people think about whether they need a 6.7 440hp diesel or a 300+ HP diesel. Choices of engine size for that category has never happened from what i can remember, within a brand. That right there would be revolutionary in itself if true of course.

I hope to one day slap a big C in my back window. It wont be on a RAM though.

I guess the next gen Super Duty will also have this engine

Funny to see the Rambo crowd deride the Ford logo's on the Raptor. The Rambo Rebel takes the cake in that regard.

Turbo lag?

@HemiV8 - you were already called out on that one.

I drove an EB3.5 F150 for 9 days last winter. Any hesitation was typical of any drive by wire truck I've been in. It has dual turbo's to minimize lag. The EB 3.5 feels faster when one does not drive "foot meets floor" since revving the sh!t out of it puts the engine outside of its peek torque band.

I got the impression from the video that the Raptor will only come in an extended cab version.

Is that true?

Mark Williams mentioned that there were no cargo or tow penalties with the Raptor.........

if that is the case what are the tow/haul ratings for it?


"hello! knock-knock! Ram makes a kit that you can add to your truck that competes with the Raptor,, its called a "RAM RUNNER"

Fixed it for You!


"However, as far as off roading goes, my old S10 will fit old trails that would peel the aluminum bodywork off of the Raptor."

My Polaris Ranger will fit old trails that would peel the sheet metal off of the S10. So what!

The ram runner kit was discontinued in 2012 fyi for those that think you can order it from ram or mopar

Here is an article concerning the ram runner.... Chyrsler axed it with the 13 redesign as it wasn't profitable for them. It was only available for a year or so, so it's kind of like finding a unicorn if you actually see one offroad.


I think Ram should make a new Ramcharger. 100'' wheelbase 2-door full-size SUV with an off-road version. If they don't, maybe Ford will do a Bronco?

@HemiV8 - pursuant to your turbo lag fixation...........

this a quote from TTAC "anti-lag-equipped second-generation Raptor."

You'll have to go back to ranting about fires.

unOFfICIAL! Ford is discontinuing v8's! That doesn't mean it's over with for the f150. That means gasoline v6's will be refined to the umpteenth degree in everything Ford produces. Also means Ford's 4 cul technology might bring v8's back due to technology advancement, down the road of course. That raptor just proved that even the beefiest of f150 will come equipped with a v6. I bet they will design a 5.0 v6 non turbo, Mark my words!

There is no truth to that dropping V8 story.


V8's will remain in the Ford engine portfolio in the Mustang and F150 to keep V8 fans happy.

The 5.0 is similar in wieght and dimensions to the Ecoboost so Ford's rationale for using the EB 3.5 instead of the 5.2 GT350 motor is hyperbole.

There is a reason why Ford put the Ecoboost 3.5 in the Raptor and the GT supercar. Those vehicles are halo cars and are sending a message to everyone.
The Mustang will continue to have a V8 as long as there are enthusiasts that want it especially babyboomers. Ford has gone to IRS ditching the solid axle. That shows which horizon the Mustang will gallop towards.

My Polaris Ranger will fit old trails that would peel the sheet metal off of the S10. So what!

Posted by: Bart | Jan 15, 2015 1:10:54 PM

My Polaris Ranger will fit old trails that would peel the sheet metal off of the S10 and peel even more from RAPTOR.

Fixed it for you.

will the next genterion ford super duty debut at chicogia auto show

@Hovedo - and a KTM will fit where your quad won't ;)

I get your point, others don't.

The Raptor is restricted by its width.
That is a plus for stability and a minus for narrow trails.............. BUT................... anyone buying an off-roader already knows that fact and buys based on their personal end use.

The 3.5 in this new Raptor (and the new GT) is not the same engine as the familiar 3.5 that has been in F-150s since MY11. This "HO" 3.5 has a new block, pistons, intake, turbos, a dual port/direct injection system, and anti-lag technology previously referenced in other posts. According to the R&T article below, 450 hp is not unexpected.



The Hemi doesn't get better gas mileage than the Ecoboost. The Canadian truck king challenge and the light duty challenge on this site proves it. If you want more proof, go to fuelly.com. Truck Trends truck of the year results prove it. It got better mileage than the Hemi and GM's 6.2 in their tests. Motor Trends long term results for the different trucks proves it. GM's 5.3 had the best, followed by the Ecoboost with the Hemi in last. (all were within 1.5 mpg of each other) Stop with your bs please. As far as the problems you're referring to, the misfires, that's been fixed. Do yourself a favor and stop.

will ford debut the next genterion ford super duty at the chiciogia auto show

@Jim - I am surprised that PUTC did not cover the engine more.

"Calling the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that's destined for the new Ford GT and second-generation Raptor pickup a high-output version is a bit disingenuous. Ford basically wiped the slate clean to make it, retaining only the displacement measurement—and, you know, the fact it has six cylinders in a vee configuration fed by turbochargers and direct injection.

It starts with a new block, heads, pistons, and intake, plus bigger turbos. Ford adds a dual-injection system, a combination of port and direct fuel injection, like Subaru uses on the BRZ/FR-S motor. That makes the H.O. 3.5 the first and only EcoBoost engine to use port injection. Ford calls this a second-generation EcoBoost, so maybe that dual-injection scheme will spread to other engines.

And then there's the anti-lag system. It's not a fuel-dumping system like on fire-spitting nutso rally cars, but we're told a lot of work went into the control systems to make sure manifold pressures stay up to keep the turbos spooled. They're not messing around here. The turbos aren't in the valley—a so-called "hot vee" setup like many of the German companies have moved to lately—but the resulting engine is still much more compact than the V8 it replaces.

The high-output 3.5 is pegged to make more than 600 hp in the limited-run GT supercar and at least 414 hp and 434 lb-ft of torque in the next Raptor (the promise is that it will beat the outgoing 6.2-liter's numbers,which those are). Ford likes to wait as long as it can to announce concrete power numbers, so it will be months until the final specs are in, but we're expecting at least 450 hp for the crazy off-road truck.

Jamal Hameedi, Ford's global performance vehicle chief, says the new Raptor is significantly faster than the first-generation truck. This most welcome news—big fast things need to go faster—is helped by the 500-pound weight reduction compared to the original Raptor, as well as the new 10-speed automatic transmission that will debut in the 2016 truck. (The new transmission's wider ratio spread also helps improve efficiency, if you were curious.)"

This engine shares little with the standard EB 3.5 motor but is very similar to the 600 hp version going into the new Ford GT.


Forget Chicagoland. Super Duty debuts are always in Texas.


Thanks for the info. I really didn't know anything about it. I'm just wondering if fuel efficiency is considered here of if they only care if it gets better than the 6.2? Either way, I'd say this version of the Raptor seems to be better than the previous.

will the 2016 ram 1500 or ram hd debut at the chiocage auto show

when will the2016 chevy hd &gmc hd trucks debut will they debut at the chicogia auto show


The 3.5 EcoBoost misfire issue for 2013 2014 engines was not fixed. Check out the link with a couple of TSB's and see the reality from the comments below. See how this fix didn't fix much and actually brought down the mpg like a rock. Get informed before you point fingers. I know owning one could be frustrating and some might ask themselves: Why didn't I take the blue pill? (sorry I meant the 5.0 V8)

Will the 2019 VW Amarok with the Bugatti Veyron engine be at the Chicago Auto Show?

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