2015 Ram 1500 Rebel: First Look

RM015_034FN II

Let's be crystal clear: It shouldn't take anyone more than two seconds to realize the 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel is not a Raptor fighter or anything close to a Power Wagon. It is, however, a special half-ton package that includes unique features and design changes that are pretty cool. Further, this is not a new off-road package but a collection of some of Ram's best and most capable features that have been tweaked or modified to highlight the rugged, adventure-focused capabilities of Ram's half-ton — think of it as a Ram Outdoorsman Plus.

This will give the Ram truck brand 10 distinct trim packages (Tradesman, Express, SLT, Big Horn/Lone Star, Sport, Outdoorsman, Laramie, Laramie Longhorn and Laramie Limited) with the Rebel slotting just above the Outdoorsman for customers who want a more active, customized look. The Rebel allows Ram to compete with more serious 4x4 packages like the Tundra TRD Pro and Nissan Titan Pro-4X while nudging ahead of the GM Z71 and Ford FX4 packages.

What It Is

A peek underneath the Ram 1500 Rebel makes it clear it starts with a standard crew-cab Ram 1500 platform with the four-corner air-suspension option. The crew-cab-only Rebel can be ordered with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 (4x4 or 4x2) or a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 (4x4 only) with axle ratio choices for the V-8 of 3.21:1 or 3.92:1. The V-6 will only get the 3.92:1 gears; both will be mated to their respective eight-speed ZF transmission.

Obvious front-end changes include the bulging hood (actually an aluminum sport hood from Mopar) and a brand-new molded grille with monster-sized Ram lettering; this grille drops the crosshairs. The front bumpers have been reshaped to allow for slightly better approach angles and larger openings for the frame-mounted tow loops. A powder-coated front skidplate protects a portion of the bumper, then wraps under the front of the truck. Exterior designers agonized over every inch of this new Rebel's front end; they've even removed the small chrome accents inside the headlights — exclusive to the Rebel — to keep the overall look clean and sporty.

Front and rear wheel arches have the fender flares from the heavier-duty Ram 2500 Power Wagon with similarly sized 33-inch (actually 285/70R17E rated) Toyo Open Country tires. This is a unique tire selected specifically for the Ram Rebel package.

A Distinct Look

All Ram Rebels will be offered in two-tone paint or monochromatic styles. Color choices will include Flame Red, Bright White, Bright Silver Metallic, Brilliant Black and Granite Crystal Metallic. Regardless of exterior paint scheme choices, the interior will have a single look, which will include accented stitching in the molded seats, anodized red surrounds in the doors, center console and gauge cluster as well as the tire's footprint embossed into the seatbacks and cushions. A Radar Red ram's head and Rebel logo will be embroidered into the seats and bolsters as well.

The bed design will not changed but we're guessing the RamBox option (with its handy lockable bedside storage) will be popular. Additionally, a new, sturdy three-section tonneau cover offered through Mopar should make hunters, campers or fisherman grateful for the extra high-mounted deck space. It's worth noting most of the tailgate design is similar to current Rams (meaning remote lock and strut assist will be available), but almost the entire rear face of the Rebel tailgate will now covered with 7-inch-tall letters spelling out Ram. The base of the lettering pops out of the metal tailgate, and then each letter sits on top. This three-dimensional effect isn't subtle at all, but it matches the front grille perfectly.


The air suspension computer control setup in the Ram Rebel is a little different than normal Ram 1500s with the same option in that there is only one "off-road" setting to the driver-controlled suspension (normal Rams have two off-road settings: off-road 1 and off-road 2). That's because all Ram Rebel will offer a normal ride height an inch or so taller than a normally equipped Ram air setup, but will still have the automatic aero setting for highway cruising.

The taller "normal" ride height (along with the taller tires) gives the Rebel a more "aftermarket" or lifted look, separating the new package from its Ram counterparts and all of its competitors. The extra ride height gives the bigger tires a little more room to move around for those enthusiastic drives into the backcountry. To round out the improved suspension package, Ram will include a set of specially tuned high-performance Bilstien shocks to help give it extra durability and support.

The new Ram 1500 Rebel will be available by June, but don't expect pricing to be announced until we get closer to its actual on-sale date.

To read the full 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel press release, click here.
To read the full 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel specification sheet, click here.

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That is a really cool looking Ram! This is coming from a guy that never thought he would utter such a thing.
My Ram buddies are going to want to see this. I'll say this about them, they are hella loyal to Dodge.

Nice. Ready in June.

Should have been called the ram 1500 BARF. Man that grill is terrible! Good try trying to make it look like a raptor, but you failed again ram.

Overall it looks nice. My biggest gripe is the front grille gives it a "Tundra" look, and that I don't like.


U hit the nail on the head. I personally think this ram testing the waters on a raptor fighter. What do yall think? Btw I hope the grille isn't the new design direction for the 2018 ram to match the vans since they split from dodge.

They should have made a walker texas ranger edition as a tribute to texas as add the bars in the bed with the lights on them.

No e lockers. Optional limited slip in the rear. If Ram holds true to form it will be clutch based, and not the eaton kind that can be rebuilt either.

This is really Ram testing the waters for the "next" look for the 1500. Overall I like most of the elements. Big lettering has to go though. Black/Red contrast looks good on this truck.

For an off-road themed truck though no standard limited slip is stupid. No diesel is stupid. Screwed up ground clearance specs are stupid. I hope they hurry up with their pentastar and hemi upgrades and they are worthwhile. As it stands I am of the opinion that the current pentastar comes up very lacking for a truck like this - crew cab, air suspension, optional ram boxes, optional skid plates. That's pushing 6k lbs. They either need an engine option that sets power-wise in between the current pentastar and hemi or they need to update that hemi into a more fuel efficient engine. I have never seen good fuel economy from a hemi - great engine otherwise though.

Nice. The grill design will take some getting used to. No cross hair. Like the higher clearance front bumper. Like the tire size and Bilstien shocks. Like the paint, Hood, Rims, exhaust out of the way for off road clearance. Did not see any tow haul numbers. Over all it's nice. A lot of cool and unique features. Definitely better than the Outdoors man.

That is something only a mother could love.

Not a big Ram fan but anytime you get a factory lifted truck with bigger tires I'm all for it. Nice looking truck. But that grill has got to go

Some day I hope we get away from those oversized grilles. And I really do think at a glance many will think its a Tundra.

I'm not into Dodge pickups, but from the front tires back is cool.

It doesn't matter what it looks like, its the quality underneath that counts.
Driving that truck shows the world you own the best!
The Ram was always the toughest and real mans truck its about time it has the looks to show it.
As an example the Ford and Chevy looks like an old mans truck, but this Ram looks tough-hot, a tough working mans truck.

I would own one.

The bulging hood makes the Ram look a lot nicer.

Then the grille destroys it.

The rims are very good looking as well.

The the grille kills it again.

That colour red (looks just like Jeep red) looks good with the black.

The the grille kills it again.

Even the black down low looks good, reminds me of how my red XJ Cherokee looked.

Then the grille kills it.

I really like the looks of the head lights and the transparency and the lower half of the front end under the grille.

The the grille kills it.

I don't like the red in the interior either, but you could live with it.

Then the grille kills it.

My only hang up about the Ram Truck is that Ram Emblem on the steering wheel.
As a religious man that emblem looks like the devil and I would feel uncomfortable driving one with that Ram emblem on the steering wheel looking at me while driving.

They should have just called it the Autist

It's gonna take a little getting used to a Ram without the cross hairs. I guess they didn't want Ford to out label them with the Raptor. It's about time. I like it. I like it a lot.

that grill and huge lettering on the tailgate is horrible and not crazy about the interior...fix all that and could be a nice truck !


Think about the Blue Collar Comedy Crew. When Ron White is too hip for the rest of your team, you just might be a RAM customer.

Subtlety and nuance are words you won't find in the styling department at Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, RAM whatever they're calling themselves these days.

Take a look at the Super Bee or the Power Wagon. There's a market for that sort of thing, it's just like orange leisure suits and lime-green patent leather men's shoes.

I'll bet Larry the Cable Guy has already ordered one for his mother.

If you couldn't tell that it was a Ram by the front grill then the badge on the tailgate really lets you know. Wow!!! Lol

New meaning to "Trying too hard"...

I'm a Ram guy and must say I'm not impressed. Looks like they threw something together last night to compete with Raptor.

Looks like everyone is copying the brand spelled out on the grill with letters on "offroad" looking vehicles. Lets remember that Toyota was first, yes the Land Cruiser predates the Rapturd.

Wow. This is will be the best looking truck out there.

I wonder if pickup makers like Ford and Ram are worried we won't be able to identify their makes without BIG labeling. But, then again they used to stamp the make across the tailgate on the older trucks. I always thought Ram/Dodge had been distinct with it's cross hair grill and big rig styling. Honestly it's hard to miss a Dodge. Ford did pretty good at looking distinct and GMC/Chevy always had the boxy angular look.
I maybe would have just had the "Ram" or an actual ram emblem floating on a mesh grill. But, hey we can always customize later right.

how about a 6.4 Hemi in the Ram 1500 "Rebel"

Not a fan of the "new look". Toyota and Ford do the whole "name in the grille" thing much better. As for the tailgate letters, RAM is too short. It would look much better if it said DODGE and the letters were a little smaller. A 3 letter word on the back doesn't stretch far enough across the tailgate, IMO.

As for the capabilities, eh, it's enough for most people I guess. It'll be able to handle everything 90% of the current Raptor owners throw at it, and at least it's more capable than other trim levels.

A manly truck with tulip wheels?

This is nothing special mechanically so with this I see a brand that wants to be innovative all the time and has run out of good ideas for their current platform.

I really like the looks of that! Limiting it to crew cab and no diesel option.......come on.
Reg. cab w/diesel option and this Ford guy would take a close look.

Notice how they completely rip off the "Raptor" name font that ford uses, and they even used an R word to try and confuse people. What a bunch of morons. It doesn't even look intimidating or manly at all, it just looks stupid.

Chrysler/Fiat basically ripped a whole in Ford muscle car segment with the Challenger Hellcat, but they completely gave up in the truck category with this little-engine-that-couldn't POS.

oh good Lord is that thing ugly.

Its nice to see more options on the same lot. I think they needed a better off-road option. Always thought pickups were getting a little too low for off-road use. I know the lower the better when it comes to fuel mileage, but off-road not so much.
They do need to put the VM diesel in this though. Hopefully an option down the road. Plus, they need to allow cab options and bring back the extended cab.

Notice how Ram didn't try to discretely copy the Raptor front bumper, just blatantly copied it.

BTW, PUTC is wrong, this wont nudge ahead of the FX4 or Z71 because it doesn't have lockers, and without lockers it is not a step in front of the FX4 or Z71, it's a step back.

So EVERYTHING now looks like Tundra!

Tundra the original, made in Texas by Texans!

How cheesy

Well it appears that everyone's got there before
me; not a bad truck. But that grill has to go !

I sincerely hope that Ram HQ/Styling are watching/reading this, and do something about that grill.

God forbid it's the new grill for the 2016 Ram's ! Lost sales anyone

Tom#3 - some say the Ram insignia looks like a picture of a woman's anatomy. Google it.

Religious man?

Considering the stuff you say ion this site, I doubt it.

Ford has been sandbagging the potential of the 3.5L Eco-Boost.
The Ford GT is proof of that. 600 HP!
They put the "scaled down version" in the upcoming F-150 Raptor.

I'm not sure what to make of that grill. Looks like a dude with a mustache trying to kiss someone.
I guess copying the 2014 Tacoma snout is supposed to be some sort of compliment.

Air ride lift from the standard system doesn't sound like a good idea to me since there have been a lot of reports of guys overheating the system off-road and getting "limp home" mode.
IIRC 4Wheeler magazine got overheat warnings on one of the first trucks they tested.

Exhaust straight out the back in a truck that is supposed to be an off-roader?

As long as I don't spend too much time looking at the snout, the truck looks good.

Ram Identity crisis???

I hope they fix this by the 2016 model year. It does need lockers. I dont understand why limited slips aren't standard and lockers available on regular trucks with packages like this getting lockers standard. Who really wants an open differential? Who? What is the purpose or reason for it? Most trucks have a limited slip or locker on their window sticker so just make it standard. And it is only a $325 option with ram so just make it standard for god sakes.

Disabpointed! I'm a Ram guy and was hoping for something new. Where's the 2016? How about a 1500HD?
The interior is rather nice with the red accents.


Southern IL: You realize they have different bits inside the motor, right? And you didn't need the GT to know that. The 3.5 has been in the Daytona Prototype that Ganassi has been running for over a year.
Different bits there, too.

Nice looking truck, but my 2002 RAM 1500 Quad is still running strong at 170,000 plus miles. So, I'll hold on to it for a few more years.

I was aware of internal differences but didn't know about Ganassi running them in a Daytona prototype.
A 600 HP V-6 is impressive regardless.
That's why racing is important to all manufactures...proving grounds to what they can do and see if it holds up.

I didn't think RAM could get any more redneck .. REBEL

Likes: higher ride height
Simpler Air Suspension system
Ram Box
Wheels and Tire size wheel size of 17"
Lack of Chrome, which is all plastic today, it should
be called plasty chrome
Interior except for the red accents

Grill, it looks like is has a huge fat upper lip at Ram logo then the big fat lower lip at bottom of grill, really bad imo
Dont Care for the RAM logo in tailgate, will make it difficult to wrap or put on a company logo sign.
Will this truck come with a center seat in front vs the floor console?

If they make the changes to my dislikes, i would give this truck a serious look when it comes out. I dont care for the titan much, the exterior no thanks and the lipstick on the tacoma does nothing for me and of course it will cost more than a full size, so no thanks for an overpriced truck with half the space, utility, capability and the same if not worse mileage that a full size V-8.

I didn't like the front grille first, but more I look at it from distance, more I like it and it's growing on me. It looks aggressive, better than Raptor.

This truck looks like it's MFG is Japanese and trying to copy FORD. Cheesy!!!!

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