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Nissan has a big challenge in front of it, maybe even bigger than when it decided to enter the half-ton segment almost 15 years ago. Remember the Alpha-T concept truck at the 2001 North American International Auto Show in Detroit? Not only does Nissan have the oldest and worst-selling half-ton pickup truck in the segment — the Titan — but there's also momentum building in the marketplace for new pickup sales to explode once again. It would behoove Nissan to take advantage of this.

And consider this: in the last two years, every half-ton manufacturer has completely re-engineered or significantly upgraded its products. Can any segment in the auto universe say that? If there's a truckmaker that has everything to gain with its next-generation full-size competitor, it's Nissan. So the reveal of the 2016 Titan next week at the 2016 NAIAS is a highly anticipated event.

We've spent quite a bit of time with the truck team at Nissan to watch how they've approached this daunting project and to see how this truck will either jump into the fray or continue to circle the battlefield.

"We know we can't be at the top of every single category with this new truck," said Rich Miller, Titan team leader, "but where we're not leading, we certainly want to be near the top — we want this truck to compete head-to-head with our competition in every category that a solid pickup truck needs to be in."

Naturally, we'll be fighting for every piece of information and the chance to get behind the wheel of the new Titan. You can be sure we'll be writing about what we find in the months to come. In this package of stories we're sharing information we've gleaned from a recent backgrounder and the most up-to-date press materials from Nissan.

The 2016 Titan will be available late this year, and in order to slowly and progressively ramp up its production mix, Nissan has decided to offer the Titan XD with the new 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins first, and then roll out non-XD models in 2016. It's our understanding that you won't even be able to purchase a gas-equipped Titan until the first quarter of 2016, more than a year from now.

With the 2016 Titan, it looks to us like Nissan is pursuing buyers who want something more than a half-ton but less than a three-quarter ton: a "half-ton plus" or "three-quarter-ton light," if you will. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

To read the full 2016 Nissan Titan XD overview press release, click here.

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I think Nissan should capitalize on what they know better, the compact-midsize market. Rather than waste time chasing clearly superior fullsize competitors, why not make a really great Frontier replacement, or something below the Frontier?

This is an interesting strategy, offering a near 3/4 ton truck. The domestics have all offered a heavy duty half ton at some time or another. A lot of folks are saying g the 5L Cummins won't achieve good fuel economy, but if the GVWR is high enough, won't it be exempt from EPA ratings and CAFE?

They've been working on this thing for how long? Some versions won't be available until a YEAR from now?

Not blown away by it's looks but looks ok. I like the smoother outside for improved aerodynamics. Good move to build the Cummins models first - max profits and demand.

Truck trend.comhads more pictures, I really like the Yellow one!

Well, Nissan wins the ugly truck award.

Sounds ok, but from the numbers for payload and towing posted earlier sounds like the f150 is venturing a lot further into 3/4 ton territory than this titan is. Would have been perfect for a release 2 years ago but ford is talking 10 speeds for 2017 and ram and gm already doing 8 speeds and this is coming out with a 6?...good start and I doubt price point will help sell them with the competitions higher tech available. Geuss we'll wait to see how real world numbers stack up before I start judging it.

You seem to be reading to many reviews, tests and magazine articles. It isn't just about manufacturer and test data. Look further into you what you stated.

If I needed tow a heavier weight with a half ton, the Titan is a far better truck to do it with than the F-150.

Just look at the engine and drivetrain differences.

so a single truck, 5 different articles?

@makatron, I agree the 5 separate articles could have been combined into one, they make it seem as if this is a truck that nobody has ever heard of before, but overall I'm quite sure that the new Titan will do well at dealerships.

It's not like they've never done this for any other brand. It's breaking down the different aspects of the truck. We're all big boys here, we can handle it.

Wow and I thought the Ford crap was ugly!

so a single truck, 5 different articles?

This is the most significant new truck at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The Tacoma is important but more of an upgrade.

The Raptor is a halo truck.

This truck will be the truck that forces GM, Ford, Ram and even Toyota to look at a serious diesel effort targeting the 1/2 ton or lower end 3/4 ton segment.

Nissan won't be forcing anyone. More like the other way around. Ford sold more F-150 Raptors in 2014 than Nissan sold Titan pickup trucks. First Nissan must learn to compete before it goes around forcing. But that thing is nasty. Those front fenders are hideous and that makes it a perfect Nissan!

What I've been hoping Ford will make, an upper trim "F-200" with all the bells and whistles. However, this truck doesn't appear to have any more capability than the F150 and it is a lot nastier (sorry Fred Diaz). I don't see Ford going diesel with gas prices failing to $1.69 this week and falling daily. Ford will stick with the EcoBoost.

Of all the full-sized pickup trucks available for '15, the Titan is the best looking one, followed roughly by Ram, Toyota and GMC in that order. If I wanted a full-sized truck, this is the one I would consider first--probably special order since dealerships seem to thing everyone wants either the biggest and strongest or the absolute cheapest. Personally, I prefer ordering A la Carte.

For big trucks and SUVs, a column-mounted shifter is best-suited. Also, many drivers could do without the center console between the front seats. With a bench seat, one can fold down the center armrest that has cupholders.

I went to the Nissan website and read the most up to date information. It appears to me that Fred Diaz kept all of his old contacts from RAM and just built another pick-up with the same powertrain as Ram. Same Cummins manufacturer, same Aisin transmission manufacturer, and yup...you guessed it the same American Axles that RAM has. Even the interior screams RAM. I see disasters occurring in the near future unless there has been a change I am unaware of. The RAM brand is not worth writing home about.

@SAR - Nissan happens to have a better Quality Control Department than Ram.
Ram fired their head of QC.

I'll tell you who it's for, me. If it lives up to the advertised capabilities, it would be a perfect match for me. My current truck is a '99 Ram 2500. According to dodgeram.info, the 2nd gen 3/4 tons were only rated for about 2400 lbs payload and 13000 lbs towing. Everyone knows that those trucks can handle a lot more than that, but I've personally never gone over those numbers. The only trailers I pull are a 12k 16+4 flatbed and a 3 horse slant load. The new Titan would be perfect for those trailers, it would have more room for the kids in the back seat, and the registration would be less because it's only a "1/2 ton". I'm saving up already.

Wow, talk about FUGLY. The only good thing is the engine. The Capabilities are no better than the F150 and I believe the F150 can go over 3000 Lbs in the bed.
If I need to haul more I would rather go to the 2500/250 HD market, the motors are around 400HP and 800+ Trq. The mileage is great on Super Cabs with a highway gear...and last of all, parts are easy to get and they are proven!!!

The f-150 doesn't stand a chance against this , 550tq at 1600rpm even with 6 speed this will blow away the ecoboost and there is no accel bug with cummins motors , this is simply a 2500 non-HD , perfect for RV towing , perfect for race trailer , perfect for horse trailer of good size , space for family without the truck ride of 2500HD

Engine and tranny is the only thing that stands out with this truck. Pricing will be key to this so called middle ground. If it's too close to 3/4 ton price people would never take the leap unless its just to try something different. I don't think there is a need for a middle weight truck like this. An ecboost will take you all the way to the point of needing a 2500 with a diesel. Especially since we can count on the ecoboost to get a bump in power in the coming years. Efficiency will also be the real story on this smaller Cummins. This is likely why RAM dumped it. You know how many people would have bought a 1500 RAM with a Cummins? Way more than are buying the 3.0 Ecodiesel. They dropped it for a reason.

I was interested in this truck and eagerly awaiting it's arrival. However, today Nissan denied my brother's two month out of warranty steering lock issue on his vehicle after alluding that they would repair.
So I am no longer interested in any Nissan, even the beloved GTR.
Take the train Nissan!
You lost a customer for life

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