2016 Nissan Titan XD: The Mechanicals


Nissan was very clever in producing the new 2016 Titan XD. Not only has it created two unique pickup trucks — one called the Titan XD and one just Titan — but it produced both vehicles at the same Canton, Miss., plant where midsize pickups, large SUVs, full-size vans and compact SUVs run off the same production line.

The Titan XD — the first of the new Titans to be sold later this year — will have the all-new 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins and a unique heavy-duty frame and chassis that has some parts in common with the NV2500/3500 Cargo Van chassis. The stronger, all-new fully boxed (but not hydroformed) frame is thicker and has more high-strength steel than the "regular" half-ton Titan that is due out in the first half of 2016.

The suspension remains consistent with current Titan strategy: double-wishbone coil-over front suspension (the XD gets a 9.25-inch ring gear) while the rear uses a live axle with a massive 13.0-inch ring gear-and-leaf spring setup. Although the Pro-4X gets stronger monotube shock absorbers, the standard units on Titan XD models are twin-tube absorbers. The Titan XD also mitigates vibration by using hydraulic cab mounts to isolate the cab. As you might guess, the Titan XD uses much larger brake discs: 14.2 inches in front and 14.4 inches in the rear.

When properly equipped, the Titan XD will have a maximum payload capacity of more than 2,000 pounds and a max towing capacity of more than 12,000 pounds, making it the strongest half-ton in the segment or least-capable three-quarter-ton available, depending on how you want to define it. The heart of the beast, of course, is the 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins motor rated at 310 horsepower and 555 pounds-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed Aisin transmission (likely a down-rated version available for Ram's high-output 6.7-liter inline-six Cummins).

Interestingly, new Titans will no longer have the console shifter but instead will have a column shifter that will include a manual, thumb-activated tap-up/tap-down shifter. Nissan representatives note that a column shifter is a more traditional setup, and it allows owners to have a larger center console storage area. The integrated brake controller is relatively low in the center stack but has a nicely visible gain readout.

The ISV50 Cummins is the same engine used for commercial-duty work by several big-rig companies with slightly different software and duty-cycle changes. The block is made of compacted graphite iron with high-strength aluminum alloy heads on top and uses dual overhead camshafts to modulate intake and exhaust. Cummins uses two differently sized turbochargers; a smaller one spools up quickly at lower rpm, while the larger one takes longer to fully spool up.

Finally, the Cummins uses a piezo high-pressure direct-injection fuel system that can precisely measure, monitor and maintain optimum fuel ratios for the best power and fuel economy possible. The system uses a particulate filter and select catalytic reduction to practically eliminate any tailpipe emissions. The diesel exhaust fluid filler opening is conveniently located behind the fuel-filler door.

Although no announcements have been made about either of the two gasoline engine choices, we fully expect to see an upgraded 5.6-liter Endurance V-8 and an all-new V-6, likely bigger and stronger than what's available for the current Frontier.

To read the full Nissan Titan XD and Cummins press release, click here.
To read the full Nissan Titan XD specification chart, click here.

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The Ram Eco Diesel is shaking in its boots for sure! Why Ram ditched Cummins is a mystery and I think it will come back and haunt them for sure.

I was hoping that this 5.0 diesel would provide same power as Ford's "6.0" ecoboost [the 2.7 pushed with 18psi of boost is equivalent to a 6 liter engine] 325hp, and with 50% more torque 562.5ft-lbs.
Very close, if it isn't slightly underrated.
310hp@3200rpm is 91.7% of peak torque. Sounds like the turbocharger system is doing its job very well indeed.

I'll bet this Cummins will be no where near as efficient as the EcoDiesel. If I remember correctly, Ram stated that they didn't use the Cummins V8 because it wouldn't be able to meet MPG goals. But this engine would make sense in a half-ton heavy because of it's capability. Just my two cents.

I'm curious to see how much this thing weighs.

Too bad they are only offering a 6 speed auto transmission.

This thing will probably look better compared to a 3/4 ton than a half ton when considering fuel economy. But 12,000 pounds towing? I expected 14,000 or better. And 2,000 payload? It better be above 3,000 if it wants to impress me. So far I'm dissappointed.

The engine is mated to a six-speed Aisin transmission. Well more manufactures using transmissions that Toyota part owns. The Titan, Tundra, and Ram HDs with the upgrade now.

I noticed Nissan didn’t' give weight, this thing probably weighs in over 6,000 pounds with massive parts like that 13" ring gear and bigger brakes (I think biggest in class now).

Things id like to know. It says 70 percent in common with commercial duty 5.0. Are these 30 percent structural changes or or simply fueling and exhaust. I would love a low rpm diesel that wont hunt for gears and not wear out for hundreds of thousands of miles.

I like 6 passenger setting.

It says at least 2000 lbs load and 12000 towing. Well that's enough information to drive away some of those who would other wise be interested.

I hate gear hunting so six speeds are great for me. As long as the engine can drive the truck while holding gears and not over torquing the transmission.

I'm disappointed, I would have hoped for a rear air suspension with auto level, bed side storage containers. Given the former connection with ram and the videos they released being originators in bed side storage, I'd rather go with a Ram EcoDiesel with all the nice options and then spend a little money for Banks tuning to increase ecodiesel output

Didn't Ford just release a new truck? Oh wait this is the titan

I'm sure the titan won't be as efficient as the ram... but i dont think that was their intention. It IS a heavy half ton, unlike the ram 1500. But, in stock form, this truck will beat any ford,chevy,ram 2500 gas engine in mpgs. This people, is where it will sell ! I'm on a small dairy farm and currently own a 12 ram 2500 hemi. Nothing agasint it, but i will be trading for this truck in 2-3 years. Does all i would want. Just sayin.....

I thought the ISV was supposed to have an exhaust brake feature, but I see nothing about it in any of the press releases.

"When properly equipped, the Titan XD will have a maximum payload capacity of more than 2,000 pounds and a max towing capacity of more than 12,000 pounds, making it the strongest half-ton in the segment or least-capable three-quarter-ton available, depending on how you want to define it."

Parroting press releases again I see!

Ford has a max cargo/max tow F150 rated around 2,300 lb and 12k tow.
GM has a max tow/cargo option as well. They sit at 2k and 12k tow.

The press release does not mention exact max haul or max tow specs.

They will be released closer to production date...........


Afraid of Ford's magic spring dust?


Cummins 5.0 =

310 hp at 3,200 rpm

555 lb.ft. at 1,600 rpm.


2000lbs+ payload... No problem for ford.
12000lbs+ towing... No problem for ford.

Ford's got it covered with their renowned magic spring dust.

Finally real news.

The NV full size vans are BEASTS with regards to frame, brakes, suspension, and drive train. The more it shares with them more of a work machine this is.

It seems like a nice pickup.

Should challenge many of the "SUV" light heavy duties out there.

The FE will not be he same as the Ram 1500 diesel. It would be silly to think so.

The Ram 1500 diesel is a lighter pickup all round.

hmm.. I am impressed at the effort but I am not sure if it hits all of the right buttons. Toyota and GM are guilty of "me too" style of updates (granted the new GM 8-speed and 6.2L are good new options).

With a heavy half ton I'd expect more capability. The press release does state "more" than 2000 lbs payload and 12,000 lbs in towing but basically all of the other trucks from the big 3 do too (except Ram on the towing side). I'd have expected something more substantial given that the 8500 GVWR is out the window. Maybe more like 2500 lbs in payload and 14k in towing. Granted Nissan did only say "more than" so they "could" hit this figures but judging by what most automakers do the actually will only be marginally higher than the "more than" number.

The Cummins is a disappointment to me too in terms of output for an all new engine. At 5 liters it should be producing more like 375-400 hp and torque should be about 650 lbs to be on par with specific output of others and would be way more if we went the route of European diesel output. With a V-8 config that should allow for easier rotation and higher total RPM's I expected the output to be at least 70-75 hp per liter which is only on par with others. Hopefully the tuning is more for economy as it should still be more than capable at the rated amounts....just a little underwhelming

The style isn't anything ground breaking but it all comes together quite nice. I like the look of the LED light pipes and the interior looks quite nice both in materials and style. Not sure if charcoal grey and tan are the best color combinations together but the diamond pattern and the overall materials look nice. More Ram Limited/Longhorn and Ford Platinum and definitely a step above Toyota and the GM twins.

Maybe if the XD had 15% more capability and the powertrain had more gears and 15% more output I'd be a more happy camper but still a nice overall effort but being an also-ran in this segment when you are not seen as "American" isn't going to win over too many converts.

I'll still wait for more info to spill out but I give it a B+ for an overall grade. Not stellar but better than average.

A 5.0 Titan compared to a 3.0 Ram argument is pointless. These are two very different trucks aimed at two different buyers.

I also don't see why 2000lb+ and 12,000+ would turn off a potential mid duty segment buyer especially when a 5.0 Cummins is added to the mix. I'm not going to purchase anybody's half ton if I'm targeting these weights. Half ton tow ratings are out of proportion. The new, lighter F150 is probably one of the better 10K+ towing half tons but I'd take a mid duty any day.

I really look forward how this thing goes toe-to-toe with a High GVW F150 and a 3/4 ton diesel. All three doing the same jobs, and looking at puchase, operation and insurance costs.

@Clint this engine in the NV van would be great. it would turn the NV into an excellent foundation for camper conversions and EMS units.

Massive 13" ring gear!!! Nissan built this with plan to upgrade later.

@howam00 - great analysis. This truck appears to be targeting those who opt for 3/4 ton gassers for that 10-12k tow range.

That end of the segment tends to be guys doing more towing than one would do with a max spec 1/2 ton. This truck should easily double a gasser 3/4 ton's mpg under load and be much better empty as well. Empty mpg will most likely be less than that of an empty max tow 1/2 ton.

I so believe that this truck will rattle the cages of the competition.

@Uh Huh, I agree - I thought it was interesting that Nissan now puts a "NP1500" badge on it.


Why would they do it if they weren't going to release an NP2500 or NP3500 at some point down the road?

"Things id like to know. It says 70 percent in common with commercial duty 5.0. Are these 30 percent structural changes or or simply fueling and exhaust. I would love a low rpm diesel that wont hunt for gears and not wear out for hundreds of thousands of miles."

This is pretty common- It was done on every Navistar motor going into a Ford, Every Cummins B into a Ram, and so on. The 6.0 and 6.4 engines that went into MD trucks weren't nearly are problematic as the ones in Superduty trucks.
Medium Duty life cycle requirements dictate parts that are too big/heavy/expensive to fit under the hood of a light duty truck (that includes HD pickups). Other parts are emission related, as the MD engines are engine dyno certified, whereas passenger vehicle engines are Chassis certified. Yes, that does mean different calibrations, but this is typically to the benefit of performance (most passenger vehicle diesels have more HP and TQ than their MD counterparts). Parts that are often different include: Valve cover, oil pan, filters, accessory drive, EGR cooler, bell-housing, engine mounts, injectors, pumps, cam shaft, oil pump and more.

This isn't a bad looking truck check-out the pics on Trucktrend.com


See i currently own a 2004 F-150 which has been great to me, on occasion i need to tow north of 10,000lbs, and once a week i tow 7,500lbs. However i don't tow heavy often enough to justify a HD truck. i like the new Titian on a capability stand point. it gets me a half ton with a diesel that can do real work if i need it to on demand, and it don't look half bad

Fiat owns controlling interest in Ram. It is likely that they mandated use of their ecodiesel. The 5 liter Cummins is a new nitch. A7/8 ton pick up. I expect it will provide better towing than a standard half ton truck with better fuel economy than a full 3/4 ton. This may be the best combination of economy and capability for many customers that tow on a regular basis.The Ram ecodiesel has less towing capacity than a Hemi but provides good fuel economy for someone that only tows occasionally.

@Scott Homer - Fiat owns Ram, Chrysler, Dodge lock stock and barrel.
I agree that is the reason the VM Motori engine went into the Ram.

2015 F150 can tow 12,200lbs and has a payload of 3,300lbs without breaking the gvwr of 6500lbs. the only thing that it even compares to the f150 in is bound to be the fuel economy even though it needs a diesel to get all of those numbers.

I'd like to see where this truck pulls its buyers from. I'm thinking a lot come from Toyota. Sure to be a big seller for a few years.

IT is a real bruiser of a 1/2 ton
this thing will haul better than any other 1/2 ton
555 Torque at 1600 rpm 3400 rpm red line
amazing engine
I can see a lot of people wanting that engine
longevity is assured
towing will be best in class in terms of composure and
ease of towing..

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