2016 Nissan Titan XD: The Packages


Although the new 2016 Titan Nissan XD goes on sale later this year, we're guessing they'll be rolling off the Canton, Miss., production line by September or October — but not in a wide variety of trim levels or versions.

The new Titan should probably be considered two new pickups since there are two very different vehicles set to go on sale: the NP 1500 Titan XD and the NP 1500 Titan. Initially the Titan XD will be the only Titan available when it goes on sale late this year, and it will only be offered with the all-new turbo-diesel 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins (310 horsepower and 555 pounds-feet of torque). Also, the Titan XD will have a unique, stronger frame and chassis with the resulting higher towing and payload capabilities. And to match all this capability, Nissan is including a factory gooseneck hitch option for fifth-wheel and horse-trailer towing.

The Titan XD will be available at a later date with a choice of diesel or gasoline V-8 engines, while the lighter-duty Titan will come online later — probably by the first half of 2016 — and will offer a choice of V-6 and V-8 gas engines.

Another big change for 2016 Nissan Titan lineup is the fact there will be three different cab configurations: single cab (normally called a regular cab), King Cab (or extended cab) and crew cab (four full-size doors). To go along with these cab lengths, the new Titan lineup will have three bed lengths: 5.5 feet (available on crew only), 6.5 feet (King and crew) and 8 feet (single and King). This will likely mean Nissan will need three different wheelbases (compared to just one now) to accommodate the configurations. The Titan XD models we saw at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit only had 6.5-foot-bed crew cabs, which sit on a 151.6-inch wheelbase; that's a length and configuration Titan never offered before.

The new Titan lineup will now be offered in five different trim packages instead of the previous four. They are the base-level S, a moderately equipped SV, the off-road-biased Pro-4X, the well-equipped premium-level SL and the all-new Premium Reserve luxury package. New features and technologies will include LED lighting, projector headlamps, 120-volt plugs in the cab and bed, a dampened tailgate, larger navigation and information screens, bed lighting, integrated brake controller, trailer-light check, 360-degree camera and more.

No pricing will be released until we get closer to the on-sale date but we're guessing Nissan will try to lure these new "white space" buyers that have wanted a heavier-duty half-ton-like diesel pickup but didn't want to spend the extra money or make the ride-quality compromises necessary. It won't surprise anyone if average transaction prices for the Titan XD hover well more than $45,000 with crew-cab Cummins models being the first to roll off the line. We saw the new Platinum Reserve trim, and it reminded us of the Laramie level that Ram offers but with much better materials and touch surfaces than we've ever seen in a Nissan.

The Cummins engine will be offered in all five trim packages, which means the Titan Pro-4X could be the first serious off-roader to be offered with a turbo-diesel (yes, the Ram 1500 Outdoorsman with the EcoDiesel is nice but not a serious 4x4, and the Power Wagon only uses the Hemi). Likewise, being able to order a work-ready lower-trim-model light-duty diesel will give big and small businesses alike a chance to upgrade an aging fleet with a nice powertrain combination. More to come.

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I think Nissan is making a mistake by not offering a crew cab with an 8 foot bed. They want to offer a 5th wheel tow package, but no 8 foot bed. The only way to get the long bed is to get a king cab or regular cab, I guess the family will have to take another car? Towing a 5th wheel with a short bed is a pain.

Congrats to Nissan for making a real truck regular cab.

FINALLY !! A regular cab diesel half ton !! Other than ram.... Are you listening chevy, ford ?????? Cummins for the win I'll trade my 2012 ram 2500 hemi for one asap.

If this is what people call modern style send me back in time.

Who in their right mind would buy this with a 5.5 box?

I can picture a drunken moron at 3AM driving a 5.5 box truck with an 8 inch lift, big tires, straight out the box monster sized exhaust stacks with an emissions delete kit doing burn outs and rolling coal in-front of the pub at closing time.

Inside looks great.. but exterior is beyond hideous. ..uglier than the new ford... with all these new trucks (platforms) new raptor, titan with a cummins... the ram ecodiesel... kind of makes you wonder what the GM engineers are doing..beside falling behind... bad thing is they could have been soooo far ahead of the game if they would have listened to everyone and came.out with that 4.5l duramax they scrapped several years back... was unheard of then, now everyones doing it and I bet GM wishes they would have went a different direction. .. one day Chevy truck guys can say hah! Beat ya.. but doesnt look like any time soon.

Just want to point out- the Titan has been available with 2 wheel-bases for years. The regular, for Ex cab/6ft bed or Crew /5ft, and the LWB for a Ex cab/8ft bed and Crew/7ft bed. Yes- they actually had 4 bed lengths. That gave them the biggest bed in a 1/2 ton crew. Not that anyone cared...
The Single cab Titan is the 2nd cab surprise today, along with Toyota bringing the Single cab Tacoma back (gone for 14 and 15 model years.


i'm so ready for this truck. it fits a market--like myself, and will sell like hot cakes. did someone say they don't make an 8' bed pretty sure every article i've read says '3 bed lengths' with an 8 footer being one of them. i don't understand the statement that the family will have to take another car? the king cab is the largest cab, and has an 8' bed. why are they taking another car?
and the 5 1/2' bed comment--that bed size is only going to be offered in the crew cab version. I'm not sure why anyone would want a short bed at all, but i also never understood why someone would want the cheap lil crew cab either. i can't believe anyone even makes that cab at all, this day and age.
if this is not modern styling, compared to any US maker or toyota, then jump out of the 50's. i really love the 2015 Ram1500 my old man bought himself, and it's the top of the top of the line, but it looks my my son's old 2007 Ram compared to the new Titan.
the exterior of the truck--especially the front mask--keep in mind you have a V8 fire breather in there. she needs to aspirate and keep cool. it takes more than a Lexus grill to move enough atmosphere to keep everything happy.
as Dianne Allen, chief designer for NisMo said (paraphrase), "we aren't cowboys or ranch hands. this truck is for techies". welcome to something actually advanced, truck lovers.

@ Posted by: Uno Mas | Jan 14, 2015 9:28:12 PM

"the king cab is the largest cab, and has an 8' bed. why are they taking another car? "

Read below

"Another big change for 2016 Nissan Titan lineup is the fact there will be three different cab configurations: single cab (normally called a regular cab), King Cab (or extended cab) and crew cab (four full-size doors). To go along with these cab lengths, the new Titan lineup will have three bed lengths: 5.5 feet (available on crew only), 6.5 feet (King and crew) and 8 feet (single and King). "

Also What makes a crew cab cheap? That makes no sense. I have no need for a SUV with a bed like a large four door is most times. I wanted a tundra dbl cab because it has 6.5' bed and looks better because the door is integrated unlike most full size four doors that look copy and pasted with big goofy door handles.

I'm 6'2" and can sit comfortably behind the drivers seat at my settings so I have zero need for an extra foot of cab and have the need for the extra foot of bed.

WOW. this truck is beyond ugly. Nissan did to the Titan what dodge did to the Dakota back in 2006. They took a truck that looked good and put all kinds of goofy angles and badges and garbage on it. For example, how many damn times does the truck have to let you know its a Titan? huge spot on front grill, side emblems, emblem on step bar, and rear emblem. And that's just for the trucks name!! It looks like a ram, silverado, and one of the MANY f-150 variants had a baby. Oh, and I agree with earlier comments- interior is awful. I love my 2013 Titan- I wanted to love this. I cant.

I really like the truck and the combination of the Aisin 6 speed with a cummins motor. Im more leery to know how that new 2 stage turbo system is going to work over time and what type of exhaust brake system is going to be used. And how high the price will be

James, it will not have an exhaust brake. The engine is designed to have it, but for some reason, Nissan won't be implementing it.

No mentione of a regular cab diesel, Ram also failing with not offering one except with a 8 foot bed. I want the smallest possible truck with a diesel and does not exist in America. I am hoping that the Frontier will breakthrough with one but most likely only with the crew cab. Would be great if they had the regular cab with a diesel as well or an even smaller truck then current Frontier with a diesel like the fist gen Frontier or similar to first gen tacoma

We currently have a 2013 nv 2500 much same as titan love it great ride dependable 250000 miles no problem s running on same brakes . Only cost is maintenance .would buy another only wished it came with longer cargo area. I Currently own a 2011 super duty ford bought new would buy the Titan over the ford if it came with an 8 foot bed .When you decide to make one let me know I'll buy it

Would love to see this in Australia with the Cummins diesel, sadly will only probably be available as a private import, then add $30K to $40K for the conversion to RHD. Oh well, at least we have overpriced Toyota Landcruisers cab chassis, not like the US gets, Nissan Patrols (junk) and a range of midsize utes from likes of Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Mazda, Ford, GM, VW, Mitsubishi and again grossly overpriced for what they are. Dream On!!

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