2017 Ford F-150 Raptor: First Look

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Ford pulled the wraps off one of the worst-kept secrets at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit with the reintroduction of the all-new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor (no more SVT in the name). The Raptor will be available in fall 2016 and will have quite a few significant modifications.

The look of the gen-two Raptor echoes the original, with 6-inch-wider front and rear wide-mouth fender flares to house the 35-inch BFG All-Terrain tires. The front grille has been reshaped with new materials and gives the Ford nameplate more prominence.

The biggest news is under the hood, where a significantly improved 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 will produce more power than ever before. All Ford would tell us is that it will be more than 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque, which is the rating for the Raptor's previously available 6.2-liter V-8 engine option. We've also been told that equivalent Raptors (2014 versus 2017) will have a weight difference of approximately 500 pounds due in large part to the new F-150 Raptor exterior (body panels, cab and bed) being made out of aluminum.

Mated to this new motor will be an all-new 10-speed transmission, which will be the first application of the unit; it will likely spread to other F-150 models throughout the lineup.

Another first for the Raptor, and likely for the entire F-150 lineup, will be the use of a smarter, more sophisticated terrain management system that will allow the driver to make off-road performance changes to the truck via a terrain control center. The new system will allow the driver to select between six modes to give the vehicle the best chance to conquer any challenges that may come on extreme rock trails, high-speed desert courses, at the track or in slushy snow. The modes are Normal, Street, Weather (for rain, snow and ice), Mud-Sand, Baja and Rock.

Thankfully, Ford has upgraded the Fox shock package to give the Raptor even more heat-dissipation strength and capability. Of course, the full length of the F-150's frame has been redesigned for added strength and durability.

The Raptor took a hiatus for the 2015 and 2016 model years to give the Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan time to get settled. The new Raptors will only be made in Dearborn, as before, and it will be a long time before we hear anything about price. 

To read the full press release, click here.

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2) The first Cummins TD put on class 2 and 3 trucks was in 89!(for a Ram fanatic I am surprised you don't know that)

Shows how interested I am in Diesel or Turbo.

2017 ? 2 more years to wait ? This truck is nice, but it's not built yet.
Ford better start digging for 10 speed transmission factory already.

In 2015 you can not get a ram runner kit unless you find a used one. They discontinued them once fiat took over even upsetting the aftermarket designer. Ram runner isn't factory option, just a bolt on aftermarket kit. Ram Runners kits haven't been available for a few years now as they weren't profitable or that sought after. Nothing factory competes with a raptor in the desert or open running off road terrain.

Hemi V8 the days of any motor responding without lag are long over. It's called drive by wire and they ALL have a hesitation from the factory. You need a tuner to eliminate it.

Secondly, the torque management of some vehicles is more obtrusive than others, with the Ram being the worst offender. (in the five/six speed. I've yet to drive the eight speed).

I would agree that having all that torque on tap at such a low rpm could be a bad thing when you need finesse but that's why there is programming for different terrain.

Nothing factory competes with a raptor in the desert or open running off road terrain.

Posted by: scott | Jan 12, 2015 11:12:15 PM

In another words, useless truck for me.

Meanwhile , back at GM they are designing a new, bright and shiny sticker and chrome package.

@scotty, RIPP Supercharged Dodge 5.7 Hemi Ram Runner (Raptor Killer)

Give me instant boost with a super charger.


Posted by: HEMI V8 | Jan 12, 2015 9:03:53 PM

I just finally watched the video posted.... It has a belt driven turbo on it.... Centrifugal supercharger. Its got lag. They even say it in the video starting at 3:05 when they say at 3,000 Rpm it comes on like a 2 stroke powerband... That below 3000 rpm is called lag. Weird how you don't want lag but then praise a 2 stroke like power band on a centri super

Research Centrifugal chargers as they behave like a large turbo as they aren't building boost until they build RPM.

Here I will help you Hemi

And another vid just cause you hate boost lag on stock trucks

@Scotty, listen and learn. 3:32


Supercharged please. Thank you.

Ram supercharged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCQQSjOuRyA


Here those V8's roar. Sounds sooooooooooo gooooooood!


Centrifugal superchargers don't build boost until you spin the impellar over a certain RPM. Unlike roots or screws which produces max boost in low rpm range.

The ecoboost produces boost sooner and at lower rpms then the centrifugal charger that you posted on the ram runner vid... That is why they said after 3000 RPM you can feel it come on like a 2 stroke power band as that is when they start making meanful boost. At crusing speed of 1500-2000 rpm you are making none or almost no boost on a centrifugal as the engine is needing more air then the supercharger can compress. The supercharger you posted has more lag then a modern twin turbo setup.


Ok Toyota, this is how you do cutting-edge. Something Asian manufacturers will never understand.

I'll wait to they all show up at the used car lot like they always do. If it says Ford on the front and the back, it only means it sucks twice as much!

@Scott - the RamRunner kit fit and finish did leave something to be desired. I've seen one up close multiple times.
The Megalomaniac who was the principal of the local FCA dealership had one built when they first came out. He played with it a bit and then tried to sell it on his lot. It sat there for 3 years. Same thing happened with the Jeep Wrangler pickup conversion he did.

@ nemosdad - agreed. I did not notice turbo lag with the Ecoboost F150 I had for 9 days last winter. It responded as fast as my 5.4 F150 or any other new truck I've driven.

I did not like how the traction/stability control reacted/interacted with the electronic diff. There was a lot of axle hop/wheel chatter in deep snow or on ice if one did not disable it with the locker engaged.
I did not like the engagement/disengagement points of the e-locker. Those points must be government mandated since the GM trucks with e-lockers behave the same way.

Nicely done. Great looking truck. Wish the rest of the F150's look this nice. I would buy this if it has more tow rating to tow my toyhauler.

Didn't like the original, Ford has done an awesome job reinventing a popular rig and brining it into the future. I probably will never consider buying one, but I'll respect anyone who does. Impressed.

This is awesome, nothing like that cheesy Ram that just came out.

I'm a GM loyalist, but I have to give Ford credit on this truck, it's looking like a true beast and most people who I know that would go for this would primarily want the exterior paint to be all black, Ford should have an optional V8 to bring out the true character of this thing.

So this is what they were saving the Atlas' looks for.

Raptor looks great, but 2 years before available. Poor planning.

10 speed transmission? I thought 8 speed was the most there would be.

Just wait next will be 12 14 and so on.

Funny how most everyone who comments about not driving the Eco boost are non raptor owners. I don't know any raptor owners who say the V6 is going to be a good thing. And all you ram runners hatting on the raptor and its suspension....really you have all this experience from owing your ram runner?????

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