2017 Ford Raptor Catches Car Mag Cover

Cd-raptor[1] II

We're not the only ones who thought the all-new 2017 Ford Raptor was the top truck at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Car and Driver — not really known for its pickup truck content — put the prehistoric beast on its March 2015 cover.

Although the truck is not due until later next year as a 2017 model, you can bet there will be plenty of information slowly released about the desert-racing/rock-crawling half-ton during the next 18 months. Technology like the all-new high-performance EcoBoost V-6 as well as the new 10-speed transmission will need plenty of background events for journalists and consumers.

On a related note, C and D has now posted their 2015 half-ton comparison test (although, for some reason they used a 2014 Toyota) with the new Ford, Chevy, and Ram pickups included. It doesn't appear that they did any towing or hauling but they did go to Death Valley. There is some good data here on the final scoring page and the writing is entertaining. It's worth a look, however they seem to be a little confused about how to calculate payload numbers (hey guys, next time subtract the actual curb weight of the trucks from that model's GVWR). Oh well, it's not like the name of the magazine is Truck and Driver. 

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This truck is AWSOME!!! Nobody even comes close to matching it and probably never will!

Serioulsy... wow.. this is news????

Definitely no factory truck that comes close to the capabilities of the Raptor, nor could you match the capabilities for the price with any other manufacturer. I wonder how much the new Eco Boost will change the feeling of the Raptor.

Looks & sounds Interesting!

For proper English shouldn't it be GM Corporate couldn't care less. It's couldn't. Kids these days!

The oversize grill is UGLY!!!!!!!!!!

At "not gonna do it".... gonna should be going to, shouldn't it?

If you can afford the Raptor and you are required to carry a handbag as a load it is a great vehicle to drive in the sand dunes and desert, sort of like a quad.

The quad will have one advantage, it will be better able to crawl at idle speeds. The EcoBoost Raptor will want rpm's as it has little low down grunt. That's the advantage of a turbo diesel. Better low down grunt, even if it isn't the same as a non turbo diesel.

The biggest difference between the Raptor and a quad is the "Mall Crawl" effect and you can drive the Raptor to and from work.

If you want to off road and want a full size, midsize, BOF SUV with hi/lo I'd buy with an engine I wanted and purchase an after market suspension kit from a reputable company and decent rubber.

You might not be able to do the Raptors max speed of 98mph on a desert track, but you should still cover a lot of ground quickly.

It would be a lot cheaper, you can carry more weight for those longer duration stays in the wilderness.

The EcoBoost Raptor will be a scream to take out for a drive though. It is kind of useful in a small sports car sense. Fun to drive if you have the bucks to invest in one.

Great second car for the wealthy.

Its really wild that anything FORD does is put down by the other guys. The other guys wish they had half of what FORD has. Ram and Chevy will never touch FORD no matter what. Everyone loves there truck no matter what it says on the tailgate but don't put FORD down for being the best. Ford is just so far ahead till it ain't funny. They will follow.

so does that mean we must drive around our older truck for another 2 years to wait for the 2017 Raptor?

will a barrel of crude oil be up to $200 by 2017 making gas $10/gal ?
Will Iran get nukes and start a global nuclear war by 2017?
Will the dollar fall and hyperinflation where we will need 80% of our income to buy food?

too many unknowns

Hmmm......see if this is working....???

I have an idea!

Hmmm....a puzzle
The Ruptor is a great truck for what it is, an expensive toy. Everybody would love one. But most buying a vehicle will want more utility out of their investment.

Even our Maloo is a fantastic vehicle, but it is also constrained by a very limited load.

But, it's a damn sight quicker than the Ruptor and can handle better than many muscle cars.

The Ruptor is great if you can afford one and don't really need a pickup to be a pickup.

I see many comments regarding the payload of the Ram but yet the Ruptor is in a very similar position.

To me a real 4x4 is a V8 diesel Landcruiser pickup, with live axles all round, standard diff locks front and rear and steers as bad as a Jeep Wrangler on the highway. But the Jeep is also exceptionally good off road, again with limited endurance.

The Landcruiser like the Ruptor will only be good off road as they are as comfortable as a cart one road. But off road they excel. They can carry over 2000lbs off road.

Yes, on road the Ruptor wallows around like a 60s Caddy on a dirt road. The Ruptor is designed as an off roader.

The Ruptor is a great vehicle that has a lot of appeal to those that want and can afford one. I suppose you can buy a crew cab Colorado for the wife for most of the work required around the house.

As what a pickup was designed for the Ruptor doesn't excel. But it is one fast dune buggy and desert racer.

I wonder what the FE is off road? Who cares? If you can afford one you'd probably afford the gas at current prices.

I can't believe it!

I had to change Raptor to Ruptor to make a comment submit!

How is this possible?

It looks good but its "king of plastic" Trucks :-(and why not a eco boost with the 5 liter engine ?

I've been asking them for a 5.0V8 Eco Boost also, Robert.

@blueoval blood,
There is no room in the market for a 5 litre EcoBoost.

The 3.5 EcoBoost is the 6.2 replacement engine. This is the future.

FE requirement wouldn't allow for this as well.

Also, the use of a 5 litre EcoBoost would add many pounds of weight to the pickup in just drive train and chassis changes to handle the additional torque.

As you can see there are probably a handful of reason why a 5 lite EcoBoost will not work.

So, why not drop a 5 litre V8 into a Focus? I just might not work.

She's a beaut Clark.......

There wasn't too much traffic around the truck at the NAIAS but to be fair if was just across from the GT and GT350R displays.

Once the launch date gets closer more interest from the public will happen. Good or Bad

Richard, I noticed plenty of traffic at all 3 of the cars you mentioned, maybe it was just because it was THAT busy, but from what I could see there was lots of interest. To be fair though, that GT practically stole the show in my opinion, haha, what a beautiful car.

What a great truck!

@Big Al from Oz you have never driven an ecoboost f150. Youre saying it will be better with a diesel engine, a diesel engine is heavier and has less top end speed. The ecoboost has torque down low like a diesel, max torque at 2500RPM lol and it has the top end speed of a gas engine while being lighter than a diesel.
I think is ecoboost is gonna do great on this truck, especially with over 500lb/ft of torque lol

Running your vehicle's air conditioning is no worse for your gas mileage than driving with your windows down. As your vehicle speeds up, air flow creates a drag against the vehicle, making the engine work harder and hurting gas mileage. In fact, air conditioning can be a more efficient option at higher speeds.

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