Chevrolet Debuts the 2015 Silverado 1500 Midnight Edition

2015-Chevrolet-Silverado-Midnight-030 II

As truckmakers fight for customers in the highly competitive pickup truck segment, the typical strategy is to steal the spotlight when debuting an all-new truck and follow up with eye-catching trim packages or special editions to keep the momentum churning. As a result, special trim packages seem to be all the rage nowadays, which makes sense. They can normally be produced by combining existing colors and features under one theme umbrella at a relatively low investment. Don't get us wrong, we're not against these trim packages, but sometimes they seem to be more form than function.

That said, we like Chevrolet's new offering for the 2015 Silverado 1500 called the Midnight Edition, which seems to be a visual cousin to the GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation Edition (for which pricing was announced last week). See our Elevation video by clicking here.

The Midnight Edition starts in either double-cab or crew-cab Z71 configurations in 4x4 or 4x2 drivetrains and comes in any color you want as long as it's black. And it's all black, meaning door handles, trim pieces, side mirrors, the grille, bumpers and headlight bezels; even the headlights are blacked out and the 18-inch alloy wheels have high-temp black paint. Finally, this will be the second model — after the Silverado Rally Edition — to sport the black bow tie.

Chevy says it's going to limit production of the Midnight Edition to just 5,000 units; dealerships will start taking orders in February. We're told comparative package prices will will vary between $1,600 and $2,000, depending on the model.

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2015-Chevrolet-Silverado-Midnight-031 II



Is it just me or does the front end of the new Chevy trucks look a little like the Wagon Queen Family Truckster from National Lampoons Vacation?

That's a lot of extra money for different wheels and blacking out trim you already get and an elocker that isn't exclusive to the package... But then again so many only care how "it looks" and it does look nice.


Best comment on the new Silverado I've seen yet. All we need is someone to photoshop that truck to green.

"You think you hate it now, wait 'til you drive it."

Guys, I'm sorry but this report is not well done. You've left out equipment included with the package and given the impression that for the additional cost all you get is the black finish items.

If you would have taken the time to read the full GM press release and include that information here, you would have told us that the package also includes:

- off-road suspension
- spray-in bedliner
- Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac all-terrain tires
- locking rear differential
- Hill Descent Control
- trailering package
- rear park assist
- heated, power-adjusted outside rear-view mirrors.

I don't know how much those items would have cost if purchased individually, but it seems to me that they better help explain the price tag for the package.

If Phil had read the PR more carefully he would have understood that the Off-road suspension, a locking rear differential, Hill Descent Control and a trailering package is part of the Z71.

Rear park assist and heated, power-adjusted outside rear-view mirrors will be included but are not included in the package price. You still pay for them separately like the Z71 package.

First you pay for the Z71 package.

Then for $1595-$1995 you get:

- An all-black front end with body-colored grille, bumper, headlamp bezels, tow hooks and fog lamps;
- Black side moldings and beltline moldings;
- 18-inch black painted alloy wheels with Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac all-terrain tires;
- Special Z71 badges on th doors;
- A spray-in bedliner (black, of course);
- And the finishing touches – black Chevrolet bowties front and rear."

That is a fair price for the package. The problem is not the price. The problem is this is just black bedliner (aren't most bedliners black?) and black touches and a couple of options included that are available on any other truck separately.

I guess if you have to have a blacked out truck it is a good deal, but to me blacked out trucks are nothing special.

Instead of these appearance packages I'd like to see GM do some true special editions. They had few appearance packages in the past and now they are going overboard with all of the appearance pkgs.

Another shill quality article for GM from PUTC.

How many of these special edition articles have we seen in the last couple of months?

Ken, I take your point, re-reading the press release, but I'll wait until it can be priced online to be sure that it's clear how the pricing is actually done. You are right with respect to Z71.

Big hairy deal. I made my own Midnite in 1991. Silverado extended cab long box. Everything blacked out. Grill Moldings, bumpers. Lowered 2" all around. Weld Pro Star wheels. Had Midnite etched into the quarter windows

I agree with Ken. The underlying package is the z71. Then they add the Midnight package of blacked out items for $2000. The rims don't look that great. They throw in a bedliner, and a set of rear bumper backup sensors and power heated adjusted mirrors which have been around for over 10 years. The monotone look is cool, but this package offers nothing new. Chevy for life!

Gm corporate could care less if you people don't like this truck. There will be only 5,000 made and they will sell like hotcakes!

*couldn't care less

If a manufacturer of a pickup can come up with the multitude of variants on "Special" vehicles, like this one, then there appears room for new competitors in the US pickup market.

There obviously is room to allow for new blood.

Then there will be real variation by different brands and not by a handful.

The best kept secret out there is the 4.3 V6 in the Silverado that its the most powerful and efficient V6 out there in a full size truck, its a proven simple design that's been reliable.
Most people that drive one couldn't tell the difference between it and the V8.
No! you're not going to win any races with it but it will get anywhere any other truck goes.

If you're looking at a new Silverado I would highly suggest test drive the 4.3 V6, you'll be surprised!

Would I lie to you?

I'm anxiously awaiting the "90 Degree Edition" which will get rid of those silly rounded corners in the wheel wells and make them perfect 90 degree angles.

Looks good. Unfortunately, anything GM is still garbage. Should have gone out of business years ago.

The HOT Silverado is getting HOTTER!!!

Future recalls and TSBs come as standard equipment.

Sweet looking truck. The best looking truck on the market right now.

Just cracks me up when I read some of the comments:
"...not enough choices!!!..."
next day:
"...too many choices!!!..."
Often coming from the same guys when it involves brand they don't like.
If you don't like it, it's obvious Chevy didn't build it for you. Try to harness all that energy you put into bashing and go root for your favorite.

Anxiously awaiting the whole trendy blacked out/murdered look to pass...

Would be a nicer package if it came in other colours.

ugly truck

I usually am disappointed in GM "special editions" but I like this one. Just wish they would add a special motor!


Let's do the math. Chevy sold nearly 530,000 Silverados last year. They plan on that number going up in 2015. That means less than 1% of all Silerados are in the Midnight Edition (5000 total). There are about 4000 dealerships in the United States. This means on average each Dealership will only be alowed 1.33 Midnight Editions each. If you are looking for one of these special Silverados you better order it now. Mine is already here.

Coming from a gal who owns this truck...not my first truck or SUV, aesthetics (big word for some of you) aside, the 6.2 ltr V8 is a great engine. Just drove cross country...1943 miles, filled up 7 times. Made the trip in 4 days. You guys do the math on gas mileage. Quit wanking about a great product. So what if they put a little powder and makeup on the Silverado. It's about time. My only complaint was he didn't come standard with footsteps. Had to have the dealership install tube steps after market. Having mudflaps installed next week and a topper in a month or so. By the way...his name is "Black Bob". Title of one of Kid Rock's songs. And before we get into race relations and bigotry, research the song, Kid Rock (if you don't know who he is...Born Free...almost every Chevy commercial)...his son is 1/2 black and his drummer for the last 20 years is a black woman. Toodles.

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