December's Fastest- and Slowest-Selling Pickups

Ford 15 copy II

December 2014 was a strong month for the auto industry, especially in the full-size pickup and SUV segments. As a consequence, some of the newest vehicles (like the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Colorado) made quite a splash at dealerships across the country. Likewise, older and more popular models like the Toyota Tacoma did quite well because pricing was relaxed to better compete with newer segment rivals.

Our top 10 list of the fastest-selling pickups in the U.S. is based on data we receive from professionals who track every state-registered new-vehicle sale. Crew cabs dominate the fastest-selling players, while extended cabs make up most of the slowest sellers.

To weed out special-edition models that are produced in numbers too small to be statistically significant, we require that at least 100 of a designated model be sold in a given month to qualify here. There is no threshold for the slowest sellers.

We should note that it wasn't that long ago that having an average "days-on-sale" number between 50 and 60 was fine. With fuel prices down, manufacturers improving new-truck technology and consumers feeling better about the economy, these lower numbers are a good indication of a healthy industry.


Fastest-Selling Pickups

  1. 2015 Ford F-150 Crew Cab, 9 days on sale
  2. 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab, 11
  3. 2015 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab, 19
  4. 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab, 20
  5. 2015 GMC Canyon Crew Cab, 21
  6. 2015 Ram 1500 Crew Cab, 22
  7. 2015 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab, 23
  8. 2015 Ram 1500 Extended Cab, 26
  9. 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali Crew Cab, 28
  10. 2015 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab, 28


Slowest-Selling Pickups

  1. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Extended Cab, 86 days on sale
  2. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Extended Cab, 84
  3. 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 Extended Cab, 83
  4. 2015 GMC Sierra 3500 Extended Cab, 70
  5. 2015 Ford F-250 Crew Cab, 59
  6. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Crew Cab, 59
  7. 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab, 54
  8. 2015 Ford F-350 Crew Cab, 53
  9. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Crew Cab, 53
  10. 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 Crew Cab, 51 photo by Evan Sears


Seems like this is a statistic just for the sake of having another chart... Meaningless information....

I swear the 2015 F150 looks good on some picture and terrible on others.


I think it all comes down to what paint color you happen to look at. Red is the best looking I have seen of the 2015.

The current Titan is not among the slowest? Or is it so slow that it's not even registering on that list? #CumminsSoon!

@AD - agreed. It all depends on colour and trim level. I tend to like most of the F150's monochromatic variations.

For the most part this is just a supply and demand document. A new truck with limited availability tends to be at the top of the list. Combine this with total sales or trim levels and it does start to paint a picture.

As a stand alone document this information is next to useless.

interesting how the old Tacoma is STILL at the top of the list lol

This metric is not accurate at all as it measures average days supply and transposes that to be a measure of how well these trucks are selling.

It's a measure of how well truck makers are controlling inventory, keeping track of logistics, maintaining an up to date just in time production and inventory system, not a measure of sales.

Please stop posting these numbers as indicative of sales.
Thank you.

I have to agree with AD that the Ford does look good in certain colors. I also thought that the 2014 looks really nice in red, white not at all. And if a pickup looks good in basic white its a good classic design. And at the moment I only think the new GM twins look good in white.

@Mark Williams - Again, breaking out the Denali trim is ridiculous. Why aren't the King Ranch or Laramie longhorn trims broken out?

I fail to see any difference other than some chrome and leather seats separating the 9th fastest selling truck and the 10th slowest selling truck. Doesn't make sense

seems like the crew cabs in larger trucks have a significant advantage on the lot over just the extended cab versions. F150 is a hot commodity as of now lets see 2 months from now if they are in this type of demand. if so i suspect ford will keep its crown.

Everyone reporting the 2015 f150 purchase and first impression are saying they like the truck more than they expected. i wonder if it is just the buyer overwhelmed with joy of owning a 2015. Or if it is actually that good? After seeing every review so far be not overly impressive on the whole package.I suspect that things are topping out for manufacturers ability to create something so much better than the last version.

Will GM actually bother putting a 10 speed in a truck with a proven 8 speed? I really think that wont happen till 5 years of the 8 speed being used on all platforms. Ford needs this transmission to compete so i can see it being utilized in the next 2 years. How much better can trucks get? In the current configuration, I dont think they can without electrifying the power-train to some state of hybrid technology. Toyota certainly has the proven reliable hybrid cars that they have decade out in the field of production with. I would think they will be first to have a full on Hybrid that isnt just an optional package, like GM's failed attempts. Which were failed when you count the Escalade with serious issues.

This information should be helpful to the potential buyer! If you know for a fact that the vehicle you plan to purchase is a harder sell than the same version but with a different cab configuration. You would seem to have some extra wiggle room on price.

Wonder why the GM twins half tons are not in the fastest list

I would think that an auto marker really wouldn't want to be on either list, but some here in between.

If you are on the 'fast' list that means you are not able to keep up with demand. It's not that the truck is really selling faster but more of a supply issue.

IMO the sweet spot would be in the middle where you have enough product to satisfy demand but without the need for a fire sale to reduce inventories.

I suppose the lists are helpful to consumers but the title is misleading.


"I suspect that things are topping out for manufacturers ability to create something so much better than the last version."


We see company PR hacks going into overdrive to hype new vehicles and the reality is that they are just small steps ahead of the previous model.

For years I've laughed at the "ALL NEW" hyperbole even when the truck was a BNG (Bold New Grill) exercise with a few extra badges applied to the interior.

MPG and performance gains are going to come in small increments at an exponentially higher cost.

@Lou Bc

I think I would be underwhelmed if i decided to get rid of my 9 thousand mile 2013 F150 for a 2015 version. It has the same power-train, or very close in some configurations. Mine is the now called Bigger ECO. So i guess the interior is shaped different and the materials are better? Ok I give! its SOOOO Much better LOL! Oh well, I will Keep my NSBNG (Not so bold new grille). Even though it still looks good IMHO. I am still Bugged by the fact that my truck is smaller than a GMC Canyon though. I automatically have become a midsize vehicle since the GM twins release. Once again, our ideas of what is, isnt what we thought. Next thing you know Super-duties wont be so super! This is all based on the opinion of the avg buyer that i have come to finally see eye to eye with. Its about whats real! And what is real is what your neighbor has parked in his/her driveway, and what you think your neighbor paid....

I wonder where the start and stop dates come from. Local GM dealer has a waiting list for Canyons, the Chevy dealer near me keeps his 2 or 3 days. I have not seen a Colorado make it past being parked by the front door. Never more than one and none have reach the front row by the road. GMC seems to be still filling the pipe line. They are not at our dealers yet never mind sitting 3 weeks. I have never even seen an extended cab version. They must be shipping them all up North to the snow covered lots.

"Again, breaking out the Denali trim is ridiculous. Why aren't the King Ranch or Laramie longhorn trims broken out?"

Posted by: Toycrusher | Jan 9, 2015 6:37:19 AM

How do you know they're not? Have you considered the fact that maybe they're not in the top or bottom ten?

" I am still Bugged by the fact that my truck is smaller than a GMC Canyon though."


OK, I'll bite! WTF are you talking about? Unless you're talking about your regular cab F-150 vs a crew cab Canyon?

Is Ford shipping double and reg cabs yet? Guess the margins are better on the CC. I'm still waiting to see the first one on the road.

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