Everybody Loves a Good Blooper Reel

Blooper lead photo II

Each year the video production team at PickupTrucks.com and Cars.com does an amazing job of making hundreds of high-quality videos (this year they made more than 150) about the cars and trucks you want to see and hear about. What you don't know is that they also have the a mountain of patience, especially when working with the skill level of on-air talent.

Here are just a few of the "highlights" from 2014 video shoots with a nice dance sequence edited in for your viewing pleasure. Kids, don't do drugs. 





this was ridiculously unfunny....



No offense

but you guys need a good looking skinny man like me to do those videos and the guy must show his passion and love for pickup trucks, we can see when you're faking it.

Mark Willams

sorry! I misspoke ! I am sorry when I said you have no passion about pickup trucks, I take that back cause I remember watching passion from you on the video when you first tested the 2015 Chevy Colorado.

Sheesh! Some people have NO sense of humor.

So where are the videos to be seen in which the bloopers were taken from? TV, U-tube? on Cars.com? as I did not see any of them here on this site in the past year...

I'm from the generation that recognizes "two turntables and a microphone". I immediately burst out laughing because I knew the song. That's all I'll say. Somebody give that guy a cookie.

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