Ford Prepares 2015 for World Domination

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We hope you enjoyed your time off this week, but we're guessing if you watched or listened to any football, basketball, hockey, bull riding or any other sport popular in North America there’s a good chance you saw or heard a new Ford F-150 commercial.

In one of the largest and most comprehensive marketing (and we're guessing expensive) campaigns ever, Ford is pulling out all the stops to make sure everyone in the U.S. knows there's a new F-150 in town and that it's something special. Included in the media blitz are three new national TV commercials set to highlight different aspects of the truck.

According to Ford's research data, the typical truck buyer starts his or her purchase process an average of 233 days ahead of the actual transaction, and Ford wants the new 2015 F-150 to be on the top of everyone's shopping list. And just in case you're worried that Ford might not keep their "best selling" crown again this year because of regularly scheduled production upgrades at their two massive F-150 plants, Ford fully expects to finish 2015 on top of the fullsize pickup mountaintop once again. We'll see. 

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I love the second one at the very end you can watch the POS nose dive when they stop real quick and then the back end bounces from the crappy shocks LOL yeah real tough.

Ford did a great job on this. Class leading towing and hauling capacity, class leading gas pickup fuel economy. Only want to be big riggers want a under powered vm diesel... Class leading features... This is 2015 and why even own a pickup that you have to manually open a tailgate. They will sell tons and hold there spot as the best selling pickup! Great job ford!!!!!

Every Ford I've driven has had crappy brakes, and terrible nose dive on hard stops. From the F-series trucks to Mustangs, all the brakes have been subpar at best.

Wow it tows a whole 200 Ibs more then a GM pickup and 1550 more then a Dodge. But who would tow that much weight with a half ton?

I do like 90% of the new truck, just not that front grille. Looks too much like a big Taco.

For how much money Ford spent on this new pickup, it is a failure for what little they gained in fuel mileage, payload, and towing. And the verdict is still out on switching out of steel.

I think ford dropped the ball with aluminium, I think its going to be the biggest non event, I don't think you will see many conquest sales just because of aluminium, things will just carry on as before except ford will have higher production costs.

@Peter-Wow it tows a whole 200 Ibs more then a GM pickup and 1550 more then a Dodge. But who would tow that much weight with a half ton?

You would be surprised how many people tow that much with a half ton.

The magic words are "class leading" The question is is it "class leading" in enough catagories? Its got towing and payload (2 of the biggest titles of a truck class) but no MPG or HP (the other 2 real big titles). Price being the other big one but its unlikely that there will be enough of a price difference to matter. Lets also not kid ourselves capabilities are off the charts now for half and 3/4 and 1 ton pickups. On paper this F150 is rated to tow what 3/4 tons were rated for 8 years ago. I also love the brakes on my 2008 F250 and had no brake issues with my 87 Ranger.

I have a hard time believing any current half ton can handle a load as well as my 2002 f250. Would be nice if I could replace the super duty with a smaller truck, but I still don't think I can. Maybe the new titan?

define handle.

I think that should be North American domination, not World as it is not sold very much outside NA.
Very much like Very Unique, which I have seen in Advertisements. Unique is an absolute state, you cannot have more than absolute

It's 2015. I really thought we would have flying trucks and hoverboards by now.

Was reading today that GM is really considering going to aluminum too. Ford is the truck everyone watches to see what they need to do next. Everyone else waits to see what Ford does and then follows them. Its a nice position to be in. Its called the leader that everyone else follows.

World Domintion? maybe North American Domaination but wow the Pro Ford of PUTC really comes out when they put these articles out.

Pro Ford? this site is rubbish... RAM owned and driven is more likely...
The 2015 challenge doesn't even include their best truck, the 3.5 EB.

It seems like everyone is hating on the new ford. Motortrend had the ram beat the ford in their 2015 challenge even though the ram broke down, and than awarded the new Chevy mid size truck with the truck of the year award. I'm sorry but the Chevy mid size truck is almost as big as the Silverado, cost about the same, and doesn't get better gas mileage than the ford. I guess ford pissed in everybody's cheerios so it's hate on fords new truck.

So, I looked at a new F-150 yesterday and this may be a small nitpicky complaint but it's worth mentioning. While I was looking at the truck the salesman kept telling me that Ford takes "unsurpassed quality control measures when it comes the the all-new f150 interior" and as I was looking I noticed these very noticeable imperfections in the wood on the king ranch door panels. It made me want to break out a bottle of old English. How is that quality? I asked and the salesman said. "it must be a fluke" and then I asked "on both door panels?" I mean if your gonna pay 56000 on a brand new truck shouldn't the door panels look new as well?

The sticker price of 57K on the truck at my local Ford dealer
has everyone balking at it.
It`s a F150 crew with a 3.5 ecoboost .
Not sure about the trim package but it`s not a Platinum.
Nice truck but I think the prices are finally catching up to people limitations of what they will pay for a truck.

Why do they keep advertising trucks with worthless 5 1/2 foot beds? (my fathers '76 Olds had a deeper trunk) If someone showed up in one at a construction site, ready to haul some dirt, they would be laughed at...merely a truck for wanna be's trying to look cool. Unfortunately, it will be those people that will make the case for more regulations, increased manufacturing costs, and keeping those who actually need a real truck for working, to be unable to afford.

World Domination is a big call. The title should have been;

"Ford Marketing Hopes to Make Ends Meet".

Ford needs to sell many of these new F-150's. I would think it has invested Ford's future into them.

As I saw on Bloomberg last week, Ford isn't using the FE slant. Why? Wasn't the whole idea of the aluminium pickup primarily for FE?

Better payload and towing is a nice touch. Is it enough to sell trucks? Especially when most pickups only carry 1 000lbs and tow 7 000lbs.

So one must ask themself, who needs all of this capability?

So can a much cheaper non-blown V6 do the job adequately for many?

I do like the aluminium Ford, but I do see Ford's overly zealous rollout of snippets of information has been incorrect or better still not targeted the correct way.

Not much was stated on FE during these "scoops". Now it's all about payload and towing. The original scoops talked of, the advantages of aluminium and the potential for FE improvements.

But, alas, the aluminium F-150 has better FE. But maybe the rhetoric from Ford didn't match reality.

Should of Ford used high tensile steel and shaved only several hundred pounds. A smaller investment would have been needed. Is the aluminium F-150 premature? I do consider this.

Maybe Ram's and especially GM's formulae is a little better at the moment. It will also be quite interesting to watch the Nissan and Toyota formulae rollout.

I really think the average consumer will sit down and evaluate what is necessary in a pickup. Maybe the SUV pickup buyer might go for the aluminium.

When you push in on the sides of this new 150 they don't buckle and waffle like the fiat and chevy.The new ford looks awesome and the ride and finish is class leading by far.

What I do think will happen is what I predicted 4 yrs ago and that's a small truck based off a transit connect. I see ford giving us a true small truck relative in size to a focus. Front wheel drive with optional all wheel drive in a regular and extended cab version. I don't see where a 4 door little truck would make much sense.If ford will build a truck like this it would sell like gangbusters. No carpet crank windows and manual door locks from a base model focus will do just fine. The only thing the ridgeline ever had that was a good truck add on is the trunk in the bed.That would be a no brainer to add this on a new mini ranger.

Based on a transit the load volume should be very low and easily loaded. Easy to reach into the bed for loading and unloading that should appeal to both men and women.Make it look rugged but keep it simple. The small ecoboost and the new 2.7 ecoboost should make for some serious power and economy. The Tacoma and Colorado are just to big and too close in size to the big trucks. America needs a new small truck and this would be the ticket.

I LOVE IT! I'm buying one as soon as the dealers can keep one on a lot longer than two hours.

I took delivery of my 2015 Lariet SuperCab 4x4 on Tuesday with 9.5 miles on it. On Wednesday, I drove it to Baltimore from Kentucky and averaged 17-18mpg while running 75-80mph. Mine has the 5.0 V8. I LOVE this truck!!! I've had a few new Ford F150's and this is by far the tightest/most solid and best riding of the bunch to date. Haters gonna hate...

I have to agree with some of the other posters on here.

It still cant beat the RAM diesel in mileage and really doesn't improve too much on GM's plan. The front end looks like it's not ready. The investment in AL is good long term, but the cost doesn't justify getting one purely on these tech factors.

I have an ecoboost Ford and it's good, but it does have lag, it is effected by octane (the higher the better for both power and economy, despite what marketing tells you). The term "eco boost" is really "eco" or "boost." drive it for v8 power and you get v8 economy. No net gain.

I think the cummins Nissan will rock, but will be overpriced. too late to the game.

The GM midsize is where the consumer market will be headed, especially with the diesel version next year. These truck are great, handle good and are about as big as the GMT400 GM trucks (C/K '88-'98).
This will be plenty that most people need.

Sorry the new truck live looks like a Tundra. It is sad we cannot have our own design. My 2009 is still a better truck. The two dios in the windshield will cost the consumer more to fix let alone the aluminum to fix. I am afraid what the insurance companies will charge. I guess a couple of more years with my 2009 until a better desing comes along.

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