Get a 2017 Ford Raptor Now

F-150_Built_Up II

Can't wait two years to get the 2017 Ford Raptor?

No problem — as long as you attend the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit by Jan. 25. Ford and modelmaker Revell have teamed up at the auto show to give away limited-edition 20-piece SnapTite kits of the all-new, reengineered 2017 Raptor. The kits will be given away at the Ford booth.

Can't make it to the show? No worries. The kit will go on sale by June of this year, so you'll be able to get your own eventually. The Detroit Auto Show runs Saturday through Jan. 25 at the Cobo Center. For more information, visit the auto show website.

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the model plastic windshield fell out

Too easy!

@tom#3, that's why its a model. You have to put it in.

will ford debut the new super duty in at chicogia auto show

@wendell. When they do, you'll be the first to know ok.

I thought the Raptor was going to be aluminum, not plastic...

I hope it's at least an aluminium diecast!

Hmmm and no engine or drivetrain?

Real Truck

The plastic windshield was installed but the cheap, flimsy plastic body wasn't strong enough to support the weight of the windshield so it fell out.
The plastic body is too weak and thin and it flexes but the windshield doesn't flex.
I bet the Revell Engineers will come up with a fix before a recall is ordered

There's a pretty funny "first test" of this Raptor on youtube

Hey! A solid front axle! (Now there's a feature you can't even get in the real raptor!)

I have never owned a Ford, but like the looks of them "but" the front end of this Raptor and the Ram Rebel are just plain ugly.

Brother Dave, Nah. Raptor front end looks good and OEM. The Ram looks too JC Whitneyish.


I once ordered something from JC Whitney, they contacted me saying the item was no longer in stock, I said send me my money back.
I got my money back MINUS the shipping and handling charge.

Learned my lesson, never deal with JC Whitney again!

I have been very happy with Auto Anything when I need anything for my truck, I would highly recommend them.

Nothing new....?

If this was an Aluminum F150 they would be scrapping him off the interstate.

@ Mr Obvious - you missed the obvious fact that the transport trucks in that crash had aluminum cabs or fiberglass cabs. The trailers are either aluminum or fiberglass panels. Frames could be steel or aluminum.

What makes you think an aluminum F150 would of faired worse?

Citations required.

They don't tell you many semi tractors with aluminum bodies use a steel reinforced frame with the body.
Also a semi tractor sits 4 times higher so when it does crash the cab sits too high to hit anything else where the giant frame and engine offers protection before anything hits the cab.
The aluminum on the F-150 is thin as a beer can, it has many more bends and small shapes where that DECREASES the cage strength of the cab where at the same time the cab of a semi tractor is boxed like a square foundation on your house.
Maybe if the F-150 was one piece of aluminum it would be strong but its small pieces of aluminum glued together.

Take a look at an aluminum beer can, its an engineering marvel its designed as a one piece mold where the aluminum is much denser at the bottom, its made so it has the strength so full, heavy cans can be stacked on top, but the sides of the beer can is thin and flimsy.
Ford never proved to me their aluminum cab is stronger, I see better engineering and respect on a beer can design than a F-150.
So when you guys defend the F-150 aluminum cab you have NOTHING to back it up !
To you Ford could do no wrong, if they made a cab from cardboard you would still defend it

It has a lot of aluminium in it.

But, I don't think an F-150 would hit 160kph.

I know I'll get blasted for this, but as a model collector I don't care.

I wonder what is the scale/size of this kit? It looks like a 1:24 to me. And judging from the pieces and the overall cheap quality of this, this really shouldn't cost over $5.00 USD. But since this is Revill, they will probably try to gouge the public for around $15.00 just because of the brand name.

At least it looks better than Hot Wheels' 2015 F-150. I was disappointed when I finally got one. Matchbox's and Maisto's old F-150 Raptors put the Hot Wheels to shame.

raptor models and titan xd write-ups are all well and good but where is the light duty V8 shootout we were promised almost 3 weeks ago?

I've have a collection of N Gauge trains. About 30 locomotives. 240 freight cars and 100 or so passenger cars.

When I get a chance (retirement) I'm going to build a large shed for a layout.

They are mainly Santa Fe.


You must have missed it, Chevy Won, I admit the site tends to bury article, the should have a tests link on the main page or a challenge link or something.

@ Big Al:

Sound like we're both in the same predicament. I've got over 13,000 diecast vehicles, and I'm nearly out of space. I'm planning on building a display room upon retirement myself, within two years or less.

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