GMC to Offer 2015 Canyon Nightfall Edition

2015-GMC-Canyon-Nightfall front II

Just days before the opening of the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, GMC announced it will offer a new special-edition Canyon package called Nightfall. Sounding a little like the next James Bond movie, the Nightfall Edition is an Onyx Black package that echoes the Sierra 1500 Elevation that we saw at the 2014 State Fair of Texas.

The new package includes a unique blacked-out grille, black bed assist steps, spray-in bedliner (black, of course), 18-inch aluminum rims with black inserts and a polished (chrome?) exhaust tip. The Nightfall Edition can only be stacked on an SLE crew-cab 4x4 or 4x2 Canyon and will be available in the second quarter of 2015. Pricing has not been announced, but if this package is like other special-edition trims that GMC has offered, pricing will be value centered.

To read the full press release, click here.

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Looks good, but they new Tacoma is better looking.

They're both good looking trucks, but I think the GM looks better than the new Tacoma. On top of that, it will have many more options available, especially in the drivetrain department.

Can't wait to see the new Nissan Frontier.
Things are looking really good for the mid-size truck segment!

They should give the Colorado the nightmare trim, because it looks like a nightmare compared to the other mid sized trucks. This GMC and the Taco look good compared to that ugly Colorado.

I don't see how folks think the new Tacoma looks better than this... To me the Tacoma looks like a decade old truck cab that had a new bed and front end slapped on it. Looks miss-matched. Maybe it will grow on me.

"Pretty" and "cool" are what little pretend trucks are all about.

I wish little trucks would bring back REAL advantages in efficiency, economy, and price. Make it a segment that actually makes sense to buy again.

Looks good, and I'm sure will sell well. Around here there are normally one or two on the lots and they are selling quick. Sure love the discussion about cost... So fully loaded it reaches 39K, compared to the fully loaded 1/2 tons that reach into the low 60's... Granted the low end 2wd model in a regular cab 1/2 ton is similar to the cost of the extended cab Canyon/Colorado, but to each their own...

I owned a black vehicle once, but never again. They look great when new.

Awesome looking truck! GM midsize are hands down the most advanced midsize you can get. And that lip stick on a pig with the new Tacoma, just won't cut it!

+1 on black vehicles being a pain to keep clean. Drive it a few miles in the rain and it looks like crap. If you live in a sunny and warm climate, they also get extremely hot inside. Never making that mistake again.

Funny thing happened to me yesterday. Talking with a customer about trucks, he asked me if i have heeard of a canyon. I said sure its the new midsize designed GMC. He asked me whats midsize about it. I try to explain that it isnt a full size that competes with my f150 like a 1500 series GMC does. He come right back at me and says that it is a bigger truck than my 2013 f150. So i tell him that maybe it is longer since mine is only a super cab, but the with of the vehicle is most likely narrower and the length come from it having a a crew cab. He says who cares, it looks bigger and i like the look and the price! Well ok i said, the problem i can see you haivng though is that 2 larger guys will rub elbows in a vehicle that narrow on a long trip. For a guy your stature you would be better off going full size. He says screw that did you see the price on those things? $ 55,000 for a truck to drive to work is a but more than i am looking to spend. I asked what the price was on the Canyon he was looking at and he replied that it was $43,000 but it was loaded with most options and he couldnt see any that he would want that it didnt have.

My whole thought about this conversation... GM did a bang up job on making this midsize truck not so midsize in comparison to a full size that has an obvious amount more of interior room width. I guess maybe that this will work for them when a person is shopping a the dealership, and they can compare prices. But when it comes to people not knowing anything this truck also is in there favor to compete against full size models of other brands. Will it hurt the sale of a full size GM that is priced higher? I think not. the people are going to buy what they can afford. This so called Midsize fits more a of a price range than a size range. That was proven yesterday when the guy who is an average buyer didnt know it wasnt the same class of vehicle. Ford should watch out, they might be in a price war to gain customers back that will switch complletley to a differnt class just because the price is out of there range for certain option packages. Although I can buy a xlt sport chrome 2015 f150 4x4 with a v8 or 2.7 turbo for $44,000 sticker before incentives and negotiations.

A black car does not get any hotter inside then a white car. It may get to that hot point quicker but not any hotter. This is according to Marilyn vos Savant who wrote for parade magazine.

I will say that is one nice looking pickup. I sat in a Colorado the other day and was very impressed.

Way better looking then the Ford F150 wait I mean the Toyota Tacoma. I get confused they both look alike in the front grille as does the new Tundra.

BASE price on crew cab 4x4 Colorado: roughly $35K

BASE price on crew cab 4x4 Frontier: roughly $27K

BASE price on crew cab 4x4 Tacoma: roughly $28k

Who in their right mind would ever buy a Colorado/Canyon when you can get a competitors' (better quality) truck for several thousand dollars less money, or a domestic full size truck for the same money?

GM is smoking weed. Or...maybe the fools buying them are.

WOW, talking about picking and choosing... Yes a Crew Cab Colorado Z71 MSRP is 35K, however a WT is 30K. Building a base Tacoma I was at 29.7K without adding any options... Those are the prices directly from the manufactures Build sites.

Same old arguments trotted out when it comes to full sized versus smaller truck.

Buy what you think you need or buy what you want even if you don't need it.

I don't like black. It shows up dust, dirt, scratchs etc. worse than most colours.

I do like the monochromatic look in this truck.

Hey GM................... do the same thing with a few other colours but ditch the lame name.

Isn't "nightfall" grey????

Owning a black truck they do look nice when they are all clean and shined up, but yes they don't look that good when dirty. I have discovered a polymer sealant and polish for all black vehicles that helps hide some of the swirl marks and scratches and adds extra shine and luster to the paint. Having said that I will probably never have another black vehicle. I got a good deal on my truck and that is why I bought it.

I do like the new Colorado/Canyon and this Canyon does look sharp with the black grill and trim. Much sharper looking than the new Tacoma covered in the other article.

Well, if I was a car manufacturer I'd invent a colour called "Stone Chip Black".

At least it has moved away from those hideous black rims I was seeing around. To much black is fugly.

I do think some more silver/chrome accents would make it more appealing.

But, I would get really sick of washing and waxing it every few days.

I still think the Colorado has a much nicer style and front end.

...and Oh! they didn't mention the special 6.2 liter option, that will tear your toe nails out and flatten your retinas! 0-60 in 4.5 seconds....GMC tries, but they can't kill our dreams

Nice appearance and it will sell well once it hits dealerships probably by early Spring, the Denali version won't be too far behind either but unfortunately, that version will more than likely come with a $40,000+ Price Tag!

Looks more like a Nightmare...that's what they should call it.

@Big Al--This Canyon is the same exact color of my Isuzu, Onyx Black. It is a sharp looking color but it does keep you busy. This Canyon is a sharp looking truck in black. Stone Chip Black would be a good color, you would have to clean it and wax it all the time. It definitely would hide the swirl marks that black definitely shows. The polymer sealant and waxes for black only do help to hide some of those swirls and scratches.

I meant you wouldn't have to clean and wax a Stone Chip Black all the time. You could fill in the rust holes with asphalt.

@Jeff S - the irony of that statement is the fact that I see more and more guys getting box liner applied to the sides of their work trucks.

@Lou BC--That's one way of stone guarding your truck and also not having to wax you truck. Maybe you could get the spray on bed liner applied to the roof as well and stick road warrior stickers on it. I once saw an old Thunderbird and an El Dorado with outdoor carpet installed all over the exterior.

@ Jeff S - could be done. LOL

@Alan.. try again. From GM's own website.. the BASE price of a crew cab 4x4 is $35K....which is why I said BASE price. As in, you cannot buy this truck with crew cab and four wheel drive for less than $35K MSRP...which is INSANE. I stand by my prior statement.

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